Random thoughts.

March is almost ending and that means that I’m only about 1 month plus to graduating from school. And that marks my entire 16 years of education can you believe it!! That is if I’m not going for post-grad studies like taking my Masters or what.. I won’t go for further studies anytime soon, if I do it’ll only be like a few years after I start working.

Currently taking a breather from the 10385461 things I’ve to do. I’ve 3 projects on hand, including my FYP which is giving me so much headache. But I’ve learnt alot so it’s good. Plus I think I should be starting my revision for final sem exams which is about a month away, but I’ve absolutely no motivation for that. Then I’ve like 10 over blog posts on my backlog and every time I sit down and look through the list, I’ve no idea where to start. ):

Is it me or is time passing by REALLY quickly after the age of 21?? Sometimes I’m in disbelief that I’ve actually gone through 4 years of uni education, like has it really been that fast? And I think I’ve mentioned alot of times that I’m really dreading working life. I hope I find a job that I enjoy doing.. And when I say finding a job that I enjoy doing, it’s not really determined by the nature of the job. In my opinion, a job is just a job and actually if you think about it, all jobs are actually about the same. What I look out for in my ideal job is actually 1) Nice colleagues and bosses whom you can get along well with. People whom you meet everyday, work together and whom you know go through the same as you so they can relate to what you’re going through. 2) Job satisfaction plays an important role too, whether you see meaning in the things you’re doing. 3) Lastly and most importantly, I can’t stress how important it is to find a workplace that appreciates your efforts, that makes you feel that what you’re doing is worth doing.  Only then will you give your 100% because you know that your efforts will not go unrewarded and you feel appreciated. And by showing appreciation (in the boss’s perspective), it also means being thankful for the staffs that are doing the most basic roles like maybe filing, etc. And not saying things like “oh what you’re doing is so easy”, because in an organisation, no role is dispensable.

So yeah. Sudden abrupt end to this post haha. My thoughts are currently all over the place and I need to get back to work. Toodles till the next post!

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