Dec 30 2015

Skin Updates!

So Mel and I have been to New York Skin Solutions for my facial treatments for about 5 times already and here’s to share with you guys on our skin progress!

After our last treatment recently, we did a skin analysis using New York Skin Solutions’s scanning equipment.

Here’s some before and after shots of my skin condition:

Less clogged, and you can see that my skin has more collagen now (the zig zag lines are collagen within the skin). With more collagen my skin will become naturally more hydrated and hence less oily. Those black spots you see are very stubborn “dirt” that has accumulated within my skin for a long time due to lack of proper extractions and they can only be improved after a few more rounds of treatment.

My skin used to have random acne popping out here and there and that causes alot of scarring. Ever since I’ve started my skin treatments here, I find that my skin is less clogged and more radiant looking. It also feels smoother and more supple thanks to the collagen treatment!

You can see that my skin is smoother and more radiant now!

I also see significant improvement on my chin area which used to be soooo clogged!!

For Mel, his face feels less oily as compared to the past and one drastic difference is that his face is so much brighter.

If you’ve remembered, this was his ‘before’ scans:

Which was super dull, clogged and really dirty. I get goosebumps whenever I see this.

This was his most recent scan:

His face doesn’t absorb the collagen as well as mine but it’s now much brighter and less clogged.

Thank you New York Skin Solutions for taking such good care of our faces!!

I cannot stress the importance of facial treatments enough, which I’ve mentioned in my previous post.

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Dec 2 2015

Skincare Routine!

Many people tend to use over-the-counter products and some don’t even know that they are using the wrong types of products on their face. Like me for example.. Previously I was using facial cleanser meant for acne skin. But in fact my skin is not suitable for such products because acne products tend to be drying which causes my skin to become dry on the outside but oily on the inside!

So ever since I’ve started my facial treatments with New York Skin Solutions and found out what are my skin conditions, I’ve also changed my skincare regimen completely. Here’s what I’m currently using:

From left: 2 kinds of cleansers, moisturiser, toner and sunblock

1 of the cleanser is to ensure that makeup is removed completely, while the other is for deep cleansing. I used to use a cleanser day and night but now I’m only using these at night. In the morning I just simply wash my face with water followed by Toner and my moituriser. According to Joanne (my consultant), when we wake up, there are good nutrients left from the products we apply the night before so just washing the face with water is enough.

I really love the moisturiser (mine is for dry skin) because it’s super lightweight, doesn’t feel oily at all and is easily absorbed into the skin. The sunblock is not greasy too compared to others I’ve tried before. And most importantly, it doesn’t feel like it clogs my skin. My skincare routine has become so simple I’m loving it!

Above is Mel’s skincare products that he’s using. His cleanser is the same as mine but he’s using a soothing cream (which acts as a moituriser) and a serum (for oil control)

Previously he was also using products meant for acne skin which drys out his skin and makes it even more oily as well!

I tried this soothing cream and it’s so nice! Has this cooling effect on the face and also very lightweight.

I like that all New York Skin Solution’s products come with a pump dispenser which is more hygienic.

Mel’s skin has become so much brighter after his treatments.. And this was taken after only the 2nd treatment! The other day I looked at him and I was like:”Wa why you suddenly become more handsome” Lolol.

I’ve also skipped putting makeup when I go out to let my skin breathe and recover and also because I’m confident with how my skin looks now. You can still see some scars left from my acne previously but overall my skin is less bumpy and so much less clogged. The other day someone even commented that she thought I had light foundation on when I wasn’t wearing any makeup!

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Oct 25 2015

Singapore Restaurant Week: Salt Tapas & Bar

Singapore Restaurant Week is back again  (23 Oct to 1st Nov 2015) and this is my 2nd time trying!! For those who are unaware, Restaurant week is when you can get 3 course lunch (25++) or dinner ($35++) at top restaurants that are participating! (Do note that there are extra charges for restaurants with the dining star award!)

Reservations were filling up fast and I decided to book a dinner for 2 at Salt Tapas & Bar since we’ve not tried it yet!

Nice ambiance and there were alot of people chilling on a Saturday evening when we were there.

For $35++, here’s what we got:

Assorted bread basket

For the Tapas there was a choice of Bone marrow with shitake duxelle, holland potato.

Or Foie gras mousse with truffle dressing. Which we ordered both to try.

For mains, it comes in a sharing platter and we chose: BBQ pork ribs, that comes with mash potato and pickle + Sirloin with assorted vegs

The ribs was really tender and easy to eat and the sirloin was cooked to perfection like how we wanted it to be! Yummy!

Lastly, there was Chocolate ganche, marshmallow and rhubarb rose tart for desserts.

I’ve a sweet tooth so I really enjoyed the desserts!!

The staffs were really nice and service was good even though the restaurant was reasonable packed! Thanks for making our evening a memorable one. :)

Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan
252 North Bridge Road,
#01-22A Raffles City Shopping Centre


Since we were in the area, we went over to the Singapore River Festival to take a look!

The light show was so pretty!

Ending off the post with my outfit of the day!! Very casual outfit and the weather’s seriously too hot these few days! Loving my top from TVD which I stashed it away in the cupboard for a long time! Why didn’t I wear this sooner!!

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Oct 9 2015

Review: Wasabi Tei!

My brother introduced us to Wasabi Tei at Far East Plaza recently and raved highly about it so we decided to go down one day to try!!

The shop was situated at a really quiet corner and we got lost trying to find it at first. There are 2 Wasabi Tei shops a few stalls away from each other. Both completely different menus: One sells more sashimi, the other sells grilled stuff + makis. The one we went to (with this blue thing) sells the grilled stuff + makis. There’s also some sashmis on the menu too for those who are looking for sashimis.

Interior of the shop reminded me of a typical authentic Japanese stall I saw back in Tokyo. There’s only limited seats (about 15?) and it’s counter-styled. We reached around 6.30pm on a Friday so we could get a seat for 4. But quickly the crowd came in and there were a few queuing outside already.

The price on the menu is already the nett price (no service charge & GST), but there’s also an additional charge of $2 per seat which includes drinks as well.

Place was pretty cramp and all the food came really fast and because there’s so limited seats and because it’s over the counter style of seating, this is not a good place to chill and spend long hours chatting with friends.

Before the main dish was served, we were served this seaweed + meat thing as appetizer I think. Very unique tasting dish and my brother loves this.

My dad’s Sashimi bento (can’t remember the exact name) which comes in assorted Sashimis for only $28.

Meat was really thick and fresh. My brother said it was comparable to those we had in Japan!

My Teriyaki Beef set ($18). Thin slices of perfectly cooked beef and the portion was really generous that I actually finished the rice before the beef! But I woudn’t recommend this dish because this reminded me of the $4 beef bowl I had back in Japan. I mean, the $4 beef bowl was really yummy but I wouldn’t want to pay 5 times the price here to eat something ‘normal’ back in Japan. There are alot of other things on the menu worth trying in my opinion.

Both Mel and my brother order this Unagi set ($20). Didn’t try this but both of them said it was good so I guess it’s really good haha.

Food is of good standard but I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re coming in big groups because of the size. So if you’re in a rush and looking for quality food, this is the place to go!

Wasabi Tei
Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

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