SingTel’s New Combo Plan + Giveaway!

I’ve been on SingTel all my life and never felt the need to switch to any other telcos because well their service is good + value for money! My line is actually due for re-contract for quite awhile now BUT I was really resistent to re-contracting my plan because my current plan has 12GB of data…

As we all know, 3G/4G/WiFi is something that most of us find it hard to live without. Previously, all plans only came with 2GB of data.

This is my current data usage:

Just 15 days (this post was written on 28th) into the month and I’m already at about 2.1GB.. And all I do on my phone is Whatsapp, catching up on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/surf the web and occasionally watch YouTube videos!! 2GB is definitely not enough for me! Also, I’m usually on the go which meant that I can’t tap onto my house’s WiFi. This means additional $$ to fork out! So yes this is why I held on tight to my current contract entitlement and refused to re-contract my line.

But of course, I can’t possibly keep holding onto this line because that would mean I’ll forever be stuck with my iPhone 5 when maybe iPhone 7 is already out… That’s why I was SO HAPPY when I knew SingTel heard the voice of us consumers and is offering their new SingTel Combo Plan, which are new mobile plans fully integrated with a new premium high-speed WiFi network that it is rolling out at crowded locations and underground MRT stations! Woohoo! Perfect for people like me who’s always on the go. It’s like WiFi everywhere?? The WiFi hotspots include Bugis Junction, Raffles City, Plaza Singapura and many more! Go to their page HERE for the full list. And by March 2015, approximately 1,000 hotspots at more than 100 locations across the island will have been deployed. These numbers are expected to double by March 2016! And an extra good news is SingTel is offering unlimited WiFi usage till 31st July 2015!!

Apart from that, SingTel is also offering more talktime + SMS bundle and permanent waiver of 4G charges! Visit their page HERE to view details of SingTel’s Combo plan! :)

And it’s giveaway time!!

SingTel has very kindly offered one lucky winner the chance to win additional 2GB of data per month for 12 months, worth SGD256.80!

How to Win?
Simply leave a comment under this post and tell me in no more than 100 words, how you plan to use 100 more minutes of local talk time and unlimited data usage with SingTel WiFi to connect more with friends and loved ones!

Contest will be from 1st Dec 2014 – 5th Dec 2014 2359H! Good luck!! :)

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