Dec 20 2011

Interesting Cards!

I was digging through my stash of cards (yep I used to buy cards and store them.. for future uses haha) and I found some really interesting and cute ones so I thought to share! With the rise of social media, I can’t remember when was the last time I wrote a card for someone. I used to pen down birthday wishes, etc. for friends through cards/letters. Even though the message is the most important, an interesting card instantly scores bonus points!

Starting with interesting Christmas cards in conjunction with the festive season!

An Advent Calendar Xmas card which I got ermm.. 2 years ago?

An Advent calendar is a special calendar which is used to count or celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Remember Neopets? We used to be able to collect different items a few weeks leading to Christmas!!

Each window reveals something cute behind!

Surprises covered up!

Cute circular Christmas cards. Something different from the conventional rectangular ones.

Comes with very pretty envelopes and stickers as well! Card set from Cotton Candy Friends.

Heart shaped card. Bought erm 3 years ago from a shop at Central Shopping Mall. I don’t think the shop is still there though. (Psst. I’ve 3 of these haha! Kiasu much back then. Good things must buy to keep.)

Opens up to look like this on the inside. So pretty I can’t bear to use it.

Lastly.. My favourite card set from my collection! It’s super duper cute and interesting!

Wondering what it is? You’ll never be able to guess what’s on the inside!

*Dies of cuteness overload.

Contains 8 super cute chicks with individual style to write 8 different messages on the inside.

Would make a really sweet gift for your boyf don’t you think so. 8 different messages in one card. Imagine the suspense opening up the cards…

BUT NO LOH I’M NEVER GOING TO GIVE MY BOYF THIS CARD. You know why. I told him to dig out the very first Christmas card I gave him so I can take pics for this post (It was this really cute birdy xmas design) AND HE TOLD ME HE CAN’T FIND IT and that it’s somewhere in the house. -_- Imagine I give him this super cute card, and one chick goes missing…

Ending off:

My favourite chick designs: XL pampers, sleepy chick and the army chick!

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Dec 15 2011

Xmas Gift Ideas Part II

I lost track of time and just realised yesterday that Christmas’s coming really soon!! :O (And my exam results oh gosh) So I hurriedly edited the photos and got this post up within a day, so I couldn’t do anything fanciful!

I hope this post isn’t too late. I still have many many backlog of posts (hence you see the sudden surge in posts this week!) but no time to get down to doing them. ): Enough blabberings!

I think 2012 Calendars make really good gifts. I’m sure everyone has use for it! This really cute calendar from Cotton Candy Friends will definitely be a great decor calender for your friend’s table!

With spaces big enough to jot down important dates.

Another calendar design. I love this to bits and pieces.

Horizontal slide calendar style that’s very interesting!

Every month comes in beautifully decorated pictorials. Here’s a showcase of some of my favourite months:

Item is also from Cotton Candy Friends. Click HERE to be directed to the item page.

If you’re looking for small handy items, here’s a Koala designed card holder and cute pen! Both items from Cotton Candy Friends.

Looking for nice paper bags to put your candy canes in to give away? Cotton Candy Friends has got really nice gift boxes as well! Comes in gift packs of 8 pretty designs.

Click HERE for the link for the gift pack.

Every girl loves pretty accessories! Hop over to MYnt for pretty handmade trinkets which would make great Christmas gifts as well! (:

Lastly, you can always source around for pretty Christmas related items like Christmas tree handphone straps/necklaces! I think Christmas ornaments are really pretty even though they are a one season kind of thing!

Handmade coloured glass christmas tree handphone strap.

Handmade coloured glass white christmas tree handphone strap.

The 2 items above are made of coloured glass (personally blown and sculpted by this shop lady) and bought a few years back.

Anyway, I’ll be doing a Christmas giveaway really soon! Will be giving some of the items you see above, so look out for it! (:

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Oct 28 2011

All things cute: Cotton Candy Friends

I’m gonna introduce the stuffs I’ve gotten from Cotton Candy Friends awhile back! For those who don’t know, Cotton Candy Friends is actually an online store retailing very cute Korean stationery! I love everything about this site from their website design (super cute and pretty!) to the items they have! If you love cute and girly things, read on!

Stuffs I’ve received.

I love it when I receive small little notes like this. Seems more personal!

Decided to do up a lookbook style for the pictures.
Photography credits to Papaya Shampoo!

I love how pretty the interior of this photo album is! Really perfect for scrapbooking. The pages already have pretty backgrounds so you don’t have to spend more money on scrapbooking paper. Comes with 3 sets of colourful stickers as well to secure your photos. (The sticker set with the graphics in the last picture is not included. Sticker set sold separately on Cotton Candy Friends!)

Here’s the direct link for more pictures of the album:

I fell in love with the pretty leather material, and unique style of this bookmark. Workmanship is simply fab! See the pretty stitching at the side? And how often do you see bookmarks that’s slotted at the edge of the pages, it’s so so unique! Comes in a set of 4 and I can’t decide which is my favourite colour! Love them all.

More pictures of the bookmark HERE

Every girl loves dressing up their iphones. I love the feel of this case in my hand! Material’s of really good quality silicon that’s bendable and sturdy at the same time. Very comfortable! Thick enough to protect your phone as well. (Much thicker and better quality than those cheapo silicon cases you see outside, I’m impressed!) I like how the casing’s plain yet sleek enough to be eye-catching. Plus the pink’s so so girly! I topped it up with a ribbon ear cap to add to the cutesey look of the phone and green complements the pink so well don’t you think so. Seeing my phone makes me feel happy now!

Iphone Casing can be found HERE
Ribbon Ear Cap can be found HERE

Comes in more colours for both items!

This pencil case is the cutest thing ever!! Totally perks me up whenever I go through a boring lesson. Comes with pretty polka dots velvet buttons that add to the whole look of the casing. I like how the case does not take up much space in the bag, yet roomy enough to fit all of my stationery. (Psst. Cotton Candy Friends carries the pencil set you see in the pics as well! Mad cute.)

Here’s the link for the bunny case:

Visit Cotton Candy Friends for more overload of cute stuffs!!

They’re getting ready for Christmas already, so you can start shopping early for your Christmas gifts there too! Wide variety of selection. (Plus I’m sure your girlfriends will love cute stuffs! Every girl does!!)

P.S. ‘Like’ them on their FB Page as well for sneak previews and exclusive facebook fan discounts. (very good discounts every now and then!)

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Jan 25 2011

Cotton Candy Friends loveee!

Remember my Cotton Candy Friends loots?

Finally I’ve dug out some time to write a review on the organiser which I’ve gotten!!

For busy and forgetful people (like me), an organiser comes in really handy for you to jot down plans for the day. I love organiser because apart from making me feel more organised, I’m someone who likes to jot down random lyrics/thoughts in a small personal book.

Some things I look out for when I’m choosing my organisers are:
1) Portability!
Definitely you would want something small and handy to bring around, or else you might end up chucking it at home and it defeats the purpose!

2) Design
Very superficial creatures girls are. But since an organiser’s something you’ve to look at everyday, getting something that’s pleasant to the eye is definitely a good thing!! I particularly love cute organisers cos it makes me feel so happy looking at it! (Equates to writing in it more often)

3) Material
Ermm. By material I mean hardcover/softcover, etc. Of course hardcovers are much preferred due to durability and you can just throw them around (but might be heavy), but those with plastic wrappings are fine too!

Of all the points above, this organiser by Cottoncandy fits all my criteria!!! Apart from being small, cute and comes with a plastic cover, it also comes with customisable options to make your organiser a unique one.

Comes with little cards for different months.

Pocket slot for you to slot in the cards depending on which month it is.

And if you don’t want to put the month at the front of your organiser, this diary set also comes with cute pictures for you to mix and match! Maybe according to your mood or you can even print a picture of this size and put it there. See so personalised I likey!

It also comes with a second slot at the front, as well as more cards for you to personalise.

And if you’re wondering where to put all the leftover cards, there’s a slot at the back of the organiser for you to slot everything in!! How convenient and thoughtful of them right lol.

What’s more, this organiser also comes with cute bookmarks for you to mark important pages!!

All so nice loh.

And amongst the loots, I’d like to share the cute stickers I’ve gotten as well!!

I bought these stickers for my schedular. Read previous post HERE
And since my schedular’s Snow White themed, I decided to get animals/forest related stickers to decorate and match my schedular! Teeheee.

And here’s how to make full use of the stickers in case you’ve no idea where to use them!! Used to think that stickers were such a waste of moolahs but noooo, you can use them to decorate almost anything. (Like even your organisers)

Half completed for the month.

Yesss today’s 25th and I’m back to school already boohoo. Survived 2 8.30am lectures today and yesterday! *pats on back*

So anyway, if you like the organiser I’ve mention above, Catherine from Cotton Candy Friends was very kind to sponsor 4 of the above organisers for TWB’s customers!! (2 of each colour: Lilac & Coral) Wheee! I love securing giveaways that I love myself for my customers. (: (:

And yesss we’re finally launching!
With another of our self-manufactured item just in time for CNY!

Floral Rhapsody One Shoulder Dress!
Only in 1 print and colour.
Good for CNY and still very wearable even after CNY!
Love love love the floral prints so pwetty please!

So yep, the organiser giveaway would be in conjunction with this launch. Stay tune for more details in the launch itself!! Launch would be up either tomorrow (Wed) or Thursday. Look out for the mailers for more info!!

In the meantime, head down to

for some stationeries shopping!!

(NOTE: Cotton Candy Friend’s undergoing upgrading and new items will be up this Friday 28th Jan!!)

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