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Luxury Italian Leather Handbags Will Add Class to your Outfit

Italian leather handbags are famous all over the world for their top quality appearance and style. Although there are several different leathers available, leather is in a class of its own. The styles of the Italian handbags are exquisite, and the quality is amazing. When people are fortunate enough to own one of these handbags, they will know that they are getting the best quality possible.There are hundreds of mass produced leather manufacturers in the world that make a huge number of different leather items. However, when looking for something special Italian leather handbags are ideal. The Italian leather manufacturers have a long history of producing top quality merchandise, which lasts for centuries. Every element of the Italian handbags is carefully crafted to ensure that the smallest details are finished to perfection.The collections of Italian handbags are only produced in small quantities, ensuring that the handbags, which are chosen, are unique and stylish. All Italian handbags are handmade in Ita...


Designer Handbags - Does Size Really Matter?

Yes, size does matter, very much so, especially when it comes to handbags! The lifestyle you lead will probably define the size of the handbag that you carry. But the real question is whether you are carrying the correct handbag size that is right for you? If you belong to the younger generation, the teenager or if you are the mother of a teenager, you must already be knowing that the teenagers know exactly what they want; in every sphere of their lives, however ridiculous that may sound! So when it comes to buying a handbag for your teenage daughter, although a small sized handbag is a safe bet, it is still highly advisable that you consult your daughter before buying one. And if they have a choice, then you are lucky! Most definitely stick to their choice and you will be a winner!Now what's with the young ladies and extremely small purses? You see these purses everywhere; on the dance floors, in the restaurants, with an elegant evening dress and a small handbag in the size of a peanut. Does it really help? ...


Balenciaga Handbags - One Of The Most Desirable In The Fashion World

Cristobal Balenciaga revolutionized the fashion industry in the twentieth century. Of Spanish origin, Balenciaga's design ideas have guided many a designers of the modern era. Jacques Bogart owns the House of Balenciaga now and has an entourage of designers carrying forward Balenciaga's original style and fashion. Today Balenciaga is a multi billion dollar company and commands great customer base among the celebrities. From the petite hands of Nicole Richie to the Mar-Kate and Ashley duo, the Balenciagas have adorned many a pricey arm. They vouch for it and are extremely loyal to the band. Probably the main reason is the fact that no two Balenciaga bags are the same! All the bags are custom made and are unique.There are many Balenciaga bags. The most popular ones are the box handbags, priced north of 900 USD, these bags are used for casual occasions and are a trademark of the design house. Priced at USD 1050, the twiggy handbags with shoulder straps come next in line for casual wear after box handbags. If you...


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