Oct 16 2016

Fujifilm X-A2 Camera + Fuji XF 35mm f1.4 lens!

The past week has been an exciting week because I’ve been busy playing with my new camera!!! Bought the Fujifilm X-A2 on a random note cos of some promotion and 2 days later I got myself new lens (XF 35mm f1.4) too hahaha.

Meet my new X-A2!! It’s a mirrorless compact with APS-C sensor. Previously I was using my Panasonic Lumix which served me very well for the past 3 years. The Fuji is about 1.5x bigger and heavier than my old cam and at first it took me quite awhile to get used to the weight but I guess it’s still better than carrying a DSLR around!

The camera came with a kit lens (16-50mm) but I wanted a prime lens. So happened I could hunt one on Carousell so I immediately got it! This is the XF 35mm f1.4, and the built of it is sooo pretty. I can just stare at the glass the entire day. :/

There’s actually a newer X-A3 model which was recently launched, but I prefer this one cos it looks more vintage while the newer one just looks like a toy. The person at the shop also told us that this is a more popular model compared to the newer version. There’s a few minor upgrades to the newer version but I can live without that. New version = more expensive too! I also love how vintage this camera looks and it also comes with a LCD screen which you can tilt for selfies! I was researching at other brands/models and there was no other cameras which looked this good and had a screen that could tilt.

Side by side with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. Matching colour!

So the whole week I was trying to test the camera and getting used to using it. Previously I was just using auto mode most of the time but I think it’s time I should start learning how to use the manual functions!

The shots below are all straight out of the camera and non-edited. Colours were really rich and pictures are sharp. Love it!

Under low light condition. I didn’t even adjust the ISO, aperture and don’t know what much so I guess photo quality could be better.

Visited Muji Cafe with Fawn on Thursday. We bought the cam together and this girl still hasn’t even taken her camera out to play while I’ve already gotten myself new lens.

Love the depth of field of this lens!

On Friday, Mel sent flowers to my office.

Went to Hana Japanese Restaurant whose flying noodles are all over instagram now. But we didn’t have that.. This pic was taken from the table beside me hahaha.

Abit too dark for my liking but I guess I could have increased the brightness. This beef don is damn good btw.

Make full use of the flowers by spamming pics of it. And also using it as a test subject for my camera.

Really like my camera with the new lens! Alot more to get used to still especially the settings but I think I’m getting used to the weight of it already! Not that bad actually. Only bad thing about this 35mm lens is that it’s quite zoomed in so it’s almost impossible to take a nice selfie! Now I’m thinking if I should get another wide angle lens :/

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Aug 7 2016


Decided to do something unusual this year and splurged on a birthday present for myself… It was a very impromptu moment and after it was all over, I was like “Omg, I spent $xxx just like that.”

But anyway, I used to have a Fujifilm Instax camera as well, which I sold it away cos I didn’t see the use for it back then. I like to look back at old photo albums and it’s such a pity that we don’t have the habit of developing photos anymore… Somehow I find that photos in hardcopy are more meaningful?

As I was taking photos using the instant camera… It made me realise something about life. Often in life, you do not know what the end result is… Just like the photos developing, it could turn out a good shot or a bad shot (depending on alot of other factors like surrounding lighting conditions, the angle you take at, the settings you use, etc.). Nothing is certain in life. And it’s not like digital photography where you can take as many shots as you want and get a perfect one. Once the photo is snapped, there’s nothing such as the delete button. That’s why every shot is so precious, and you would always ensure you’re at your best form because you know there’s only 1 try. That applies to life too, where not everything has a second chance. And maybe the result be it good or bad doesn’t matter that much because you already know that you’ve tried your very best. Everything else you leave it up to fate.

And this is something to take away with me as I turn a year older. :)

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Oct 25 2015

Singapore Restaurant Week: Salt Tapas & Bar

Singapore Restaurant Week is back again  (23 Oct to 1st Nov 2015) and this is my 2nd time trying!! For those who are unaware, Restaurant week is when you can get 3 course lunch (25++) or dinner ($35++) at top restaurants that are participating! (Do note that there are extra charges for restaurants with the dining star award!)

Reservations were filling up fast and I decided to book a dinner for 2 at Salt Tapas & Bar since we’ve not tried it yet!

Nice ambiance and there were alot of people chilling on a Saturday evening when we were there.

For $35++, here’s what we got:

Assorted bread basket

For the Tapas there was a choice of Bone marrow with shitake duxelle, holland potato.

Or Foie gras mousse with truffle dressing. Which we ordered both to try.

For mains, it comes in a sharing platter and we chose: BBQ pork ribs, that comes with mash potato and pickle + Sirloin with assorted vegs

The ribs was really tender and easy to eat and the sirloin was cooked to perfection like how we wanted it to be! Yummy!

Lastly, there was Chocolate ganche, marshmallow and rhubarb rose tart for desserts.

I’ve a sweet tooth so I really enjoyed the desserts!!

The staffs were really nice and service was good even though the restaurant was reasonable packed! Thanks for making our evening a memorable one. :)

Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan
252 North Bridge Road,
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre


Since we were in the area, we went over to the Singapore River Festival to take a look!

The light show was so pretty!

Ending off the post with my outfit of the day!! Very casual outfit and the weather’s seriously too hot these few days! Loving my top from TVD which I stashed it away in the cupboard for a long time! Why didn’t I wear this sooner!!

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Sep 14 2015

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery

Have been trying to visit new places to eat nowadays and Benjamin Browns has always been in my list because the location is good, and the prices are really reasonable!

I really like this kind of lights! Can I have these in my future home??

My 300g Sizzling Beef Chunks ($25++) on a hot plate with potatoes and ratatouille.

When this came out, it was REALLY sizzling! Be really careful as the area around the dish will be covered with oil splatters. Pepper taste was a little too strong but overall, portion was really good for the price! I recommend sharing this with a friend because halfway through it it felt kind of heaty.

Wanted to take a photo with my food but the smoke just kept coming I had to fan it away. But halfway I just gave up!

Mel’s Ocean Plate ($26++) consisting of Pan seared Salmon with saffron rice and seafood thermidor. According to Mel, this was just okay.. But I think you can never go wrong with Salmon!!

There were some good looking cakes too which we’ll go back to try another day!

Oh btw, we visited the place on a Friday night around 7.45pm but there was a queue and we only managed to get a seat at around 8.30pm. Not sure if this is a common sight but do go early if you’re planning to visit the place!

Benjamin Browns Bistro & Bakery
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884

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