How a small change could make a big difference.

Hello everyoneeee!! I don’t know if you’ve realised but in my latest Instagram (@felicianeo) photos, I look kind of different. Like the way I do my makeup or the way I smile..

Actually I went to do fillers about 3 months ago and I’m not sure if that is why I look kind of different (or maybe my new hairstyle and the new way I draw my eye makeup plays a part too). I’ve met like 2 people at this event whom I’ve not seen for a long time and the first thing that they told me is that I looked very different in a good way and they couldn’t recognise me.

So anyway, I visited Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic and I’ve done my research before I went and so far all I’ve gotten is that the doctor, Dr. Dylan Chau is really detailed and patient!

So before the procedure is done, Dr Chau would examine your facial features and you can let him know what kind of facial structures you wish to achieve. He told me that because all of us have different structures, it’s actually impossible to achieve the exact structure of another person’s (which you wish to have). So what he actually does is to ensure that he corrects the structure according to what best suits your facial structure. And that makes perfect sense because aesthetic corrections is all about bringing the best out of yourself. The biggest problem I have with my face is my flat nose and round face. You probably do not realised that I’ve a round face because I always take my pictures from top down to make my chin look sharper.. But in fact it’s super round like an orange. An ideal face shape is that of a heart-shaped face: V-shape Chin, Slim jawline and full, youthful cheeks!

You can either opt for a consultation first before deciding whether to go ahead with the procedure or you can do it on the spot as well, which is what I did because I thought about it for a few weeks already and I’m pretty sure that’s what I wanted. Numbing cream would be applied on the areas and as you can see, the nurse applied a liberal amount so that the pain would be minimal later haha.

There are actually many types of fillers in the market but the one I used was Radiesse, which contains calcium hydroxylapatite and helps naturally stimulates your body’s own collagen over time. The other type is Hyaluronic Acid but I heard that Radiesse gives a more natural finish and it’s more precise in the sense that the product doesn’t move around much once injected.

Anyway, fillers are just temporary aesthetic procedures and it can only last for about 12-18months but the timing varies for everybody because of various factors like your metabolism, etc. And fillers are very safe because the substances used are substances that are naturally found in the body and can be metabolised away naturally by our body!

Dr Chau did my nose first and the pain was almost negligible except for the nose tip area which is a sensitive area. I was closing my eyes all the time so I don’t freak out when I see the needle going in and I even asked if the needle was in already hahah. After injecting, Dr Chau would mould the nose into the desired shape. I mean like literally press and shape it haha. If you’ve not seen an aesthetic procedure you should go google or something it’s really amazing.

Omg I finally see a nose bridge!

Checking out my new nose.

Next is the chin! The chin actually hurts as compared to the nose but the pain is tolerable and it’s over in a short while. If you’re someone who thinks facial extractions are painful and yet you can stand it, then this should be fine for you.

Moulding the chin.

What I like about Dr Chau is that he really takes his time to mould and doesn’t rush. (Even though his appointments are super packed) If there’s a need to inject more, he’ll do so and doesn’t scrimp like what some other clinics I heard do. And during the whole process he kept talking to me to keep me distracted from the any pain and constantly checked if I’m feeling okay. During the entire procedure, I felt like I’m in very safe hands so that calmed me down alot. Even the nurses are all very friendly and bubbly! Very good and professional service!

Here’s a ‘Before’ photos I took right before the fillers. Flat button nose and round face!

I dug out some of my old photos to show you how round my face was.

And I found this old photo I took for the Baby-G contest just like last year and omg I looked horrendous. My hair is so long like a ghost….

And this is taken about 1 week after I’ve done the fillers!! There was a little bruising at the chin for a few days after the procedure but it’s very normal. The nose was swollen for awhile as well. I love it! I finally have a nose bridge now and my chin looks much sharper!

And this is a post-fillers photo! Now I can take photos angled from bottom up and my chin still looks sharp! And cos of a higher nose, my face looks more defined now!

After about 3 weeks, I went back to the clinic again for a consultation and to see how the fillers went and if there’s any need to top up more, because after every injection, the product would actually be absorbed naturally by the body and the nose wouldn’t be as sharp as how you left the clinic and it’s very normal for that to happen. Dr Chau helped me top up more on both the nose and chin to make it last longer.

This is how I looked right after I went out of the clinic. Nose and chin is super sharp but it’ll actually go down a little to look more natural after a few days so it wouldn’t be as sharp anymore.

Here’s a side view comparison. OMG didn’t realised that my old nose and chin was so ugly. No need to tell you which is the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ right, it’s obvious enough!
(My nose on the left pic looks oily cos of the numbing cream haha)

Now I’ve a more defined nose and nicer nose tip!!

And here’s a side by side before and after comparison! The chin is not very obvious in this pic because I took from top down for the before photo but my nose is much higher and nose tip is smaller!!

Fillers actually creates very natural results and it’s so natural that only those with trained eyes can tell. (I can’t even remember how my old nose/chin looked like now) You know even my parents didn’t realise I did when I went home for like a week… (I told them I was doing but I didn’t say when) And because fillers are temporary, you can actually try it and see if you like a higher nose or sharper chin before you even consider permanent corrections! And don’t worry, you’re still able to pinch your nose or sneeze normally even after fillers hahaha!

Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic
391B Orchard Road
#16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
Tel: 6410 9621/6410 9622

Ending off with a pic of my nice nose and chin hahaha!
(It has already been 3 months and the effects are still lasting very well btw! Of course the results vary for everyone, but I think it’s very important to get a good clinic and doctor too!)

Btw, Radiesse is celebrating their 10th Anniversary and here’s a short video! (:

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