Aug 20 2012

People who say money can’t buy happiness…

… clearly do not know where to shop!! (:

Someone has been asking me to update my selling post and I’ve been procrastinating for the LONGEST time!! And since today’s a public holiday and I have spare time.. I’ve decided to get down to doing it. I’ve updated my selling post HERE and here’s some new items that I’ve added! Mostly from TVD/TTR/MGG!! Almost all are brand new items! Selling them because they’re not fitting on me or I just want to make space for new stuff!

Also selling this pair of super pretty printed wedges (Size 36) which I got online! Worn lightly once for photo-taking purpose (like for 5mins only but note that the soles are not brand new already) and selling it cos I can’t walk well in high wedges so I thought this pretty pair should go to someone who can appreciate it better!

View the link for the full selling post! (:


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Jan 28 2012

Flea Day + Updated Selling Post!

Ahah. I know some people have been asking me to update my Selling Post… So sorry it took me a few weeks to do so! :/ Finally stopped procrastinating and dug out all the pictures and collated the post!

Just a quick entry on my flea day!

Stuffs I packed for my flea!

I remember the very first time we went for a flea… We didn’t think of using luggage, and ended up packing the clothes in plastic bags. And we were carrying 8-9 plastic bags to the locations… Imagine the sight. Hahaha. So people who’s going to a flea, please use a luggage!!

I’ve so many clothes that most of them are still in their plastic wrap!

Luggage I used when I went Italy for my school Choir Choral Competition back in 2004. Miss those days. ):

Decided to just dump those items that I’m going to sell cheap cheap in one luggage. (Most are brand new!)

My outfit for the flea!
TTR vintage top in mint + my fave TVD Denim High-Waisted Shorts.

Mcdees for lunch.

Just when we were setting up the booth, this woman came over and took a look, and ended up sweeping tons of pieces away! :O

My sweet boy who came to accompany me even though he was ill.

T was looking at the amount of clothes I’ve to sell, and he was like: “The next time you tell me you’ve nothing to wear, I’m going to knock your head!”

But one thing guys need to understand is – Girls are completely capable of staring at a bursting wardrobe and still think that they’ve nothing to wear. Who’s with me? (;

My $2 necklace I bought from the stall beside. Enjoyed talking to the group of girls cos they just graduated from JC and we had common topics! (School related stuffs)

And the highlight of the flea was………

A SUPER CUTE 3 DAYS OLD KITTEN!!! Someone found a litter of kittens and adopted them.

The array of colours I’ve in my wardrobe:

One of the girls in the next stall decided to help me arrange my stuffs according to colours hahahaha!

Sales that day was quite decent. Managed to clear about half of what I had, thankfully. I’ll still need another flea to get rid of them.

To those who have been asking, I’ve finally updated my Selling Post!

I added quite a few TTR & TVD stuffs. Most are pretty new items from recent launches, hence I’m selling them only slightly cheaper than what I got them for. Really pretty and popular items but am letting them go cos I want to make way for new stuffs. Of course, this is not the full list of what I’ve to sell, (Still have more from other blogshops) but I can’t remember what I’ve and they’re all neatly packed already! So this will probably be all I’ve to put up for sale for now.

First come first serve okay! So be quick if you want something! Email me at with the items you want or leave a comment at the end of the post! Only serious buyers okay, I’m very busy so don’t waste my time!!

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Jan 5 2012

Flea flea flea!!

I was packing my wardrobe 2 weeks back and the first thing that came to mind was…

(Ahem, please read to the end for details!)

Everytime I open my wardrobe to dig for clothes, I feel super sian. It’s like so full yet I don’t know what’s in it. So I end up grabbing clothes from the top of the pile all the time, and neglecting what’s left at the bottom. ): I mean, I don’t even know what’s at the bottom!!! Sometimes I’ll go: Eh yeah, I’ve this dress! *image of dress flashes in mind* But where is it ah?! and I’ll start digging through the pile just to find that one dress. The sense of fulfillment when I finally managed to dig it out. Btw, I’m supposed to share the wardrobe with my brother, but it seems like I’ve conquered pretty much the entire area.

Because of space constraint, the best way to store the clothes is to fold them and pile them up. I’ve like 4-5 TOWERING piles. And if you’ve realised, there are unopened ones at the back as well. I tend to throw all my new clothes at the back and soon forgot about them. :/ Sometimes I’ve no time to even try my new clothes I’ve gotten in the mail till like 2 weeks later. #foreverslow

You should see the look on my face when I swept them all out. My huge towers just collapsed and nearly drowned me. The picture might be deceiving but it’s actually a huge mountain of clothes. I think there were like 200 pieces at least on the floor, and that’s only 1/2 of all the clothes I’ve. More in the wardrobe still!!

My parents came in and was like: WALAO PASAM MALAM AH!!

Anyway, my mum was sorting out my brother’s clothes and she only had like 1 small tower. Like 1/5 of 1 of my 5 towers. I was like: HUH THAT’S ALL MY BROTHER HAS?! No wonder I keep seeing him wear the same clothes over and over again.

So yeah, you get my point. I’m so sick of seeing my messy wardrobe that I’ve to do something about it!!!

This Sunday, 8th January.
SCAPE Street + Market (Basement Open level, near Long John Silvers!) – Very short walk from Cineleisure (Somerset)!

Will be selling MANY brand new/ a few worn once items from blogshops at cheap cheap prices!! (Mostly brand new) & of course the clothes will be nice, cos my taste is good. #buaypaiseh. I’ve 2 huge luggage to lug there btw. I think I’ve like about 200 pieces?! Okay laa maybe 100+.

Price range for the clothes would be nothing more than $15! (Yes, even for brand items!) I’m thinking of having 3 price ranges. $5, $6-10, and lastly $15! Still in the midst of deciding though haha.

So if you want to shop for cheap and good buys, come! Or if you want to see how skinny I’m in person, come also!! HAHA. And do state that you’re my reader if you were to come cos I love to see how my readers look like in person! (: (:

P.S. I’ll most probably get a booth nearer to the entrance, so just look around the entrance for me! (If not just walk around laaa, I’m sure I’m not that hard to find!)

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Aug 8 2011

Selling Post!

I’ve updated my selling post with loads of TVD/TTR stuffs and other misc items! Other stuffs include items from LB and AE! Most items are at $15 (Brand new!) and I’m selling them at a loss!

Take a look at the post here:
And help me clear my stuffs!! <3 <3

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