Personal space.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last typed a personal post other than purely beauty/lifestyle related posts. I don’t know how many of you prefer looking at more photos and less text or more personal posts/updates about my life like this.

Work has been hectic due to my involvement in helping to drive the year end closing. Everyday my mind gets so tired looking at all my reports and all the data that I just look forward to going home to my bed every night. And you probably can tell from this space that my posts are getting lesser and lesser per week…  That’s because I’ve only weekends to blog and I still need to juggle my 24hrs x 2 days of weekend between my boyf, family and my sleep. Time is so precious now that I’ve started working and no longer have the luxury of time to do my things unlike back in school. But if you were to ask me now, I actually don’t really miss schooling life and working life doesn’t seem that bad after all. At least I get to go home and not think about work (unless I’ve problems to solve) and have my weekends for myself. And I get to earn $$$ too!

Ending off with some random pictures that remind me of my childhood:

Who remembers these 2-sided pencil cases! They were like the most ‘in’ design ever and everyone wanted one. Is it still the case now?

Super cute erasers which I used to collect and couldn’t bear to use them. I’ve a friend who said that she when she was younger, she  joked (to her older sister) that her chocolate eraser was real chocolate and to her horror, her sister put it in her mouth.

Terribly sleepy. Need my bed now.
Toodles!! X.

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