Season’s Greetings!

Christmas to me used to be a season where my aunts would bring us all out to choose our presents, and we’ll have yearly Christmas parties with games and a few of us will put up lame performances lolol. Along with gift exchanges and lots of yummy food. There was this particular year that my cousins and I even went around the blocks and passed out sweets and chocolates to random neighbours. But sadly, everything changed after an unfortunate incident, along with the fact that everyone is busy with our own lives as we grow older. And I admit that as I grow older, I slowly forgot about the spirit of giving during Christmas, and I didn’t bother writing cards or buying presents anymore. So this year, even though I was busy with alot of stuffs, I made an effort to at least go shop for something. Even though it’s gifts that are not worth much, I guess it’s the thought that counts. So this is sort of a reminder to me that no matter how caught up I’m with my life, I should always slow down my pace and appreciate everyone around me and give thanks for everything I have.

And anyway, I’ll be spending my Christmas in Genting with my family! Will be leaving tomorrow (25th) till the 27th! But anyway, I’ve visited Genting so many times that this trip doesn’t exactly feel like a holiday you get what I mean.. Like just taking a long long bus ride to the end of Singapore haha. But still, it’s a great place to chillax!

A little sad that I’ll be away from Singapore during Christmas because Christmas is a very special season for me and the boy.. Should have insisted that I stay behind. ): If you’re reading this, know that I’ll be missing you!!!

Will be scheduling a post in the midst of my trip, and I think it’s a really interesting post so do check back!! And I’ll be back sooner than I realise! And if you miss me, I think I’ll do some updates here and there on my Twitter (@felicianeo)! So follow me if you haven’t!

Ending off with a ridiculous photo of me but oh wells, it suits the festive season hahaha. Pardon the picture quality, iPhone front camera is horrible!

Merry Christmas everyone! (:

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