Make A Wish.

Some photos taken on 11/11/11! (Yesterday)

My OTD for my last lesson of the sem on Friday.
TTR Basic Tank in Rose
XXandspoon Snow-white Necklace

Cutesy small vintage buttons! Non-functional.

The tank top quality is super good! Thick and stretchy material. Very very comfortable too! Love the sweetheart ruched cut at the bust area, giving more details unlike normal tank tops!

Loving my new necklace!!

My new watch from Casio! (Baby G) Will be blogging about it soon!

Mugging on the train home. So poor thing! (His exams starts a week earlier than mine)

What he drew on my hand! Childish but ♥ !

Christmas decors at Ehub. I love Christmas!

Debra Tie Back Drape Jacket in Khaki from Ellysage !
Finally took out my new cardigan to wear! I don’t really know what material it is but it’s knit-like! Not too thick or thin, but managed to keep me warm and snuzz throughout my 4hrs lecture!

Asymmetrical cut at the back. Tie-sash is not removable. You can either tie it at the back or the front!

From this collection:

My new favourite necklace from XXandspoon! A HOH inspired necklace specially manufactured by them. Material’s of stainless steel and 14K plating gold with cream faux leather, really good quality! I’ve been wearing it out with many different outfits and this baby goes well with almost everything!! Comes with a small piece of cloth to clean it every now and then to keep it shiny!

From this collection:


Ending off:

Not that I really care about this whole 11/11/11 thing, nor do I make a wish at 11.11…. Some people might think it’s dumb to believe in this whole 11.11 make a wish thing. I don’t do it, but I guess humans need that ray of hope. You know like making a wish upon a star and hoping that it’ll happen. And even though it doesn’t, all you wanted was that glimpse of hope. Oh and btw, the 11.11 make a wish has got nothing to do with 11th Nov haha. I’ve seen people on FB saying what does 11/11/11 got to do with making a wish. It doesn’t. It’s just a nice binary date. You can make a wish at 11.11 everyday actually. I’ve no idea how it came about though. You can Google but it gives mixed sources.

And even though 11/11/11 is the last binary day in our lifetime and is considered to be ‘unique’ to some (like why did so many people get married on the 11/11/11 or 10/10/10), I think numbers are just numbers if you think about it. And what matters most is keeping in mind that you yourself have the power and means to make everyday a special one. (:

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