Keep Calm & Carry On.

Okay, here’s a quick update in case you all are wondering where I went! I’m so sorry I don’t have time to do up any scheduled posts over last weekend for this week, I’m so overwhelmed with my two projects! It’s recess week for me now but it hardly feels like recess week.. Like my worst recess week! I’ve been working on my project every single day from morning till night, breathing it, worrying about it and probably even saw it in my dreams. Oh the horror! I’ve been staring at my computer from 12pm to 2am almost everyday. Once I’m seated in front of my com, I’m like glued to it. Even if I’m thirsty or want to pee… I just have really high inertia to move from where I am. And the frigging work is just never-ending I really hate this and I can’t wait to be over it.

As you’re reading this post, I’m probably already in Bintan taking a short 1 day break from my work and I’ll be back really soon tomorrow (Saturday)! I’m actually thankful for this trip even though it might mean I’ve one day less to work on my project… But I desperately need this break. Can go crazy if I don’t get away from work!

Will try my best to squeeze in short posts, but if I can’t, you know why! Just can’t wait for Wednesday to come and be over!

Btw, my Dad said something really funny to me the other day:

Dad: “You’re studying Psychology now ah?”
Me: “It’s my final year already and you mean you don’t know what I’ve been studying all these while?!”

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