Sep 23 2013

Event: Phyto Paris – World’s 1st Hair Loss Treatment Made for Woman

I was invited to a cosy lunch event by the kind people at Phyto to understand more about our hair! Our hair is more complex than it seems and statistics have shown that as many as 45% of all women experience hair loss and thinning at certain stages in life. The most common causes includes hormonal changes, diet deficiency or iron and protein, stress, pollution, use of unsuitable hair products, etc.

Losing about 50 hair strands daily is part of the regular functioning of our scalp and the life cycle of our hair. Beyond that, hair loss is considered excessive. Women’s hair loss pattern is identified with increased thinning all over the scalp with noticeable reduced hair density along the frontal hairline and crown of the scalp.

Phyto Phytolium, Phyto Phytocyane – Both shampoos are for thinning hair.

Phyto is a actually a pioneer in merging active plant botanicals with modern science, to restore the hair back to its healthiest condition. The Phyto formulas are founded on the combination of almost 500 active ingredients and contain over 95% natural and botanical origin ingredients.

Phyto actually has a really wide range of shampoos (I think about 19?) to suit different types of hair condition and needs (like thinning, lifeless hair.)

Apart from daily essentials like shampoos, scalp treatments are equally important to help restore your hair!

Under the Phytocyane range, there’s a Phytocyane Revitalizing Thinning Hair Treamtment to help regenerate and strengthen the hair bulb, trigger hair regrowth, delay the onset of greying hair and give hydration and volume to the hair for a natural shine.

For chronic and severe thinning hair, there’s Phytolium 4 which helps stimulate existing hair and protect future hair.

Comes in a small bottle like this to apply to the scalp.

I like how the treatment range actually comes with this nozzle for precise application to the scalp to avoid any wastage.

We also had our scalp examined with this little machine!

Applying the Phytopolleine on my scalp.

Here’s the before and after photos. Look at how disgustingly clogged my scalp was prior to applying the product. The Phytopolleine is a pre-shampoo treatment which helps to cleanse, normalize and enhance hair and scalp.

Apart from the informative session, we were served really good lunch!! Been such a long time since we had proper lunch during events… Lunch was at LE Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar @ Suntec City.

Their signature Dirty Duck which reminded me abit of Peking Duck but it’s a little different. This was SO good!!!

Cream of Bak Kut Teh.
So good too! Love the bacon at the side.

Grilled Spare Ribs with Honey Pepper Sauce.

Crispy Crystal Prawn with Wasabi Mayo Sauce.
The prawns were really big and juicy!

Stir-fried Asparagus with Wild Fungus.

Ended off with dessert of our choice! Basically everything was really good! Would love to dine there again soon!!

LE Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar
Suntec City Mall #02-314
3 Temasek Boulevard

Thanks Phyto for the wonderful event + food! I’ve been using Phyto products since then and I love them!! Phyto is available at all Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by Nature Stores and selected stores at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Metro and Unity.

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Jul 31 2013

Shoutout: Jean Yip Style of the Month Contest!

Here’s a quick shout-out about this campaign by Jean Yip!! If you’ve read my post on My New Perm by Jean Yip, here’s how to win a Jean Yip’s hairdressing service vouchers for yourself to do similar treatments like mine!!

For the period of July-Sept, Jean Yip will be having a Facebook contest!

All you have to do is to:

Good luck!!! (:

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May 7 2013

Review: ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Range!

Did you know that our hair is susceptible to alot of damage when exposed to harmful UV rays? That’s why it’s really important to treat hair damage to leave it soft and healthy!

Achieving beautiful hair that lasts all day is just a step away with the New ASIENCE Leave-On Hair Treatment range. Containing ASIENCE’s exclusive Beauty Essences (Lotus Flower, Camellia Oil, Pearl and Shell Ginger Leaf), the range provides intensive repair and moisturises hair from within.

The ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Water: For Tangled and Untamed Hair.

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Milk: For dry and frizzy hair

ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment Oil: For Severely Dry and Damaged Hair

So this is my hair before using anything. Really messy and dry!

Here’s a picture after using the ASIENCE Treatment Milk! I also added abit of the treatment oil to the ends of the hair where it needs more care. Instantly moisturised and neater looking.

I love how the Treatment Milk is not oily or greasy at all and it’s really important to get a treatment product that’s not too heavy to avoid weighing your hair down. And at the same time, you’ll need something that’s hydrating and I really like this treatment milk!!

The ASIENCE Leave-On Treatment range retails at $14.90 and is already available at selected hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies! (:

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Feb 12 2013

CNY Hair!

About a week before Lunar New Year, I visited Shunji Matsuo @ 313 to get my hair done for the new year!

Chose to do highlights cos I’ve always like two/multiple tones in the hair. Told Eddie (my stylist) that I wanted something natural looking so he gave me a darker brown + lighter brown highlights in small streaks.

Hahaha people always look ridiculous when doing chemical treatments on their hair.

And this is how the final result look like!!! Very subtle hair highlights, I love! The lighter brown patch is from bleaching the other time.

Went back the salon about a week later to do hair treatment + asked to add in one more highlight colour!

My first time doing red!!! Very festive for CNY haha. It’s actually not that red as seen in the colouring when you dye it on brown hair.

My stylist did for me the CareTrico Hair Treatment to nourish and moisturise the hair and smooths it! It’s a 3 step treatment which took about 30-40mins.

Healthy hair ends again!! And see how pretty my red highlights are!! It actually turned out a little like rose colour more than burgundy red which I actually like.

Also got my hair trimmed. Before I did my hair at Shunji Matsuo @ 313, I was always fearful of hair cuts cos my hair always ends up over-layered and goes out of shape really quickly when I tried other salons. But ever since I’m with Shunji, I always trust Eddie to cut my hair!! I’ll just need to tell him the length I want and he’ll just work his magic, and my hair will just stay in shape for a long long time.

Another look at my hair colour! It’s now in 3 tones – dark brown, lighter brown and red! Love it!

Eddie did for me a braided hairstyle before I left. I love braids!

The red is actually quite subtle in room lighting and more vibrant under sunlight.

For those who are wondering about the prices, here’s Shunji Matsuo @ 313 price list which I koped from their FB page for your easy reference:

Quote my name (Felicia Neo, Blogger) for 10% discount off all chemical treatments! (Colour, perm, rebond. I think including hair treatments too, do check with them!) My regular stylist is Eddie (Master Stylist). Do call for appointments cos they’re always so full when I visit!

Shunji Matsuo @ 313
313 Orchard Road
#03-26, 313 @somerset
Tel: 6238 0226

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