Mar 24 2011

TWB $5-15 Clearance Post Part 2

And soooo I’ve survived 2 tests this week!!!
(One more next week though)
And so hopefully I’ll start blogging soon again!

In the meantime:

2nd Installment of our $5-15 Clearance Post!!!
Sibei cheap okay. Even below cost price!
Shop now shop nowww!

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Mar 16 2011

TWB’s Now or Never Clearance Sales

17 Mar, Thurs @ 5pm!!

As low as $5, nothing more than $15! Even lower than cost!
Get it now or never!

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Mar 14 2011

Review: Puff Accessories

Finally I found some time to share with you all one of my favourite accessories online shop!!

Puff Accessories specialises in incorporating clay doll designs into their accessories ranging from earrings, necklaces, and even rings!! I especially like the fact that their clay dolls are all specially handmade with love. Though prices may be slightly more expensive than most online accessories shop, I’ll still willingly spend the amount cos the clay dolls are too cute to resist!! As well as all the other flower/butterfly charms!

I’ve bought from them a few times already and the owner Bernie is ever so accommodating to my customisations (I’ll always request for changes here and there to their existing stocks) and so friendly!

Here are some of my collection items:

Their signature trio earrings!

Can be mixed and matched to wear it in 3 different ways:

Another pair of earrings:

See how chio the charms are!!!

My newest handphone strap! I love this puff doll, see she has side braids and holding an ice cream how cute!

And my newest puff angel long necklace!

And guess what. All their puff angels have unique names! That’s coz all of them are one piece unique and no absolutely no remakes! (Unless otherwise stated)

A sneak of their Puff Angel ring too!! Love the ring but too bad my fingers are too small to wear ): ): I’m surprised this design’s not sold yet cos it’s so pretty!! So get it fast if you want!
Click HERE to be directed! (:

(Pic credits to: Puff Accessories)

Love the above pieces I’ve? You can get yours at
http://puff-accessories.blogspot too!!

And for TWB customers, here’s your chance to walk away with these cute puff clay dolls! Puff Accessories has sponsored TWO of their Puff Angel Charms as a giveaway to TWB’s customers! (Worth $27.90 each.)

For illustration purposes.
(Pic credits to: Puff Accessories)

Pretty gold trim ribbon straps.

So here’s how to participate in the giveaway:

Simply buy our new manufactured DKNY Stripes Convertible (In a thicker stripes print than the previous one) and stand a chance to participate in our giveaway! TWO lucky winners would be selected by lucky draw! (: (:

Launch would be tomorrow @ 5pm!!


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Feb 21 2011

Collection 18

Next Update: 23rd Feb, Wed!!
Time to be confirmed!

Mega hate the pics for this collection though cos I look so zombified & pale. Was super sick halfway during the shoot boo. ): ): ):

Free normal mail for mailing listees!!

See you see youuu!! <3 <3

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