Oct 24 2013

OTD: Candy Cane.

A quick OTD post! Nowadays I try to put more effort into my dressing over the weekends cos usually I’m so lazy to think of what to wear during weekdays. :/

So I went for a collection preview just over the weekends and I wore my new Duxton Offsie Top from TTR out! Very perfect for the holiday season right right right! Reminds me of candy cane hahaha.

Skirt’s also from TTR!

Paired the outfit with this necklace I got from Forever 21 awhile back. Umbrella + Eiffel Tower has no link together right? But this is still one of my favourite necklace.

So happy receiving early Christmas presents!

Christmas comes early when you’re invited to previews of holiday collections. So sad that I missed so many due to work + my hectic schedule!! Will blog about Clinique’s Christmas Collection soon!!! :)

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Oct 18 2013

New camera lens: Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7

Was researching on cameras for my cousin and ended up getting myself a new lens (The Panasonic Lumix G 20mm F1.7 Lens). Quite an impulsive buy but I guess I need to reward myself for my hard work once in awhile! And I think it’s a pretty good buy so I’m happy! :)

There’s a newer revised model now of this lens called the Mark II which has a metallic body compared to the plastic body of the older version and I think better specs but at the higher price of course.

My OOTD that day:
Top and skirt from TTR
Bag from TVD

Feeling very girly that day so I paired the outfit with my doll necklace from Puff Accessories which I’ve gotten from ages ago!

Some test shots from that day of the new lens.

Love the shallow depth of field!

Earlier that day I was looking at my expenses and going:”Oh good I still have $xxx till my budget for the month. Good job!” And few hours later I’m like “Oh shit. I’ve burst my budget already and it’s not even half month yet.”  While I’m happy with my lens, I think I’ll have to eat grass for the rest of the month. -_-

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Oct 10 2013

Outfit: Minimalist

I find myself leaning towards different styles at certain periods of the year. Like how sometimes I prefer to wear dresses, then another moment I like to wear skirts, and another moment it’s all about florals then pastels… And currently, I like going for the minimalistic look. Very simple colours and sometimes I don’t even accessorise anymore cos I want everything to be plain and simple (or maybe I’m just too lazy. :/)


Top: Azure Lasercut Top in White from The Tinsel Rack
Bottom: M&S Jeans
Bag: Courtney Box Clutch in White

Love the lasercut top but it can be a little troublesome to wear this out because I have to keep a lookout to ensure that the delicate lasercut part doesn’t accidentally get hooked onto something and gets ruined in the process.

And I foresee that this will be my new favourite bag! Even though it looks small, it’s actually roomy enough to fit my phone, clutch and most importantly my camera. It’s so so hard to find nice bags that are small yet roomy to fit my camera cos it’s too bulky.

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Oct 3 2013

Peplum Love.

My dressed down OOTD to work on Friday! I actually stopped wearing Jeans about 5 years back and preferred wearing skirts/dresses cos they’re less restrictive when walking and partly cos jeans are mostly too loose on me. But ever since I started working, I took to wearing jeans again! And thanks to Marks & Spencer, I found my perfect pair of jeans that fits me so well!

My new peplum top from Thread Theory! Peplum tops help to accentuate the waist and hips and help hide tummy areas! Great for people like me who have narrow hips and want to create the illusion of more curves!

Been down with a nasty flu for the past week and I hope I’ll get well soon!! Booo. Everyone seems to be falling sick.
Stay healthy everybody and drink lots of water!!!

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