Apr 16 2012

This is what I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks……

I seriously have no idea why every semester seems to just FLY PAST!! One semester has about 14 weeks (excluding exams), and even though 14 weeks sound really short, it’s not really that short after all! It’s like 3 months of your life, and one quarter of a year.

Last week was seriously hell week. I mean, the past 3 weeks were hell week too, but this is the worst. 2 major project submissions + 1 quiz. AND I’M SO HAPPY IT’S OVER!!

But wait, I shouldn’t be too happy yet… because that means exams are coming!! Sigh. Shit just keeps coming in. So this is what I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks till my exams end.

Probably late night studying…. I’m someone who really needs my sleep and I can’t function if I go without it.

But one thing I realised during my Alevels mugging period is that, you feel less alone and sad and stressed when you know that there are many out there suffering the same fate as you. There’s someone out there who’s probably mugging their way through the night as well.. And it doesn’t feel so bad after all! Like we’re all in this together. But well, that was during Alevels cos you have classmates and friends and the whole entire cohort to go through this with. In university, it’s like you’re alone. No proper class, no belonging to the school..

STICKY to keep me awake. But it’s really sweet, so I think I should abstain from it for health reasons.

School’s Mcds is like super cheap! Meals from $3.60 onwards!! I’ve no idea why Mcds would want to revise their price so much when their business is already very very good.

If you’ve noticed the seaweed shaker fries packet.. It’s cos we just had another meal before this and this is our second serving!

A peek at my new addition to my cardigan family!

Mega love my new Seashell Cardigan from Oh! Poupée

The material is SUPER soft and comfy and nice to touch! And I chose this colour because red is like one of the easiest to match colours and goes practically well with everything. Great to keep yourself warm during lectures or in shopping malls! Colour of the cardigan is darker in real life! (True to their pics)

I folded in the sleeves btw cos the design of the cardigan made my wrists look longer and skinnier (and I don’t want to look any skinnier than I already am). So yeah, those who want to look like they’ve slim hands and wrists should get this!

Comes with rows of buttons as well as pockets at the front as well!

And not just any other normal button!! Pretty seashell buttons that even my boyf says it’s nice!!

Seashell Cardigan in Deep Red: http://www.ohpoupee.com/2011/06/available.html

Okay I’m smiling so happily in the pictures but actually I’ll only be happy till exams are over. Boooooo. ): ):
(My first paper’s in 4 days btw! So yes, do expect slower updates. I’ll try to schedule a few posts every now and then!)
Happy mugging to all who are having their exams soon!


Link to vote: http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/cineleisure-next-online-sensation/vote/

Step 1:

Step 2:

Reaching 1k soon so do help! voting can be done hourly.

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Mar 8 2012

Back To School: JM’s 21st Celebration

I attended my *ahem* very first official 21st celebration this Feb. Yes I know!! I’m no longer 21 this year but I’ve never attended a proper 21st celebration last year cos all my close friends didn’t have a big celebration for their 21st. ):

Anyway, the theme for JM’s (my cousin!) celebration was Back To School… Simply because… You’ll see why later!

My outfit!

Been sooooooo long since I last wore my uniform! I wanted to go in a pinafore cos it’s like cuter compared to JC uniform. Secondary school uniforms look the best in my opinion!

And I finally got to use the backpack style bag I bought but chuck it in the wardrobe after so long!

I don’t usually take photos with my spects…. But well, I figured I’ll look more studious and nerdy in spects! How! Look very different or not. A lot of people say I look different with spects. ): (And most of the time I go out with spects cos I hate wearing contact lenses!!)

Brother and I! Nobody gave us weird glances when we were on the bus… So I guess everyone didn’t find it weird that I was wearing a uniform… So does that mean I look like I’m still 16? :O

Proper shoes for school! I’ve worn sports shoes for only like 5 times in my whole entire life.. Canvas shoes to school in JC, and I never ever go running or do much sports, so yeah.

Anddddd. TADAH! Our venue for the celebration! Proper school for school themed, how cool is that!

Pris and Ger helping me tie my 2 ponytails cos it’s so hard to balance it out! I think double ponytails are only worn by primary school kids…. BUT WELL. Only one day to act young right.

And wth loh. They made me look like some siao char bo.

Siao Char Bo #1


Jotter books for us write our birthday wishes.

There was this cool Photobooth area with handmade props by the birthday girl herself the night before!

Notice something odd?

Pris borrowed shorts from her guy classmate hhahhaa! PE Shirt from my bro! My uniform belongs to Pris btw. I’m no RGS girl yo.

Look like 16 year old not!!

Do Re Mi Fa!

Remember how class photos were like?
(Body tilt one side, hands together on your lap for those infront)

She honestly didn’t want a cake and just did this… Then later decided that she needed a cake after all HAHA. (She did have another cake, but I didn’t take a pic of it!)

Ending off with a pic with the busy birthday girl:

A couple more photos from the celebration! Editing them in vintage colour style and will post them up in another post! Like ermmm… Soon. HAHA. (Psst. You realise how the posts always take a long time to come whenever I say “soon”??)

P.S. You know you have not worn your uniform for ages when you ask: “BADGE IS PUT LEFT OR RIGHT AH?!”

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Feb 22 2012

Vday 2012

Here’s how we spent out Vday this year…..

Attending lecture together. Very romantic!

But thankfully our lecture ended in the early afternoon, so we could enjoy the rest of the day! Didn’t plan anything big, just hanging out together as per normal. Remember: Every day can be Valentine’s Day!

Balloon some random guy passed me on the way to lecture.

Outfit!! Looking around school that day, I realised it was the only time you see NTU students dressed so nicely!!

In navy, yellow, red combination that day.

My gold heart-shaped necklace from Diva. Will be giving this piece (specially bought an extra piece) in a Giveaway soon!!

School was really happening that day.

Would love to have a bag full of these for Vday present!

Ferrero Rocher flower from a friend!

Very effective attention grabbing idea.

Walked past and saw our Student Union having this free Photo Booth thingy.

HAHA. The camera was so fast that we couldn’t get ready in time, hence the candid shot in the 2nd pic!

Pretty bouquet!

Went out of school and headed to Jurong Point! Finally had my Pepper Lunch fix!

Extra butter and cheese top up. Super good.

Decided to change a hairstyle for the day!

Poor boy can’t enjoy Vday fully, has to mug for test.

We had our Pepper Lunch at 4pm+ btw, and by 6 I was hungry already!! :O

Dian Xiao Er for dinner!!

Dian Xiao Er at JP has super lovely decoration! Besides food quality, ambiance of the place is something I look out for when I choose where I want to eat!

They say that their Chilli is not bad! (I don’t know cos I don’t eat Chilli!)

Went on a shopping spree just now btw! Fully paid by the boy muahahaha. His idea is for me to choose whatever I wanted. Very practical.

We ordered Duck Rice Sets btw. I think it’s the most value for money item there. (If you don’t want to spend too much) $6.80++ for a plate of herbal duck, rice, and soup.

I love clear soup!!

Must eat if you love herbal taste!
(But not really very bitter or whatever, quite sweet in fact!)

Simple day, simple meal. It’s the company that counts anyway. (:

Another look at my nail art! Read my post about it yet?

Saw something interesting on the net the previous day about How Economists Say ‘I Love You’. And since I’m an Econs undergrad, this method is really cute!

Picked a few to write. Okay laaa no originality, but at least I took time to write/draw them out! (And not print)

Plus a card with handwritten message!

Used my Scotch heart-printed tapes! I’ve the Happy Birthday version + Christmas versions too! Very useful for such stuffs. (Bought them like 5 years ago btw HAHA)

Vday 2012 Keepsake.

4 hearts cos it’s our 4th Vday spent together haha! (:

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Feb 5 2012

Review: TSL Brookes Utility Top in Wisteria

A quick review post on one of my OTD to school! This sem, I’m really into wearing HWS to school and I need all the tops I can find to match with them.

NTU’s like a little scenic island on its own.

TheSummerLoft’s Brookes Utility Top is perfect for pairing with high-waisted stuffs, or even wear it with a normal pair of shorts. A very plain and versatile top that would be a staple to your wardrobe. Comes in a very unique shade of dusty purple! Of good quality smooth chiffon.

Visit TheSummerLoft for more pretty tops and dresses!!

Link for the top:
(Comes in Burgundy too!)

T and I have common electives every Tuesday! <3

NTU Canteen 16 has got very good Western food!! And very reasonably priced at $3.80 (for chicken chop). I love their chicken chop and grilled fish! Come to NTU to try this if you can!! The sauce is da bombbb! I can eat this everyday.

Their grilled fish comes up sticky fried garlic sprinkled on top. I don’t usually eat garlic on its own, but this is really good! We topped up 2 rice btw!

Very short post I know, will be blogging on my early Vday date (yesterday) very soon! Stay tuneeee. This week’s my killer week. Presentation on Thursday which I’m really afraid of! (Cos we’re only given less than a week to prepare.) Toodles!!

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