Nov 15 2015

SK-II #changedestiny

Singer Anggun shares what her journey to success was like in this inspirational #changedestiny video. The key is never giving up, pushing boundaries, and seizing every opportunity. What is your key?

For me, I’ve gone through dark times in my life, and I always tell myself that if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. And true enough, every time I look back in life, all the pieces of the puzzle comes together to make me realise that those trials were all necessary for me to learn more about myself and what I really want in life. :)

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Apr 10 2013

Storage Ideas: How I Store My Accessories.

I used to hang my necklaces on the knob of my cupboard and it got to a point whereby it was really annoying to get the item that I want cos they get all tangled up!! (See picture above) And not to mention all the dust when left exposed. So after my room was re-painted and reorganised, I finally got down to thinking how I was going to store my accessories in the future. Definitely no more hanging on knobs!! I actually did an impromtu video on how I store, so scroll down to view!!

You know, after I was done filming I felt a little stupid showing this…. In my mind I was thinking: “Shit. Is this what normal people do?” I mean, it’s pretty normal that accessories come in plastic wrappings and lazy people would just put them all in one pile right? And here I am feeling so proud of what I’ve done. HAHA! But it’s okayyyy I’m still happy with my method of storing! So far picking out my accessories to wear have been a breeze compared to last time! (:

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Apr 3 2013

Mid-Week Pick Me Up!

Love watching videos of animals cos they just make you smile -> (((((((: !!! So here’s 2 videos that I find really cute.

Love this one!! Hahaha. Wake up wake up!

No idea what the kitten is thinking.

Kittens are extremely cute. They do the most retarded things that put a smile to your face. (:

And HAHAHA omg this is also damn funny. That grumpy face!

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Jul 29 2012

Where have you been.

“The only person who can make you happy is yourself.”

Elsie Crochet Layering Top from Ellysage
Watercolor Floral Skirt in Cream from oh! poupée

The Crochet top is like my favourite top of the moment. The details on it are so so pretty and intricate!

Link for the top:

Colourful floral prints on my skirt. I really like the bold colour combination of the prints. This is like the perfect summer skirt!



“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

I’ll be in Genting from 30th-2nd August btw! This is like a much needed getaway for me. I need my rest! (Btw, some people have asked on my formspring what happened in my previous post.. Don’t worry it was just a normal random reflection post. Nothing happened between me and my boyf, we’re still alright!! Thanks for all the concern though!) I’ve scheduled posts in between to fill this space! Will have very limited internet access so do give me some time to reply any emails.

Ending off with a video I found of my late hamster. Watching him healthy and moving in the video somehow felt that he’s still there. I miss him. :(

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