Oct 9 2015

Review: Wasabi Tei!

My brother introduced us to Wasabi Tei at Far East Plaza recently and raved highly about it so we decided to go down one day to try!!

The shop was situated at a really quiet corner and we got lost trying to find it at first. There are 2 Wasabi Tei shops a few stalls away from each other. Both completely different menus: One sells more sashimi, the other sells grilled stuff + makis. The one we went to (with this blue thing) sells the grilled stuff + makis. There’s also some sashmis on the menu too for those who are looking for sashimis.

Interior of the shop reminded me of a typical authentic Japanese stall I saw back in Tokyo. There’s only limited seats (about 15?) and it’s counter-styled. We reached around 6.30pm on a Friday so we could get a seat for 4. But quickly the crowd came in and there were a few queuing outside already.

The price on the menu is already the nett price (no service charge & GST), but there’s also an additional charge of $2 per seat which includes drinks as well.

Place was pretty cramp and all the food came really fast and because there’s so limited seats and because it’s over the counter style of seating, this is not a good place to chill and spend long hours chatting with friends.

Before the main dish was served, we were served this seaweed + meat thing as appetizer I think. Very unique tasting dish and my brother loves this.

My dad’s Sashimi bento (can’t remember the exact name) which comes in assorted Sashimis for only $28.

Meat was really thick and fresh. My brother said it was comparable to those we had in Japan!

My Teriyaki Beef set ($18). Thin slices of perfectly cooked beef and the portion was really generous that I actually finished the rice before the beef! But I woudn’t recommend this dish because this reminded me of the $4 beef bowl I had back in Japan. I mean, the $4 beef bowl was really yummy but I wouldn’t want to pay 5 times the price here to eat something ‘normal’ back in Japan. There are alot of other things on the menu worth trying in my opinion.

Both Mel and my brother order this Unagi set ($20). Didn’t try this but both of them said it was good so I guess it’s really good haha.

Food is of good standard but I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re coming in big groups because of the size. So if you’re in a rush and looking for quality food, this is the place to go!

Wasabi Tei
Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

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Oct 4 2015

D’Resort @ Downtown East!

Had a staycation at the new D’Resort at Downtown East awhile back for Ger’s 24th birthday so here’s a review on it!

It was super new when we first visited the place as it was just newly renovated. Some parts were not even finished.

If you remember the old Costa Sands Resorts, you would know that the entrance is nearer to Downtown East. But now D’Resort is actually much further inside, where the old Escape Theme Parks sits.

When we reached there, it was like we were transported to a different place. The newly revamped place was really impressive and nice!

We got the area at the park view I think.

The rooms look really classy, like hotel room, just that it was actually a chalet. And this is the chalet style rooms already, they still have hotel style rooms for those who are seeking a hotel staycation alternative. Even the bathroom was really nice!

This is the drop-off point to the hotel style rooms I think. If I didn’t tell you this is actually downtown east, I think you’d have thought that it was really some hotel!! And you actually need to have card access to access the top floors so you don’t have to worry about noisy kids accessing your room floors.

Food catering for the birthday party!

Derek also brought the Instax camera to play with!

With the cousins!

Was a very small cosy party with the relatives + her poly friends. Maybe the only downside of this chalet is that there were only 2 beds and could only sleep 5 people comfortably unlike the old chalets where there were pull-out beds at the bottom. The table is not provided btw. We brought our own mahjong table.

And my first staycation with Mel!

There are also family suites at D’Resort and the designs are soooo cute!! Here’s one of my fave:

Credits to littledayout.com! You can view more of the room types on this blog!

The newly revamped 387-room resort by NTUC Club has nine different room types catering to different budgets and occasions. For more information on D’Resort, visit their official website:

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May 18 2015

Last friday.

Random update of last Friday in photos!

Previous day we were happily shopping on Gobbler and our stuffs were delivered the next day!!

Stocking up my snacks supply in the office hahah. My colleagues all say I can open Mama shop liao.

They have new items on the e-store! Bought tons of nuts to try out.

And this mixed nuts is like only $0.80 for a pack?? Just buy!!

Selfie because I hardly put makeup in the office, and only because I had to head down to an event after work!

The chaos when I left the office. Carnival Sale started at 5pm. Was tempted to go shop but didn’t want to squeeze with the crowd. Was too crazy! Took me like 5mins to cross the road too because the cars just kept coming.

Met Ger and the gang for dinner after my event! We were on some really funny topic and we laughed till my stomach ached. My happy pills

Ending the post with my OOTD hahaha.

Woohoo and I can’t wait for the next weekend already when it’s only Monday zzz.

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Mar 8 2015

CNY 2015

Hahaha figured I should document about my lunar/chinese new year before I get too caught up with life again…. *Sighs*

CNY this year is like any other year… Visiting, eat, play cards, talk… Which is really fun to me because I get to be in the company of people I enjoy being with. And it’s the time of the year when I can find tidbits in my house when I have those random urge to snack hahaha.

CNY is also the period where you can dress outrageously and nobody will judge you (I think). But this year I actually didn’t plan my outfits way in advance because I was too busy to even think about it. What made thing worse is that 2 days before CNY, I was down with food poisoning after coming back from Thailand…. :/ But thankfully I felt better to enjoy my holiday!

Day 1:

Day 1 outfit:
Top from some blogshop, skirt from BKK

Hahaha I actually just decided on this outfit like on the actual day…

Just going to spam photos because they’re self-explanatory. All of the photos (except the first) are from my iPhone6. It’s good enough that I don’t feel the urge to use my digital camera anymore!

With my mum.

With Ger and her meh meh which she bought from Taobao just for CNY!! So cute right!

My younger brother (people says that he’s older than me. Thank you thank you)

While waiting for the bus (which took like 20mins to arrive), we took lots and lots of photos. And this is what guys do for the girls…
1) Help to take photos 2) Double up as bags hanger lolol

Oh yes, this year’s CNY was a little different because my cousins gave birth and we had little kids to play with!

With Baby Jerelle!

And this is what I look forward to ever year… Yummy yummy steamboat that my aunt prepares!!!

Day 2:
Our yearly tradition on day 2 of CNY is to go for a nice lunch with all my relatives from my mum’s side. This year, we went to Jumbo @ NSRCC

We also have themes we agree to wear every year and this year it’s midi skirts hahaha. Midis don’t really flatter me but okay la once a year only la!

The one common phrase you’ll keep hearing is “HUAT AH” x10000

My precious little cousin who’s now ‘disturbing’ us on Whatsapp every now and then with a humour that I don’t really understand…. Hahaha. And kids nowadays are really lucky! I only got my first mobile phone when I was 11 (and it wasn’t a smartphone).

“Come let’s take a selfie”

I feel really old around them… But then again they make me feel young haha.

And these were taken when we’re walking…

Such a precious photo.

Back to my house for mahjong after that and this is one of the crazy things we do (shared with Pris & Ger)…… Hahaha. We did win for this round btw!

Ending off the post with this ultra cute sheep! Wishing everyone good health and best of luck in the year of the goat! :)

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