P&G Prestige’s Quintessential Christmas Gift Guide 2013

It’s about a month plus away from Christmas and I’m not sure how many of you have started your Holiday shopping! I love looking at Holiday gift collections cos everything’s so festive and beautifully packaged.

In this post, I’ll be sharing on some fragrances under P&G namely Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Escada which have nicely packaged some of their best-selling fragrances as Christmas gifts!

D&G Desire (S$193): EDP (75ml), Body Lotion (100ml), Shower Gel (100ml)

D&G Pour Femme (S$153): EDP (50ml), EDP Miniature, Dolce&Gabbana Ruby Collection Classic Cream Lipstick (3.5g)

D&G Pour Femme (S$181): EDP (100ml), Body Lotion (100ml), Purse Spray (6ml)

D&G The One For Men (S$160): EDT (100ml), EDT (30ml)

D&G also has something for men as well if you’re looking for gifts for your other half!

D&G Light Blue Pour Homme (S$160): EDT (125ml), EDT (40ml)

Gucci Premiere (S$186): EDP (75ml), Body Lotion (100ml), Purse Spray (7.4ml)

Gucci Guilty Black (S$164): EDP (75ml), Body Lotion (50ml), Purse Spray (7.4ml)

Gucci Flora by Gucci (S$105): EDT (30ml), Body Lotion (50ml)

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia (S$170): EDT (100ml), Body Lotion (50ml), Miniature (5ml)

Gucci Flora Garden Miniature Collection (S$95): Gorgeous Gardenia EDT (5ml), Glammorous Magnolia (5ml), Gracious Tuberose (5ml), Glorious Mandarin (5ml), Generous Violet (5ml)

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme (S$139): EDT (90ml), After Shave Balm (75ml), Shower Gel (50ml)
Similarly, here’s something for the guys. I like how Gucci packaged their gift sets for Men in a way that it includes things other than just the EDT (unlike D&G’s sets).

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme (S$150): EDT (90ml), After Shave Lotion (90ml)

Especially Escada (S$110): EDP (50ml), Body Lotion (50ml), EDP Miniature (6.5ml)

Especially Escada Elixir (S$148): EDP (75ml), Body Lotion (50ml), Nail Polish

And lastly, Escada! My mum and I have been using Escada’s fragrance for awhile now and we really like the scent! It’s light, fresh, has a tinge of floral and muskiness that provides a sense of added luxury. And the staying power of the fragrance is exceptionally longer than others I’ve tried before.

Ending this post with a few fun facts about fragrances:

1) I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are many types of fragrances like Eau de Cologne, EdT, EdP, and Parfum. The difference between the types is purely in the increasing concentration of perfume oil in the final product (with Parfum having the highest concentrations).

2) The best places to apply fragrance are your pulse points (like your wrists), because they are consistently warm.

3) How long a fragrance can last is determined by its base ingredients, the temperature of its surroundings, and the concentration of oil in the product.

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