Sep 27 2015

Shang Pin Hot Pot (尚品火锅)

Tried Shang Pin Hot Pot (尚品火锅) for dinner yesterday with the usual gang! Qin read reviews online and read that it’s similar to Hai Di Lao but cheaper. So we went to try try.

Located conveniently at just a 5mins walk from Douby Ghaut MRT. We made reservations for the 8pm slot. Had to wait abit to get in. No free manicures la hahah.

Super alot of sauces. Sauces were at $3++ per person. Free flow drinks at $2++.

We got the 3 soup base style (Tomato, chicken and Ma La in the centre). This combination cost $16.

Fried fish skin ($6).

Chicken + Mushroom Meatballs.

Veg platter ($12 I think).

Premium beef slices (I think it was about $12-14?).

Kungfu Noodle ($3). The taste was so good!! But erm, if you’re sharing it among 6pax, be prepared to just eat a like 2 strands each lolol.

We ordered a mountain load of stuff (more not shown here) machiam like it’s free lol. Price was around $4-$16 and serving was reasonably big. Meat quality was good and I love the tomato soup base!! And the chicken meat, beef and black pork slices were so good too! Service was really good too. The staffs were prompt and attentive and full of smiles even though it was already late at night already!

I haven’t eaten at Hai Di Lao before but my friends who tried it before said that the price here is cheaper + taste is comparable. Also heard that Shang Pin Hot Pot is managed by ex-Hai Di Lao members that’s why the concept is so similar, not sure how true that is!

Feeling hungry looking at all the food now.

Total bill came up to $38 per person (6pax) after including all the misc items. Was pretty okay considering we ordered SO MUCH items!

We ate all the way till 10pm and we were the last customer already (on a Saturday night). I’m not sure what time they’re closed but my friend mentioned 12am? Saw another website that said 3am.. Better to call and ask!

Shang Pin Hot Pot address:
9 Bras Basah Road
#02-02 Rendezvous Gallery
Singapore 189559
Tel: +65 6238 7666

Before that, we went to the new Temasek Club @ Rifle Range Road for free bowling woohoo! (No more liao, today was the last day)

The road in was sooo ulu.

Mel: Wa this place nice leh. Can come another day to walk.
Me: Huh but we’re already walking.

Me to Mel: EH let’s do the hold hand shot.

Didn’t get to perfect the shot cos halfway when we were walking, this car pulled over, doors opened and whisked us in. Hahaha turned out that Roy Qin and Janice were in the Grabcar.

Played so many rounds until I’m sian of bowling.

Explore the compounds! Was so new that there was nothing there. Please don’t visit till their official opening!!

Looks like a nice place for kids to play.

The long winding route out…

Eventful Saturday!! We’re so used to meeting every week that after not meeting for 2 weeks it felt that we haven’t met for super long lolol.

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Feb 1 2015

1st post of 2015

It’s kind of sad that one entire month has already passed and I’m only at my first post of 2015… :( :( Anyway, just a quick update before I disapper again (hopefully not for long!!)

Visited a Korean restaurant near Amoy Street with some colleagues after work just last week.

 I think side dishes are the highlight of Korean cuisine.. But I only like 2 out of xx dishes.

 Army Stew. The soup’s really nice and according to my colleague, this is filled with all the sinful meat (hotdog, bacon, etc) all in 1 pot.

Love the seafood pancake! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! The serving was really huge as well.

Topokki. I skipped this dish cos I’m not a fan of the sauce. But according to my colleagues it’s really well-prepared.

 Some beef glass noodles. Love it!

I was really looking forward to the BBQ meat. I love meat, I can’t do without meat.

Love the fluffy egg that’s cooked at the sides while the meat is cooking as well. We ordered 3 different kinds of meat to share.

 50% Soju, 50% beer.
Cheers to a good working year ahead.

After dinner, we walked down to Chinatown to get our dessert fix.

 After that, we headed down to Chinatown for our dessert fix.

 Ordered a Mango & Green Tea shaved ice to share.

 Here’s a tip: Eat the Green Tea first before eating the Mango because everything tastes blend after the sweet Mango.

Okay end of the food porn… Typing this at 12am and I’m really hungry. :/

So 1 month just flew by like that… So many things to catch up on, but new things keep piling on. :( I realised one bad habit of mine is that I tend to worry alot. And it’s really bad because the things I worry about are actually not fully within my control. I need to relax and tell myself that whatever will be will be, and worrying doesn’t change anything! *Breathe x5*

Feb is going to be another busy month.. I’ll be flying to Thailand (business + leisure) in 2 weeks time and after that it’s CNY already!! And I still haven’t shopped for my CNY clothes and I’m still not done with my spring cleaning and I think my parents wouldn’t be too happy with that. *panic mood*

Speaking of spring cleaning, I’ve already thrown away bags and bags of stuff, but my room still looks like it’s in the same state as before (which is super crowded), how is that even possible???

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Nov 1 2013

The Ship Restaurant & Bar.

Met up with a dear secondary school friend (of 10 years) after work for dinner the other day! Even though I’m usually quite tired after work, I find it a joy to meet up with random people to catch up on life… Seems a good break to a mundane work week. We settled for dinner at The Ship at Nex. I’ve passed by the place a few times but never tried it before. The restaurant was done up pretty nicely and had a nautical theme to it!

They serve pretty value for money set meals for dinner starting from $19.90 comprising of the Soup of the Day, Main Course, Dessert of the Day, and Tea or Coffee (which we changed to Ice Lemon Tea).

The Soup of the Day was pretty tasty and comes with butter bread.

Both of us chose the Grilled Seabass with Mushroom Sauce ($21.90++) which is served with vegetables, potatoes and chicken karaage. Portion is quite filling with all the sides and you get a balanced meal of your vegs and meat. But both of us thought that the chicken karaage was abit out of place with the entire dish.

Ended off our meal with Tiramisu!

Sometimes I just rush out of the house to work without any makeup and that day was one of those days. If I could, I prefer letting my skin rest but sometimes you need makeup to help brighten up your dull complexion and conceal those eye bags due to all the stress at work.

Anyway, I would say that The Ship is worth trying and is pretty value for money for the amount of things you get!

The Ship Restaurant & Bar
23 Serangoon Central, Nex

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Aug 30 2013

Happy Birthday Char!!!

It’s Charlene’s birthday today and I thought of dedicating a post to her because well, she deserves one. (:

I’ve always found it amazing how we were both in the same Primary, Secondary schools but we only knew each other during JC days when she transferred over to my class. (And subsequently we were both in NTU too, so technically we were in the same schools all our lives) And since then we hit off really well and bonded through slacking during PE lessons (we were both exempted) and me accompanying her to brush her teeth during recess after meals.

I like how comfortable I feel around Char, where I don’t have to care what I’m wearing or if I’m eating unglamly cos I know she wouldn’t judge me (Though she would remind me to act like a lady in public). She’s also someone I really enjoy talking to and can speak my mind without being afraid I’d say the wrong things. And I like how she isn’t afraid to point out to me if a particular outfit of mine is mismatched or my makeup is horrible that day.. So you know, I won’t make the same mistake again. (I see people on social media commenting on how pretty everything is and sometimes I wonder if they really mean it or just for the sake of saying?)

I’m glad that we still keep in contact and meet up every now and then for events!! I’m feeling quite emotional thinking about how I’m so glad to have a friend like you in my life. I know that I’ll always have you to go to when I’m down and need a listening ear and you’ll take me in when I quarrel with my husband late at night next time (which I hope will never happen). And you can always count on me to beat M up if he bullies you!!

& I’m sure you’ll do well in your job cos you’re so smart and have nice handwriting.

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