Review: Bio-Oil

Received this really cute first-aid kit in the mail awhile back!

The first-aid kit opens up to reveal really useful items inside! Plaster, hand-sanitizer, and of course, my very own bottle of Bio-Oil!

Not sure if you’ve seen this product in drugstores like Guardian before.. Bio-Oil is said to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone!!

More background on Bio-Oil:

I was really excited to try this because I’ve really bad acne scars on my face. Some might wonder if piling oil on your face would make your face greasy. The key is not to apply too much. Just a drop is enough for my entire face. What I do is I dab the oil and massage onto the face till it’s fully absorbed. And I actually notice whiteheads/blackheads slipping out of the pores if I massage long enough! (because the oil helps to reduce friction or something?) The next morning when I wake up, I notice this really healthy glow on my skin which I really like. The skin feels soft and moisturised as well, no trace of greasiness at all. Helps in the healing of new acne as well.

As for the scars, I don’t really see any changes to it, but it might also be because I’ve not used it for long and consistently enough. :/

Bio-Oil contains mineral oil btw. I’ve read about how mineral oil is bad for your skin, etc. etc. I was a little skeptical about it so I did a Google Search on it, and it seems like those sites that say that mineral oil is bad for your skin are all sites that are selling natural oil products. So hmmm.. But anyway, mineral oil is actually used in baby care items such as baby oil, baby lotions, baby wash soap, etc. So I don’t really understand how can mineral oil be bad for your skin if it’s suitable for babies. (Since it’s used in baby products)

Anyway, there’s this blog post here that talks more about the myths of mineral oil. You can take a look HERE if you’re interested!

My verdict on Bio-Oil? It’s inexpensive ($15.50 for 60ml bottle) and worth a try for those who’re interested! But I think you must be consistent in using it to achieve results. Sold at leading pharmacies and departmental stores! (:

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