May 14 2013

Dettol Radiance: Your Guide to Beautiful Skin + Giveaway!

Today I’m going to share with you my personal guide to beautiful skin in 3 simple steps!.

To me, achieving beautiful skin is really not about slapping on multiple products on your skin. It’s that simple – Cleanse properly, moisturise and be stay happy!

Cleanse. Honestly this is the most most most important step! Our skin is exposed to so much dirt and pollution in the external environment, and not to mention internally we produce sebum and sweat. All these has to be removed in order for the skin to remain clean and be able to breathe and renew itself. And only if you remove all impurities on the skin would it be able to absorb any other products that you add to it right?

I realise that when I’m busy, I tend to neglect cleansing my face often which usually results in an acne breakout. If the pores of the skin are blocked with a build-up oil and dirt, it can result in blackheads and pimples. So always cleanse your face at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once before you sleep. If time permits, it’d be good if you can cleanse in the afternoon as well if you’ve oily-prone skin!

And of course, a good body wash not only helps to properly cleanse the skin but also to help rejuvenate the skin after a long day as well.

Dettol introduces its latest range of body wash - Dettol Radiance, which is a unique deep-cleansing formulation that also nourishes and purifies.

It’s formulated with a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and C. Vitamin B3 has long been regarded as the secret behind younger and firmer skin while Vitamin C is the perfect antioxidant (which works to defend free radical damage from the sun on the skin) to ensure healthy and supple skin! And of course we know that Dettol is renowned for its germ protection capabilities to deep cleanse and remove germs and impurities from within! This perfect harmony helps skin to reveal its inner radiance and maintain a healthy glow.

Moisturise. Keep your skin well-hydrated.

I can’t emphasise how important it is to keep your skin well-hydrated. As we go under the sun for prolonged periods, our skin actually gets dried out without us realising. Keeping your skin moisturised is important to aid in our skin’s repair functions and to renew skin cells. Also, as we age, our skin tends to loose moisture as it loses its protective barrier. Hence, it’s really important to ensure that our skin is properly hydrated to delay the onset of skin ageing.

Moisturizing your face is not only an important part when taking care of your skin but keeping your body well hydrated is just as important. Your body is made up of 75% water, which helps maintain your body temperature, transport nutrients around your body, flush out toxins, helps with digestion and cushions and lubricates organs.

Most of the time due to our busy lifestyle, I must say that I’m guilty of not drinking enough water in a day. Without enough water, metabolism and tissue repair are greatly affected. Dry skin can easily develop skin cracks which make it easier for bacteria and irritants to penetrate the skin and lead to infection. Also, drinking water can also help to flush out the toxins in the body, leading to healthier skin in the process.

Be happy! Too much stress can make a person unhealthy. In today’s fast-moving society, there’s just so much to worry about and so much to do. All these result in more stress and lesser sleep. Stress might lead to hormonal imbalance which results in breakouts and dull skin.

However, when one is happy, the whole body chemistry is affected and the body systems function well. Hence indirectly, it shows in your skin as well.

Many thanks to Dettol for this lovely kit!

To extend the joy and share the happiness, 3 lucky readers will get to receive a set of Dettol Radiance (1 bottle of 625ml and 1 bottle of 250ml Dettol Radiance shower gels in a lovely bath kit)!

To join the giveaway, leave a comment under this post with the following:

Tell me why you want to try the Dettol Radiance:
Comments (if any):

Please leave only one comment. Giveaway is only opened to those based in Singapore. Giveaway would last for 5 days from today! (Closes on 19th May, Sunday 2359HR)

I’ll randomly select 3 winners after that! Do take note that all comments would be screened to protect email privacy (Only I’ll be able to view all the comments). Good luck! (:

Btw, the Dettol Radiance range retails from S$3.20 – S$10.90 and is now available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore! (:

UPDATE (29/5): I’ve already chosen and contacted the 3 winners for the giveaway set! Congratulations to Priscilla, Weiyin and Se Young! (:

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Jan 15 2013

Review: Etude House Princess Etoinette Special Kit

As I’ve mentioned, Etude House has recently launched their prettiest collection ever – the new Princess Etoinette collection! And they’ve put together a special bundle kit for those who wish to get the items, and of course it’d be cheaper to get the kit instead of purchasing the items individually!

And here’s a review of what’s in the kit!!

It comes in this pretty box that can be recycled to put your other makeup items after use!

Contains the Heart Blusher (in PK001 Pink Petal Kiss), Crystal Shine Lips Lipstick (in #PPK001 Midnight Masquerade), the Rose Brush as well as a pretty mirror!

Etoinette Heart Blusher.

I visited the shop the other day and I understand from the Sales Assistant that the blusher in Pink is limited edition and only available when you purchase this special kit. (Otherwise it’s only available in OR201 Coral Masquerade and Highlighter if you purchase it separately) I’m not sure how true that is, you can check with the stores!

So inside the kit, the blush container comes in its empty form initially. And comes with a cute puff for application.

Also comes with a separate packaging containing 10 pcs of baked powder hearts.What you’re supposed to do is to place these baked powder hearts in one by one yourself! They actually feel really soft like candies when you hold them.

At first it’s quite difficult to get the powder on the brush cos I was so afraid that I’d damage the heart shape… But after awhile you just have to swirl harder to get more product onto the brush. What I did was to actually shake the container a little before swirling my brush all over the different shades of pink.

Etoinette Rose Brush.

The bristles are really soft and feels good on the skin! I like how the shape makes applying blush really easy. I never seem to get a hang of applying blusher and always end up having one huge blob on my cheeks, but because this rose brush is shaped in this way, I’m actually able to better control the application of my blushers!

Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in Midnight Masquerade.

This is my favourite item from this kit! This lipstick is actually formulated with MuruMuru Butter, French Royal Jelly and fruit extracts, making it glide easily on the lips and keeps the lips plump looking and moisturised all day! The colour also shows up well and I really love this pink!!! Very suitable for everyday wear.

The kit also comes with this pretty princess mirror, which comes just in handy cos I’ve recently revamped the layout of my room and I’m in need of a small vanity mirror!

p style=”text-align: center;”>
In case you’re wondering, the plastic film has yet been peeled off that’s why it’s not reflective!

With the lipstick and blusher on!

And a pic I posted up on my Instagram (@felicianeo) that day!!

This special kit is now available in stores. I can’t remember the exact value but it should be retailing at about S$70+ (Total value worth $90+). The Princess Etoinette collection is definitely my favourite collection ever from Etude and I’m looking forward to what’s coming up soon cos they never fail to impress! (:

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Oct 3 2012

Event: Panasonic Beauty of Empowerment

Was invited down to Panasonic’s new Beauty of Empowerment workshop campaign awhile back!

When I think about Panasonic, the first thing that comes to mind is probably TVs or DVD players.. And it’s only through this campaign that made me more aware that Panasonic actually has beauty gadgets as well!!

Live demonstration by Shiseido’s hair instructor/stylist, with beauty guru and fellow blogger, Roseanne as the hair model! Love her long beautiful locks! I was pretty amazed by how easy to use this 6 in 1 curler is!

Different styling heads for different styles. Labelled so it’s idiot-proof! Just fix the head you want onto the equipment, pick up a section of your hair and start wrapping it around the curler and pull it downwards slowly and you’ll get really natural looking curls! Comes with straightening and voluminous effects as well. I’m actually really scared of using curling equipments cos I’m afraid I’d burn myself, but the entire tool is wrapped with plastic and it’s only the inner portion that’s heated. So be careful and it really isn’t that dangerous after all unlike proper curling tongs!

And here’s me and Min Ru with our hair done!! She’s such a pro at using the curler and I was so bad at it haha.

Panasonic actually have quite a few other beauty products as well and here’s some interesting ones that I like!

I really wanted that facial roller cos it’s said to effectively create a V shape face line and my face is really round!! ): The steamer’s really interesting too!! You know those steamers they use in facial salons to open up your pores? By opening up the pores, you’ll be able to better cleanse your skin!

And I need a new hair dryer cos my current one’s really antique.. My family had it for ermm.. 20 over years already?? I think it’s even older than me! Time to change a new one!

Not sure if you’ve seen their new TVC, so here it is! (:

And remember to check out Panasonic’s FB Page for first hand updates and interesting news!!

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Aug 19 2012

Summer Beauty Essentials!

Unlike other countries with four seasons, Singapore is practically summer all year round. The weather is SO WARM lately that I’m pretty particular about the kind of skincare/makeup I use lately. So I thought this most might come in handy for those who are looking for new beauty products to suit this horrible weather.

Here are a few of my favourite sun-friendly beauty products that I’m currently using in my daily regime.

#1 Hada Labo UV Moist Emulsion. My favourite face moisturizer currently! Contains SPF 50 PA+++ so I get to skip the sunblock step. Even though it’s a small bottle, I’ve actually been using it for about 2 months already and it still seems full! The formula is very lightweight and so it doesn’t make my face feel sticky which is very important because you tend to perspire alot under the humid weather!

#2: Laneige Brightening Sun Powder. Bought this during my Korea trip and my favourite powder at the moment!! Will do a separate review on this. Contains SPF 50 as well and anything that has sun protection properties would aid greatly in protecting your skin against the scorching sun.

#3 Mentholatum Lip Gels. The yellow one is the Vitamin Lip Gel which is enriched with Vit A, B2, C and E which gives smoothening and moisturizing effects. Whereas the the white one is the Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gel which is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Panthenol for smoothing and deep moisturizing. Both are in gel form and provides a thick layer of protection to the lips! My lips became exceptionally dry during my trips to Korea and Genting and it definitely felt more hydrating after applying this!

Under the hot sun, it can be really drying for the skin as well as your hair! I’m really lazy but I always make it a point to apply moisturizers before I head to bed to prevent my skin/hair from becoming too drying.

#4 Steamcream. Moisturizer for face body and hands! I use this for all parts of the body only though. Contains ingredients like Almond oil which softens, soothes and nourishes the skin, as well as Cocoa Butter which is known to help the skin retain moisture and keeps it soft! Enriched with lots of other vegan and fab ingredients as well. If you’re sleeping in air-conditioned room, it’s advisable to smack on moisturizer before you go to bed because cold air tends to dry out your skin as well!

#5 Ichikami Hair Serum. LOVE this serum!! It’s super lightweight and smells heavenly. Makes the hair really soft and moisturized too! I’ve no idea where you can find this though, got it from my company’s Warehouse Sale awhile back.

#6 Rexona Anti-Perspirant Deodarant. If your armpits tend to get sweaty after awhile… Use this!! You don’t want to walk around with sweaty armpits do you? HAHA.

#7 Sunplay Super Block Clear Finish. SPF 130 PA+++! Prevention is better than cure. But because I’m lazy, I only apply this when I know I’ll stay under the sun for long hours. Does feel a little sticky on the skin if you go under the sun for too long so I think you should just apply a thin layer so it doesn’t get too thick and uncomfortable!

#8 CURE Natural Aqua Gel. Lastly, exfoliation is very important because UV exposure causes an increase in the thickness of the dead skin cell layer of your skin and you want to remove these dead skin cells so that newer and healthier skin can surface! Not only that, with the removal of dead skin cells, your skin is now able to better absorb all the skincare products that you apply! CURE is water-based hence it’s very very gentle on the skin and makes my face feels SUPER smooth and brighter after that! Exfoliation is very important but most people tend to skip this step! Go pick up an exfoliator if you do not own one, and I strongly recommend CURE!

Yep so these are the products I’ve been using lately and love! (:

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