Sep 7 2016

Chinatown Mid Autumn Festival Light Up!

Headed down to Chinatown to view the mid autumn festival light up as well as to get a paper lantern to play last Saturday!

Feeling like a tourist in my own country haha! Singapore can be an interesting place if you explore hard enough eh.

Some lantern design contest. I like this one! So pretty.

So apt for the Pokemon Go season. Would have gotten this design if it’s on sale!

Took a break and ate some cooling ice dessert!

OOTD! Tried dressing up with something oriental haha. You can’t see clearly but my top has like embossed oriental patterns.

Found a place which offered a birds-eye view of the entire place! So scenic!

Had claypot rice for dinner at the hawker centre. So gooodd.

The selections this year was abit disappointing. Didn’t managed to find this really pretty paper lantern which I saw before long time ago in Chinatown.. :(

After that we walked all the way to MBS (2.7km) for pokehunt! Hahaha. The place was still so crowded at 11pm.

I really like weekends like this. I guess it’s the company that matters too. :)

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May 18 2015

Last friday.

Random update of last Friday in photos!

Previous day we were happily shopping on Gobbler and our stuffs were delivered the next day!!

Stocking up my snacks supply in the office hahah. My colleagues all say I can open Mama shop liao.

They have new items on the e-store! Bought tons of nuts to try out.

And this mixed nuts is like only $0.80 for a pack?? Just buy!!

Selfie because I hardly put makeup in the office, and only because I had to head down to an event after work!

The chaos when I left the office. Carnival Sale started at 5pm. Was tempted to go shop but didn’t want to squeeze with the crowd. Was too crazy! Took me like 5mins to cross the road too because the cars just kept coming.

Met Ger and the gang for dinner after my event! We were on some really funny topic and we laughed till my stomach ached. My happy pills

Ending the post with my OOTD hahaha.

Woohoo and I can’t wait for the next weekend already when it’s only Monday zzz.

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Jun 15 2014

World Cup Fever (Match Schedule)

The biggest football tournament has begun! I may not be a huge football fan myself, but I’ll still try to catch some of the more exciting matches.

If you’re curious, and want to catch one or two of the bigger games to soak in the atmosphere, BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken has come up with a convenient infographic for everyone to easily note when all the matches are, in Singapore time which is really useful!

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Apr 18 2014

New Beginnings.


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. Went on a short hiatus cos I’ve been so lazy to even switch on my laptop which has been left untouched for about 3 weeks already.. (And now as I’m typing I can hear some weird noise coming from it. I guess it’s time to upgrade to a new one??)

I’ve been so so lazy lately. The last event I’ve attended was months ago, and I survived through 4months of the year without meeting up with any friends. And it didn’t even feel that long!! Time really flies when you’re working. :( Every night I come home after dinner, I take a shower, go through my skincare regimen, talk to my boyf on the phone and go to sleep. My bed time is usually 10-11pm, am I sleeping a little too much? I mean, life is short right?

I always say that work makes me a dull person. But I think that’s just an excuse that I’ve been giving myself.. I’m the one who choose to become so lazy to even dress up or try new things. Kind of sad but I’ll make a mental note to try to change this aspect of myself that I’m starting to dislike. Lazing around once in awhile is good, but too much of it makes your life really dull and you end up wasting your life away too.

Anyhooo, the other day T and I were walking around Pasir Ris and we saw so many pretty flowers! It’s the blooming season in Singapore now!! It’s sad that I hardly take notice of such things because we often take things for granted. (Like how you only squeal about flowers when you’re overseas but the same scene in Singapore is regarded as nothing special?)

Would really wish to visit Japan one day during the Cherry Blossom season cos I can’t imagine being under rows and rows of trees filled with flowers!!

The thing about life is that you don’t know what’s going to be around the corner. And spring signifies the start of something new, as well as a reminder to us that there’s always a season for everything.

Enjoy your long Easter weekend everybody. :)

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