Dec 9 2012

My first Gelish Manicure!


Nails done by Nails etcetera with Priscilla, a home-based salon in Sengkang which offers professional nail services at affordable prices!

Honestly, my impression of home-based salon before I headed there was that we would be doing my nails on the dining table or on the sofa or something like that.. So I was really blown away when I saw this..

Priscilla has practically converted the front area into a salon! And it looked like a very cozy small salon by itself! There’s even a TV mounted on the wall to keep you entertained!!

Soaked my hands in the cleaning solution and was given a quick brush and cleanse!

Arm rest well equipped with towel and paper!

Before we began the designs, Priscilla treated my nails and made sure they were well prepared for the gelish session! She was really detailed and very gentle with my nails!

Professional machines!

This is the end result and I’m so happy with it! The flowers are actually individual stickers specially chosen by Priscilla and carefully stuck on one by one! These stickers are special stickers which gives a slight 3D effect and they’re the trend in Japan! Comes in other cute designs like Hello Kitty, Little Twin Star, just to name a few as well! Swarovski crystals are also used so it’s really bright and sparkly!

For those who are concerned about the crystals dropping off, Priscilla actually sealed them using acrylic cos she mentioned it’ll help the crystals stick longer, plus there’s a top layer of gel sealed over to prevent them from dropping and so that the crystals do not get caught in your hair or whatever when you’re running your fingers through!

Honestly, I was a little hesitant to do Gelish manicure because I heard that it’ll make your nails brittle and all.. I checked with Priscilla and she said that that is because we are removing a few layers off your nails when you’re doing Gelish. So it actually depends on your initial nail condition as to whether or not it’ll become brittle. Pris analysed my nails and said that my nails are in pretty good condition so I guess it should be fine!!

The reason why I chose to go to Pris was because I’ve browsed through a few of her designs on FB and I really love her designs! Here are a few that I really like:

Simple and sweet.

She draws really nice flowers!!

Another simple acrylic flower Gelish design.

You can view more designs HERE!

Gelish manicure is so fuss free cos it dries immediately and it can last really really long! I’ve been rubbing my nails against hard stuff and everything and till now (already 2 weeks) and the design still looks like it’s freshly done! And I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my nails already. (: (:

The good thing about home-based salons is that they do not have to rush through your session and can take their time to create perfect nails for you. Also, Pris keeps her pricing really affordable and you get beautiful nails at just a fraction of the cost you pay in normal salons!

Ending off with another shot of my pretty nails!

Pris is having a December ‘like’ and ‘share’ promotion on her FB Page where you get to do a basic Gelish manicure for only $28 instead of the usual $38! There’ll be additional charges for nail art depending on what design you want. But if you say that you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll be able to get 10% off the nail art design!

SMS/WhatsApp 97267125 to book an appointment or to ask her any questions regarding her nail services or visit her site at!

And do ‘like’ the FB Page to be updated of promotions + view pictures of pretty nail designs!! (:

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Sep 16 2012

Sep VanityTrove + NOTM!

September’s VanityTrove is all about Falling in Love! And that’s exactly how I’m feeling like, falling in love more and more with VanityTrove!! They seem to be getting better and better ever since I’ve gotten their box in April!

First look at the box! Overspilling with goodies!!

This trove contains 3 full-sized goodies, mainly the Princess Pinki, Essie nail polish, as well as the Rimmel eyeshadow! Okay, actually there’s a LEADERS InSolution eye mask too! Comes with other sample sized products such as GoodSkin Labs’s Smooth-365, Bvlgari’s Omnia Coral fragrance, Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Revitalizing and Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Rejuvenating Body Cleanser as well as 2 sachets of Fruit Smoothie’s Deep Pore Cleansing Masque which I’m interested to try out!

And here are my faves from this month’s VanityTrove!!

Sample of Bvlgari Omnia Coral fragrance which smells really lovely and fruity and comes in a really cute sample bottle that’s convenient to bring around. Princess Pinki which I’ve come across for the first time! Apparently it’s a cheek/lip/nipple (!!) stain that gives that rosy flush! Reminds me of Benefit’s Benetint actually! Very interesting and I’ll try it out soon. (: There’s also the Rimmel Quad Eyeshadow in a really lovely neutral palette suitable this fall season. I LOVE neutrals cos they’re so easy to wear! As well as a bottle of Essie – A Crewed Interest. A very nice shade of pink that’s suitable for everyday wear!

You can also subscribe to your own monthly box of VanityTrove HERE!
I’m always so excited about unboxing such items cos you’re kept in suspense of what’s inside! It’s like receiving a box of presents every month. (: (:

And here’s how I wore my nails this week! Peachy pink colour from Essie – A Crewed Interest which I’ve gotten in the Sep box + a light baby blue colour on the ring finger for some contrast.

Decided to add some flower design + yellow polka dots after that to complete the look. Very simple but not too boring! The flower is easily stamped onto the nail using my Konad stamping tool! (Refer to my Konad nail art post HERE) (:

Have a fab week ahead everyone!!

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Sep 10 2012

Mary Chia Spa Party!

Another really overdue post! But I just have to post this up cos the photos are quite nice lolol.

I was invited to Michelle’s Mary Chia Spa Party at Jurong Point! The theme was like villa chillout or something but I think I was dressed more like a polka dotted theme or something lolol.

Journey to the west with Char!

Instagram-ing! (:

Was given a really sweet customised booklet with my name upon arrival! (:

Snacks prepared for us!

Anyway, we had some activities planned out for us that afternoon!

First, we had to decorate our own polaroid!
(And I’m really not good at my hands-on art!!)

Stickers for us to use! So thoughtful!

Then we got to D.I.Y our own nail polish ring!!! I love this activity cos it’s so easy and fun!

All you need is this glass-like thing (there’s a term for it but I can’t remember!), your ring, and nail polishes!

I love anything glittery!

So basically you just apply layers of nail polish to the glass and there’s a little bit of skill involved because you’ve to visualise how you want the design to be like. For me, I just spammed lots and lots of glitter because…. I suppose you wouldn’t go wrong with glitters right?? HAHA.

The other bloggers hard at work.

A few of us!

Was so much fun that I decided to do a second nail polish ring!

With pretty Minru!!

Check out Char’s ring! So pretty!!

My first glitter ring!

The second duo toned one! Not bad right!

And here’s ending off with a pic of what I wore that day!
I love my happy looking polka-dot pussybow top from!

You can get the top HERE!! (:

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Sep 1 2012

Review: Megan Miller Polishes.

Was introduced to a new brand of polishes to try out! Did you know that other than the usual OPI, China Glaze, etc., there are still alot of other nail polish brands out there? Happened to stumble upon and I’m surprised by the many other brands that are out there!

So here’s two new polishes that I’m trying out. Two popular colours from the Megan Miller collection: Caribbean and Coral Bliss.

The packaging of the bottle is really unique. The cap is made out of cork material and each piece is also hand tied with all natural raffia providing a unique feel and look to every piece. This truly makes each piece a one of a kind and gives the whole bottle a very back-to-nature feel. And this is in line with their environmentally friendly polish and consists of the finest ingredients!

I noticed that the polish does not have a very strong chemical smell that’s very uncomfortable for the nose (and not to mention causes brain damage from inhaling too much of these chemicals). I wonder if it has got to do with the ingredients used. Megan Miller also pride themselves for smooth application of their polishes and long-lasting wear.

True enough, the polish formula is really smooth and easy to apply! The polish is a little sheer though and required 3 coats to build up. I like how the finishing of the polish gives a very beautiful shine like I’ve applied top coat already when I didn’t! Has been on my fingers for 2 weeks already and it’s still lasting well! No chips at all, I’m impressed!

Caribbean is a muted turquoise shade while Coral Bliss is a bright coral shade that looks a little like cherry red rather than pinkish on the fingers! Colours are slightly darker than in photos! Couldn’t really capture the true colour.

Here’s the link for the collection:

Or you can check out other polishes brands at the sidebar, there’s many to choose from! (:

Here’s my Nail of the Moment. Something simple I’ve done up using the two colours + abit of white!

Somehow it turned out looking a little Christmas-y. Lol!

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