Apr 10 2013

Storage Ideas: How I Store My Accessories.

I used to hang my necklaces on the knob of my cupboard and it got to a point whereby it was really annoying to get the item that I want cos they get all tangled up!! (See picture above) And not to mention all the dust when left exposed. So after my room was re-painted and reorganised, I finally got down to thinking how I was going to store my accessories in the future. Definitely no more hanging on knobs!! I actually did an impromtu video on how I store, so scroll down to view!!

You know, after I was done filming I felt a little stupid showing this…. In my mind I was thinking: “Shit. Is this what normal people do?” I mean, it’s pretty normal that accessories come in plastic wrappings and lazy people would just put them all in one pile right? And here I am feeling so proud of what I’ve done. HAHA! But it’s okayyyy I’m still happy with my method of storing! So far picking out my accessories to wear have been a breeze compared to last time! (:

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Jun 13 2012

The small little things.

[Edit: 13th June, 11pm
Oops forgot to unprivatise the video at the end!! Thanks to the person who left a comment on my formspring. It's now public can view already! Very lame video though lolol. ]

As you can tell.. I’m running out of things to post here cos I’m either too busy to edit my photos, or my life is too boring at the moment. ):

But I’m not complaining. Life’s been good. It’s the small little things that keeps you going I guess. Every weekday it’s internship, and usually I’m too tired at night to have any plans after work. For weekends I usually spend really quiet weekends with my boy. Chilling around and just enjoying each other’s company.

I really miss eating Pepper Lunch!!

I wonder if all their chairs were custom made. (That hole is in the shape of their logo in case you didn’t know.)

Could never get enough of my Beef Pepper Rice.

Reasons you should eat this: Tastes heavenly, balanced meal of meat, and veges. I always go to the toliet after I eat this because of all the fiber in the meal I suppose! (in a good way because I’m always constipated cos I don’t like veges)

Always ask for more butter. There’s something about this butter that makes the rice so delicious!! Oh Pepper Lunch why haven’t you approached me for food tasting events yet. Lolol.

Headed to MBS to walk around after that!

Lost count of how many TWG there were there. Think 2 or 3? Are they really doing so well?? (They opened 2 outlets in Ion as well) Everybody loves expensive tea ah.

Interesting looking belt.

Did you that watches can be really expensive? Whenever someone tells me that a watch is expensive and I ask how much it is and I get replies like $100-500. And I’m like… You obviously do not know that watches can cost up to millions. And btw, Rolex is not the only brand that is ‘high end’. It’s not even THAT high end compared to other brands anyway. But it’s the brand that everyone goes woah when they see it. Just like everybody sees LV/Chanel and they know that it’s expensive. But not everybody knows Hermes.

I really wonder how they’ll get you out if you fall inside this.

This row of trees reminds me of the scenes in Korean drama hahaha.

Astons has new sides! (Okay, not so new anymore)

Ending off with a short random video we filmed that day:

Okay really retarded lolol!

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May 22 2012

What’s In My Bag?

I’m dying from FYP research and tons of stuff to do. So here’s a short video I filmed awhile back just to fill this space.

Anyway, to the reader who requested for this (like 5mths ago) on my formspring, here you go. And I honestly have no idea why people do such a thing. Very interesting meh. I felt kind of silly while filming this, maybe I should have talked more in the vid. Or maybe my bag’s just boring.

Alright I need to sleep. Till the next post!

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May 16 2012

Vlog: VanityTrove April Box + Giveaway!

A Vlog I filmed awhile back! Unboxing of VanityTrove‘s April Box! Finally got down to editing and uploading it.

Anyway, this was filmed together with my first Haul video before any feedbacks came in, so ermm.. I apologise if I still mumble! But I’m still going to post this up cos I don’t want my efforts to go wasted. So please bear with me!

(I swear YouTube purposely chooses all the ugly thumbnails!!!)

Any feedbacks please direct them to my FORMSPRING! I’m open to ways to improve so if you’ve any comments do voice out as long it’s constructive feedback!

What’s inside the box!
(Watch the vid to see me explaining about each items in detail)

Some of my favourite items from the box:

Very interesting lip plumper from Braphy that comes with LED light and mirror!

Nice smelling bar of soap.

K-Palette Cover Concealer which I’ve blogged about it when they first launched HERE!

Lots of discount coupons from various blogshops.

Okay anyway, since I already own the K-Palette Concealer, I’ve decided to give the one I got from VanityTrove away to one lucky reader!! The concealer that I’ve gotten is in #03 Orange Beige, which is said to help cover dark circles + improve blood circulation!

To Participate in the Giveaway, leave a comment under this post in the following format:


Please leave only one comment. Giveaway would last for 5 days from today! (Close on 21st May Monday, 2359hrs) Only opened to those based in Singapore. All comments would be screened to protect email privacy. (No comments will be shown in the comment area! Only visible to me, so don’t worry if you can’t see your comment. It has been taken in after you’ve received the ‘Comment successfully posted’ update!)

Good luck! (:

And before I go, here’s somehing to share!!

Boooooo too bad I can’t make it. ):

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