Feb 26 2012

Diva Accessories Haul + Giveaway!!

The other day I was going for facial, and thinking that I was still early, I happily went into Diva to “take a look”. And I ended up coming out of the shop with 6 items!! :O :O Rule of thumb: Never ever shop alone if you don’t want to end up spending every single amount you have in your wallet. When you have nobody to seek second opinions with, you end up with lots of impulse buys.

So they were having this 2 for $15 rack, and I ended up choosing $45 worth of items.

Really pretty butterfly ring of silver and gold and blings!!

Feather necklace that’s not very photogenic. Looks like a clump of mess here but it’s really pretty IRL!

My favourite of the lot! Super intricate heart-shaped necklace that looks like it’s worth more than what I’ve paid!

Simple leaf design ring.

Btw, I took these photos in school while waiting for T after class. Was standing in the middle of nowhere like an idiot armed with my camera and accessories. Under the hot sun. (Oh now I know why I became so tanned. Boooo.) So if you were one of those that walked past and wondering what on earth I was doing…. Yeah you know the answer now haha. All for the sake of nice pictures.

Oh btw, if your fingers are really small and even the smallest size seem to be too loose, Diva actually has this “Ring Snuggies” that’s complementary to help to make the ring tighter on your finger. (Only 1 will be given per transaction no matter how many rings you buy)

Butterfly ring under the sunlight.

Anyway, notice how this collection items are all muted gold coloured! Obsession with gold stuffs nowadays!!

So anyway, when I was in the shop at Diva, I decided to grab 2 similar items of what I’ve gotten for myself to giveaway to my readers!

And I’ll be giving away the Butterfly Ring and Heart-Shaped Necklace to TWO lucky winners! Please indicate choice of preference okay! I like both items a lot actually so I really don’t know how to choose if I were you haha!

To Participate in the Giveaway, leave a comment under this post in the following format:

Choice of Preference (Butterfly Ring OR Heart-Shaped Necklace):
Comments (if any):

Please leave only one comment. Giveaway would last for 5 days from today! (Close on 2nd Mar, Friday, 2359hrs) Only opened to those based in Singapore. All comments would be screened to protect email privacy. (No comments will be shown in the comment area! Only visible to me, so don’t worry if you can’t see your comment. It has been taken in after you’ve received the ‘Comment successfully posted’ update!)

Hope you like the giveaway and good luck everyone! (:

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Oct 26 2011

Random day @ Orchard

Hello all! A few weeks back Timothy and I made an impromptu trip down to town cos I wanted to check out Urban Decay’s new Book of Shadows IV launched at Sephora!! Was a really really sudden and random that went something like:

Me: Eh Urban Decay just launched a new palette and it looks damn nice eh.
T: Really ah. You want go check it out?
Me: Huh really… I’m afraid I’ll waste my money on impulse buys eh. But it’s so pretty and it’s limited edition!!
(*Stares at picture for 5mins*)
Me: Okay let’s go down. Leave now okay!!

I was early and I went to take a look at the palette first.

It’s HUGE! Didn’t expect it to be so big. Much bigger than the Naked Palette and even the previous Alice in Wonderland set.

16 colours, including 10 new shades.

Make a guess if I bought the palette….
Okay no price for the right answer cos I posted my buy on Twitter already!

The main reason that prompted me to buy was actually…

The freebies that came along when you purchase $120 and above of UD stuffs!! The palette cost $92 if I remembered correctly, so I just had to top up a little to reach that amount. What’s great about the freebie pack is that it’s all UD items, so it’s really worth! Even my practical don’t-waste-money-on-unnecessary-things boyfriend gave the green light to buying hahaha!

The items that came along!! Makeup remover, lipgloss, eye primer potion, makeup spray and cheek stain!

Whee. New toy!

And that day, I stepped into H&M for the first time. Wanted to find if there’s any suitable formal wear for my bro’s secondary grad night. If not I wouldn’t even want to squeeze with the crowd.

Love the items on the Mannequin. Esp the burnt orange skater dress!

Fashion. Never. Sleeps.

In the end we came out empty handed. Their formal wear is not worth in my opinion. At that price I rather buy from G2000. Better quality at the same price!

Dinner @ Long John’s!! One of my fave fast food.

Their cheese is a must-order! Super good I tell you.

My sweet boy who came down all the way with me to buy my stuffs. <3

And ending off with what I wore that day. I think the red cardi from TVD is so so easy to throw over almost any outfit! A good change to my usual boring dark coloured cardis. I tied the cardi into a knot instead of letting it loose. Well, you can have 2 different looks with this cardigan, I like!

Btw, just sharing something from Gloria Jean’s Coffee cos I love Gloria Jean’s!!

Gloria Jean’s Coffee is having a grand opening of their newest outlet at Plaza Singapura this coming Sat (29th Oct). And they’ll be holding a grand opening charity fund raiser ‘Cappuccino for a Cause’ on that day from 12 pm to 7p.m, and 100% of the proceeds made from Cappuccinos that day will go to Grace Haven Home. The Public is welcome to support the event through purchases at the new outlet! (‘Cappuccino for a Cause’ is also being held through Gloria Jean’s Coffees stores nationwide)

Local celebrities such Adrian Pang, Nat Ho, Jo Soh, Linda Black, Cale Chew, Rebecca Tan, Nicole Chen and Steven Chia have kindly set aside their time for the event to make their very own latte art. Plus live jazz performance by guest jazz crooner Dawn Ho! Each cup of Cappuccino served by the celebrity baristas will be going for $10. There will be a silent auction at the end of the event with memorabilia donated by celebrities such as a limited edition Hansel Tee Shirt, autographed copy of Gone Case by local writer Dave Chua and artworks by Cale Chew.

I might be going down for the event in the afternoon from 12-3pm but I’ll see how cos I’m swarmed with projects which are due next week!!! ):

Details for the charity fund raiser:

Date: 29th October 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 12-7pm
Venue: Gloria Jean’s Coffee, #05 -20 Plaza Singapura

If you happen to be in that area that day, do pop by to take a look! (: And say hi if you do see me! (:

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