Jun 12 2013

Gumtree Singapore.

When buying things like gadgets/electronics, I like to go online forums to search for second hand items because they’re usually much cheaper than retail and you can actually find good deals around if you bother to hunt.

One site that has a great variety of items that you can browse on is Gumtree! I discovered this site when I was looking around for guinea pigs last time lol. But of course they have other categories like Clothes and Accessories, Cameras, TVs, basically anything and everything!

It’s essentially a platform to connect sellers and buyers so if you’ve something you want to buy, you can visit the site and use the search function to see if you’re lucky enough to get a good deal! I was actually looking for a Fathers’ Day gift and I thought of getting a watch for my Dad.

Btw, watches drop ALOT in value (Approx 50% for most watches except for Rolex which drops about 10-20%) if you buy them brand new, so of course a more cost effective way is to get them second hand and that’s what alot of people who play watches do. After all you can just change the straps and they’ll be good as new already!

This page shows a whole list of search results for you to browse through and take your pick. On the right hand side you can actually see easily the prices of the items so you can filter them out according to your budget. Not only that, you can also view the location of the seller (like which part of Singapore they’re in) so you can decide if it’s too inconvenient to purchase the item. But don’t worry, some sellers are open to meeting at a convenient place if you’re really keen in buying!

After hunting, I found this Seiko model that I find suitable and the price was right.

To contact the seller, simply use the email contact form at the side and send a message to the seller! Usually I’ll include my HP number for quick transactions.

And indeed this was a really quick transaction! Contacted the seller on Monday, met up on Tuesday and I got the item already! The item was like brand new so happy with my purchase! And I managed to get a slight discount of $10 lolol. Tip when buying things online: Always ask the seller for their best price because usually they’ll put a price that makes room for any bargains.

Comes with the original box and papers too. When buying items online, always make sure that it comes with authentications to prevent buying fake products!

Apart from the bracelet, it comes with a rubber strap too.

Can you tell that this is second hand if I didn’t say?? So good condition! Oh, speaking about the condition of the item, another tip is to always check the condition of the item thoroughly on the spot before buying!

Visit Gumtree Singapore if you’ve something in mind to purchase!! The site is very user-friendly which I really like too. I’m recently on a look out for second hand stationary exercise bike to exercise at home! Brand new ones cost so much!

Of course, other than buying items, you can also put up free ads on gumtree to sell your items!! From now till 30 June, Gumtree is having a Gumtree Fashion Month and they’re giving you a chance to win $600 worth of shopping vouchers during the Great Singapore Sale! All you have to do is sell any clothes or accessories on Gumtree. The higher the number of ad postings, the greater the reward! Click HERE for more details!


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Jun 7 2013

Best Buy World Singapore!

Here to review on items that I’ve gotten from Best Buy World Singapore!

For those who don’t know, Best Buy World is a Singapore-based online shopping website that was established in 2007. Their aim to provide a safe and convenient e-commerce environment for Singaporeans who love shopping and hunting for bargains online.

They provide newest beauty products, latest trends and bestselling authentic items from renowned brands from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted prices!

The company also sells an extensive variety of products, ranging from Cosmetics, Fragrances, Bags, Pouches, Gift Ideas & Palettes, Accessories, Health Care & etc.”

Currently, Best Buy World has other branches in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong too!

The few items which I’ve picked from the site, mainly items from Benefit and Laneige! Most of the items are in sample sized (with the exception of the blusher if I’m not wrong). One thing I like about Best Buy World is that you can get items in sample sized so as to test out the items before deciding if you want to get the full sized ones!

Laneige items: Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss LR107 Veil Rose (3.0g), Love In Bloom Sculpting Blusher

Love the intricate pressed design and that it comes with a bronzer + blush + highlighter all in a set!

Comes with a brush as well!

Brush is shaped in a way that it’s easy to hold + applies the blush nicely on the cheeks and you can also use the tip for contouring.

The lip gloss is so small and cute! Won’t take up too much space in your makeup pouch to bring out.

Benefit items!

Love the packaging of this cute little Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter For Face (2.5g)!

Item is retractable and you can glide it easily on your nose bridge, cheeks or under the brow bone for instant highlighting effects! But be really cautious about dabbing too much product on your face cos it’ll appear a little oily and too shiny!! Just a little is enough.

This They’re Real! Mascara provides really good lengthening effects and adds abit of volume as well. I would say that it provides better length than volume!

As the name suggests, the That Gal – Brightening Face Primer comes in a pinkish hue that is known to help brighten up your complexion! On days when I just want to go out with minimal makeup, I’ll just apply the primer for that healthy glow.

Using the Watt’s Up! Highlighter, I’ll highlight my nose bridge + cheeks to give more definition to the face. I actually prefer highlighting to using bronzers because sometimes too much bronzer might make your face look dirty. Highlights are more subtle and easier to manage for those who aren’t familiar with contouring! (:

Lastly, I’ll add abit of blush to add more colours to the cheeks! The colour of the blush is actually very subtle hence you might need to add more layers for the colour to show up. But I think this is more suitable if you’re looking for a natural and barely there kind of look.

And of course, line your eyes with a brown eyeliner, 1 or 2 coats of mascara, not forgetting lipgloss to keep your lips hydrated and you’re good to go. (:

Btw, I’m sure everyone is very cautious about buying makeup products online due to concerns over whether they are genuine. Not to worry! Best Buy World’s products come with batch codes on their packaging! (:

Start shopping now!!
(P.S. I recently saw some new Jill Stuart items up on their site! Love their pretty packaging so much!)

Btw, do check out their FAQs Page in case you’ve any doubts about the site that they might already have answered! (:

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Jan 28 2013

Shop for CNY clothings with Jipaban!

Hello all!! CNY is my favourite holiday besides Christmas because it means I get to eat CNY goodies, and best of all, it’s the time whereby everyone is dressed nicely!! And because I’m a shopaholic, that means that I’ve excuses to buy new clothes lolol.

And for those who have not gotten your CNY clothes, fret not! Jipaban.com is your one-stop online portal to purchase all your dresses, shoes, accessories, bag, etc.! Shopping is so convenient from the comfort of your home.

Outfit from Smitten X Jipaban.

For CNY this year, I forsee myself having like 3-4 sets of outfits for each day. This casual Elastic Crop Top + Peeka-Flora Denim Shorts is suitable for reunion dinners the day before CNY.

Absolutely love the peeka-boo floral details of the shorts!! And that cropped top is so easy to pair with any plain shorts.

Embroidery Lapel Top from Smitten X Jipaban.

I forsee myself wearing this on the first day of CNY!! Paired this with an embroidery top with a high-low chiffon skirt, along with a cobalt blue satchel!!

Btw, this kind of white tops with slight details are so easy to match with any bottoms! Trust me, you’ll never go wrong stocking up such tops in your wardrobe. I’ve already thought of so many different ways to wear this top. Oh, I’m wearing the Daisy Summer Studs in Pink from Jipaban as well! They’ve so many pretty and affordable accessories for your pick !

Top from maryjulian X Jipaban, Knit Skirt from Smitten X Jipaban

Here’s another outfit idea!

Both maryjulian and Smitten actually have exclusively manufactured items for this CNY and this Jacinth Flapback Top is one of them! I like how the top comes with a peplum cutting that helps add definition to my hips! And yep, this outfit is not really my usual style but I actually like it alot!!

White triangle necklace from Jipaban too!

Stripes Dress from Smitten X Jipaban.

I’m officially a huge fan of Smitten!! Didn’t know that they carry such pretty items.

Something more casual and very easy to throw on for house visitings! Because such dresses are more plain, match it with a suitable necklace to complete the look. (:

You can even pair it with a denim jacket/vest as well!

Start shopping for your CNY clothings with Jipaban! For those who have already bought your stuffs…. Well you can always stock up for the year lolol. A girl can never have too much clothes, right? (;

And if you’ve problems on mixing and matching, Jipaban’s stylist will be blogging regularly to give tips on what’s hot and what’s not. Read their blog HERE.

Do also check out their Chinese New Year Lookbook to see the different styling ways and methods!


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