Puppy Love.

The theme song of the movie ‘You Are The Apple Of My Eye’ (那些年,我們一起追的女孩).
This song has been on repeat mode since yesterday, my current song addiction.

The movie is based on a real-life romance that took place back when the novelist was still known by his real name, Giddens Ko. About High School classroom romance and what’s after. I’ve not watched the movie yet but I’ll definitely get the DVD when it’s out.

I’m sure everyone can relate to this song in terms of the MV + lyrics because I’m sure everyone has a school/classroom crush back in primary/secondary or even tertiary. That was when we did stupid but yet sweet things in class/school. You know those puppy love kind of romance back in High School. I used to meet up every week (family gatherings) with my cousin and we’d update each other on what happened the past week. Like what (sweet) things the person did, etc. etc. I’m sure you all had someone to tell these stuffs to right!

Watching the MV and listening to the song brings back memories where we had a proper classroom with a proper class. I really miss those times.

And well, as you watch the MV, you might think of someone. And that someone is the one that was once special in that particular phase of your life. (There might be more than one though haha!)

For me, I remember back in Primary School, there was this guy whom the teacher assigned to sit next to me cos he was really naughty (like how it was in the movie). And I remember him being really sweet to me after awhile and I suspected he had a crush on me. BUT I had a crush on the guy behind me instead. After that year we went to different classes and I found myself having a crush on that guy (who sat next to me) even though we are no longer in the same class. So funny right. But anyway, we regained contact back in Sec 1 and turned out that he still liked me at that time. HAHAH so funny to put it in words. Amyway, I remembered him being really sweet and all. Sweet enough in the eyes of an 11 year old girl laa. I remembered he brought tidbits (I think it was Twisties) to school for National Day Celebration and he gave me one pack while he told the rest of his friends to share the other 2 packs. HAHAHA. To a primary school kid that was sweet okay!

Do you all have any cute puppy love stories to share? Would love to read some, need to distress from exam mugging!
Leave a comment on my Formspring if you’ve any to share!

Okay anyway, just to share another from my boyf’s experience. He told me there was this girl in his primary school who had a major crush on him. One day she gave him a marble pen (you know the Sakura brand one with multi-colours when you write) with a love note. But he was so scared of her at that time that he threw away the note after reading but kept the pen. SO BAD RIGHT. But anyway, he was saying he loved the marble pen cos it was cool to own one back then yo.

Ahh I miss the feeling of school crushes. You know the very sweet kind of puppy love feeling. Like you don’t know what’s going to happen everyday when you go to school.

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