Aug 1 2013

Officially Graduated.

Exactly a week ago marked my convocation day when I’ve officially graduated. To be honest, I didn’t really want to attend it at all cos it wasn’t a big deal to me, but my parents insisted that I attend (They said: “SIAO AH! Must go! It’s a once-in-a-life time occasion!!”).

So well, this is like an official ceremony that marks the end of a phase in your life.

The ceremony was held at Nanyang Auditorium, the place where we had some of our lectures, and if I’m not wrong, the place where we first had our welcome ceremony when we just stepped foot into NTU. It’s like they’re saying let it end where it began.

During the ceremony, surprisingly I felt kind of emotional to the thought that this is probably my last time in that hall and how this is the end of my education life and I’ll miss being a student where the only thing you’ve to worry about is your grades.

My ceremony was the very first session and we had our president, Mr Tony Tan gracing the event.

Photo-taking + catch up session after the event.

I think that our faculty’s robe colour is the nicer one among the rest!!

And a shot of the graduation bear which our school gifted us with! It has the same robe colour as us!! (: (:

The mandatory mortarboard throwing shot.

I can’t do jump shots for nuts.

Everyone trying to avoid getting hit when the thing drops lol.

No longer a student. ): ):

With my Mum and Dad.

My parents, particularly my mum was always very concerned about how I did in school. (My Dad didn’t really comment much about my school work) I remember how she used to sit beside me during primary school and go through with me my work. And even up to university she would be nagging at me to go study and ask me why my aunt used to have a tough time studying for university (back then) but I seemed so relax… (Probably cos different people handles stress differently?) But above all her naggings, I know that she just wants the best for me.

As mentioned, my Dad rarely comments on my studies because ermm.. he thinks that I’m sensible enough to study hard perhaps?? Haha. During my university life, my Dad would send me to school early in the morning during my examination periods (even though he’s tired himself from long day at work) and told me to sleep on the way to get enough rest.

Anyway, is it normal to feel kind of neutral when people congratulate you during convocation? Like for what? I don’t exactly feel a sense of achievement maybe because getting a degree is something very predictable. It’s like at the start of my education life I knew that getting a degree is somewhere I’ll end up at. You know that kind of feeling?? Am I weird or what.

Ending this post with a photo of us having fun throwing our hats. The thought I had when I was wearing the mortarboard was:”Now I know why people look so happy throwing this in the air. It’s so uncomfortable!!”

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Mar 23 2013

Random thoughts.

March is almost ending and that means that I’m only about 1 month plus to graduating from school. And that marks my entire 16 years of education can you believe it!! That is if I’m not going for post-grad studies like taking my Masters or what.. I won’t go for further studies anytime soon, if I do it’ll only be like a few years after I start working.

Currently taking a breather from the 10385461 things I’ve to do. I’ve 3 projects on hand, including my FYP which is giving me so much headache. But I’ve learnt alot so it’s good. Plus I think I should be starting my revision for final sem exams which is about a month away, but I’ve absolutely no motivation for that. Then I’ve like 10 over blog posts on my backlog and every time I sit down and look through the list, I’ve no idea where to start. ):

Is it me or is time passing by REALLY quickly after the age of 21?? Sometimes I’m in disbelief that I’ve actually gone through 4 years of uni education, like has it really been that fast? And I think I’ve mentioned alot of times that I’m really dreading working life. I hope I find a job that I enjoy doing.. And when I say finding a job that I enjoy doing, it’s not really determined by the nature of the job. In my opinion, a job is just a job and actually if you think about it, all jobs are actually about the same. What I look out for in my ideal job is actually 1) Nice colleagues and bosses whom you can get along well with. People whom you meet everyday, work together and whom you know go through the same as you so they can relate to what you’re going through. 2) Job satisfaction plays an important role too, whether you see meaning in the things you’re doing. 3) Lastly and most importantly, I can’t stress how important it is to find a workplace that appreciates your efforts, that makes you feel that what you’re doing is worth doing.  Only then will you give your 100% because you know that your efforts will not go unrewarded and you feel appreciated. And by showing appreciation (in the boss’s perspective), it also means being thankful for the staffs that are doing the most basic roles like maybe filing, etc. And not saying things like “oh what you’re doing is so easy”, because in an organisation, no role is dispensable.

So yeah. Sudden abrupt end to this post haha. My thoughts are currently all over the place and I need to get back to work. Toodles till the next post!

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Feb 25 2013

NTU Confessions.

So 2 days ago I read about some mini commotion going at NTU Confessions between this guy and girl who used to be together. (The guy’s in NTU)

It started with the guy posting this confession below:

Link: (

Followed by another confession saying that his girlfriend has broken up with him after reading  his first post. (Read HERE if you’re interested)

And one day later, the girl herself sent in a comment as well to address the issue:

Link: (

Followed by a second post by the girl after reading all the negative comments on her post:

Link: (

After reading what she said, it made me so mad and I felt that she was being so unreasonable and unfair to the guy. Addressing her points in the above comments:

1. What’s wrong with dining at hawker centre seriously? She later mentioned in her second post that “what she meant was during their anniversary when he was in the army, he treated her to just hawker fare instead of giving her a surprise.” But still… the way she phrased it initially is that she mind that her bf brings her to hawker centre to eat on days other than anniversaries.

2. Is she looking for a boyfriend or a chauffeur? And expecting a guy to go home with you after 10pm might sound okay cos it’s late BUT have you spared a thought for your poor boyfriend who might be tired too? (If your boyf stays near you then I guess it’s fine, but what if it’s so out of the way?) Being caring or not is not a matter of sending you home or not. A caring boyfriend can be someone who doesn’t send you home everyday (because SG is definitely safe enough to roam outside before 12am) but would definitely send you home when you’re sick.

3. She mentioned that IPPT and ICT is a “CCA” for guys to relax inside. And “they can take breaks from the company to go and relax in NS. So good still want complain. What a joke?!” I mean, if it’s so good you go join laa! Seems like there are still some girls out there who think that NS is a breeze, just somewhere to relax and think that it’s perfectly fair for them to go through it because we women do our part in populating the country. Maybe we should start being more appreciative to what the guys are doing instead of having this mentality that it’s “their duty to serve the country”. We just can’t and will never understand how much they have to go through in there. So think before you pass this kind of insensitive remarks and a big thank you to all guys out there who went through/will be going through NS.

And speaking of NS, she also mentioned in her second post that “there was once during Valentine’s Day, he told me he got guard duty and couldn’t book out. What kind of excuse is that?!” Which part of “he got guard duty” do you not understand? Guard duty is something every guy has to go through and in what way is that an excuse I really don’t get it. NS is not a place where you can just get out of camp anytime you want. I’m understand how it’s like because I’ve been through the same phase where my boyf couldn’t spend our first Vday with me cos he’s out in field camp, couldn’t spend 2 of my birthdays with me cos he was in camp. But seriously, do these days even matter?

4. She said that she’s sure “many NTU girls will want a rich boyfriend to support them when they get married”. Sorry but I’m not one of the “many NTU girls” that you’re talking about. We are degree holders and I’m not going make 16 years of my education go to waste. And furthermore, we are more capable than sitting around and waiting for someone to support us. Actually there’s nothing wrong in wanting to find a rich husband if that’s what you want, but she shouldn’t have made it seem like all girls are like that? Finding a rich husband is a bonus, not a criteria and definitely not something “expected in this society” to have someone rich to support you. Btw, I’m not saying that all the homemakers out there are not capable or what. Sure, you can stay at home and stop working for awhile after having kids to look after them.

She also mentioned that if guys “cannot even afford to spend $60,000 for wedding and $200,000 for HDB, you are better off forever alone. Don’t spoil the lives of local woman.” Wow, such a powerful statement. It sounded as if women are born to be pampered and guys should provide everything possible for us to live that kind of lifestyle….. Like what?!! Is she for real or she watched too much dramas to have this kind of mindset?

5. She said “FYI, he was my first love and he took my VIRGINITY which I wanted to save for MARRIAGE. Yet, I gave it to him because I truly love him. Is it wrong to expect more from him since I love him so much?!” I’m really confused. If you truly love him, shouldn’t you not expect anything much? Because I remember the saying goes something like “true love never expects anything in return”, so why am I hearing the opposite now? And pleaseeee what kind of reason is that for substantiating your love for him? Just cos you gave him your virginity? So according to your logic, that meant that I don’t truly love my boyf? (: Or maybe it’s because you can’t control yourself that’s why you didn’t stick to your principles of saving it for marriage and giving it so easily to your FIRST LOVE. Not saying that it’s wrong giving up your virginity okay, it’s really up to you, I just found it really ridiculous that you’re using such an example to substantiate your love.

6. Lastly, this comment from her “I have read through the comments and feel disgusted that some of the females who commented are just hypocrites. Instead of standing together and agreeing with my opinions that yes, we do want boyfriends who can support us, you just ask me to go and work.” – Sorry darling, we’re not being hypocrites and we honestly do not agree with your views and neither do we expect all these from our boyfriends. Don’t generalise us with you. (:

Okay end of my long wordy post. This girl is definitely expecting too much from her boyfriend and seems to have a very warped perception about relationships and love. But okay maybe her boyfriend was really uncaring, unappreciative of her and that was the last straw (but if he really doesn’t care he wouldn’t have sent in the post asking for advice in the first place), but still to bring up such materialistic points really show what kind of person she is. I wouldn’t say that her mindset is immature, probably just very delusional to the point that it’s ridiculous.

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Jun 2 2012

School on a Saturday..

Last Saturday it was the first time I went school on a Saturday! And during holidays somemore. ):

Was expecting to see a dead town because who the hell goes to school on a Saturday right. So I was really surprised to see the place so happening. Turned out that some CCA had some camp there that day.

And if you’re wondering why I’m in school on a Saturday.. Here’s why. FYP meeting with our professor. ): ): Okay laa can’t meet on weekdays cos I’m working so no choice have to do so on weekends.

And the day before the Prof sent an email to ask us for lunch together! HAHA. So hip.

The Palette. Very nice place to eat in NTU. Air-conditioned too! Char introduced me to this place.

My salmon.

Nurul’s grilled fish.

Prof’s pasta haha.

He treated us for lunch btw! Well, lunch wasn’t so awkward after all haha. And our initial draft for FYP is going fine phew.

Went Orchard to meet T after that and we saw Paige Chua at Taka Watsons answering questions about the Scholl Compression Stockings!

She looks the same in real life as on TV. And speaks really good English. (I thought her Chinese sounded kind of weird in shows though) And I always wonder why her hair is always tied up in such a tight ponytail.. You know they always say you shouldn’t tie your hair too tight if not it’d be more prone to hair loss. (Because a tight scalp restricts blood flow to the follicles.)

Not sure if you’ve seen the commercial of the Scholl Compression Stockings on TV so here it is:

Looks interesting actually!

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