May 9 2015


I think it’s due time that I’m writing this post. Even though it might not seem like it, the past year has been a roller coaster ride for me, and it is only now that I’m getting down to putting things in words. Sometimes I find it really amazing how in just 1 year, so much can happen. My life was in such a huge mess and I have no one to blame except myself for all the choices I made.

And finally, I decided to do something about it. To start of, I decided to break off my relationship of 7 years a few months back. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was something that was for the better. It really took a lot of courage to let go, to accept that it was needed. It was nobody’s fault, maybe we just grew apart or maybe we were just not suitable for each other from the start.

Somehow, everything else seemed to fall in place after that. It’s as if when you finally find the courage to fix something, everything else becomes easier. Looking back, I’ve never regretted anything I chose to do. Every mistake is an experience and I always believe that as long as you managed to learn something good out of it, it’s okay. It also serves as a reminder never to commit the same mistake twice.

At this present moment, my heart has never felt lighter and happier, and I’m glad that my life seems to be back on the right track. This reminds me of something Steve Jobs said in a commencement speech about connecting the dots. I guess things happen for a reason and you might not know why at that present moment.. But you just have to keep faith and trust that one day the dots will somehow connect in the future and the reason for every thing that happened will be clear.

Closure. T has been a part of my blog ever since I started it. And as one chapter of my life ends, another begins. I don’t know what the future holds – definitely scary – but I know that everything will be okay eventually.

This post also serves as a reminder to myself.. I’ll always be reminded of my mistakes, reminded of how I took so many wrong turns before finding my way out, and most importantly, reminded of how I should live my life from now onwards. :)

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Nov 2 2014

The Royal Mail Singapore

So this week was Restaurant Week (25th Oct – 2nd Nov 2014) where we can get 3-course dinner at top restaurants at S$35++*!! And T only told me on like Saturday morning at 11am when we were still lazing in bed. So we made a frantic search and decided on The Royal Mail since I’ve read about it before. And thank goodness they had a last minute cancellation so there’s seats for us yay!

For only $25++, we get a starter, main course and dessert!
(Note that the price is only if you make reservations on the website)

And for their dinner menu, it’s $35++. Damn worth it!

Served bread with butter while waiting for our food.

For starters we had a choice of Scallops or Foie Gras and we chose one of each to share.

For my mains, I had the Pan-Seared Salmon which was really good!!

T had the Braised Beef Cheeks which was really tender and well-prepared. And I love the little crispy house-cut potatoes!

Damn happy whenever I get to eat good food.

For desserts, we initially wanted the Panna Cotta but it was sold out. :( So I had Chocolate Fondue while T had the White Chocolate Mousse.

In a nutshell, everything was good and the ambiance was really nice too. Would definitely come back to visit again!

The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar
Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
2 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049247
+65 6509 3589

The restaurant was located in the CBD area and as it was the weekends, the place was super empty. Took a stroll around the area and it was so peaceful and therapeutic! Weekends should be relaxing like this…

Wearing a cobalt blue dress from Agneselle which I bought ages ago but left it lying around. :/

Picture spam cos I haven’t been blogging for so long I know I know. And here’s pictures of my face in case you’ve forgotten how I look like hahaha. On usual days, I just put concealer + draw my brows and I’m out of the house!

T is like 3 shades fairer than me laaa!!

Typing this post and edited all the photos on my small puny netbook which is 5 years old, and running on an Intel Atom processor (wth) cos my laptop is dead. (I even forgot my password to it and spent 15mins cracking my head lolol) :( :( :( Waiting for the new Macbook Pro to be released before I get my hands on it! I hope I can survive blogging on this disgusting thing by then!! But anyway, here’s wishing that the new week will be a good and happy week with wonderful things happening to each and every one of us!! *inserts confetti emoticon*

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May 11 2014


Had a dinner date with the boy after work to Arteastiq the other day!

Heard alot about the place but this is the first time I’ve been there.

I ordered the Lady Yang ($12) tea set with Oolong Tea with Lychee Tea Gelato.

While T got Monet (S$12) that comes with French Rose Tea with Champagne Vanilla Gelato.

We also ordered 2 special set meals that’s served with side salad and daily soup.. But I can’t remember which was the one we ordered!! :/

Also had 2 choices of wraps (can’t remember what they’re called). We chose beef and and salmon (not in the picture). SO GOOD!!

I look horrible lately.. All the eyebags from looking at the computer and numbers all day. O_O

Overall, the food was really decent. I like the ambiance and decorations but I didn’t like the seats and tables cos we had to bend really low to eat if you get what I mean..

Ending with pictures of food the boy got for me from his Japan trip!

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Apr 18 2014

New Beginnings.


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. Went on a short hiatus cos I’ve been so lazy to even switch on my laptop which has been left untouched for about 3 weeks already.. (And now as I’m typing I can hear some weird noise coming from it. I guess it’s time to upgrade to a new one??)

I’ve been so so lazy lately. The last event I’ve attended was months ago, and I survived through 4months of the year without meeting up with any friends. And it didn’t even feel that long!! Time really flies when you’re working. :( Every night I come home after dinner, I take a shower, go through my skincare regimen, talk to my boyf on the phone and go to sleep. My bed time is usually 10-11pm, am I sleeping a little too much? I mean, life is short right?

I always say that work makes me a dull person. But I think that’s just an excuse that I’ve been giving myself.. I’m the one who choose to become so lazy to even dress up or try new things. Kind of sad but I’ll make a mental note to try to change this aspect of myself that I’m starting to dislike. Lazing around once in awhile is good, but too much of it makes your life really dull and you end up wasting your life away too.

Anyhooo, the other day T and I were walking around Pasir Ris and we saw so many pretty flowers! It’s the blooming season in Singapore now!! It’s sad that I hardly take notice of such things because we often take things for granted. (Like how you only squeal about flowers when you’re overseas but the same scene in Singapore is regarded as nothing special?)

Would really wish to visit Japan one day during the Cherry Blossom season cos I can’t imagine being under rows and rows of trees filled with flowers!!

The thing about life is that you don’t know what’s going to be around the corner. And spring signifies the start of something new, as well as a reminder to us that there’s always a season for everything.

Enjoy your long Easter weekend everybody. :)

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