Bloggers’ Event: Guerlain Rouge Automatique Launch Party

Yay finally gotten down to doing this post, mad tired everyday after work that I go to sleep everytime I get home!!

Okay anw, as mentioned earlier in my Guerlain Makeover Post, Trey invited a bunch of us down to Guerlain’s new Rouge Automatique Launch Party sometime back!

Okay laa nothing too dramatic.

The event was held just outside Tangs Plaza, in the midst of the huge Orchard crowd.

They had lovely reception consisting of finger food + drinks.

We were all given a smooch sticker each! So cute!

And here’s first glimpses of the Guerlain’s new Rouge Automatique!!

In 1870, Aimé Guerlain was the first to create the wax lipstick in a gold plated tube – inspired by a cylinder used to mold candles. The Rouge Automatique was first created in 1936, and later reinvented in 2011, bringing you the current Rouge Automatique you see in stores now. The new Rouge Automatique builds on the heritage with a lipstick encased in a sleek, structural, gold chamber.

The design of this baby is enough to win me over! Have you ever seen anything as interesting as this. And whenever I touch up my lipstick outside, I find it really troublesome to hold the lipstick cap in my hand while applying. Plus being very blur at times, I sometimes put the cap somewhere and end up having to search all over for it. Now with the new Rough Automatique, you do not need to worry about losing caps! (or dropping it.) Plus it’s so easy to use the lipstick with one hand with just a flick! (You’ve to try flicking it okay, damn addictive hahaha!) Don’t even need to twist and twist for the lipstick to come out.

So, what’s so special about the Rouge Automatique?

Moisturizing second skin texture: Sensorial oils combined with waxes to create an extremely fine film that fuses with the lips for impeccable coverage and maximum comfort.

Lasting Hold: A siliconed complex composed of a rich, non-sticky oil and a resin for exceptional shine, set colour and a smudge-proof lipstick.

Colour Innovation: The radiance of a crystal pigment to increase colour and shine effects.

In short, it offers a long-lasting colour with ample hydration/shine!
I’ve tried it myself and I really like the texture of it. I’ve really dry lips but with the Rouge Automatique on, my lips no longer feel dry!

The best part is, the new Rouge Automatique comes in 25 different shades! It’s further categorised into 4 main shades:  The Nudes, Pinks, Reds & Oranges.

With so many different colours to choose from, you’ll definitely find something to match your skintone.

I couldn’t remember whose hand was this!! But kudos to whoever who swatched this!!

The lovely emcee!!

Following the short introduction by the emcee, Maxime, Guerlain’s makeup artist who has flown all the way here from Paris gave us a talk about lipsticks & here’s what I picked up:

1) Every girl needs to have at least 4 lipsticks: orange, red, beige and pink shades.
2) Lipstick is easy to throw on to change your whole look. When feeling lazy just put eyeliner and lipstick and you’re good to go!
3) Try bolder colours like orange and red this season!

The lovely Andrea de Cruz was also here to give us her testimony about the lipstick too! Basically she mentioned that the lipstick is very hydrating and can last her the whole day unlike some lipsticks! I like the red colour on her. I don’t think I can ever carry off red lips!

Trey was also one of the speakers to talk about fashion trends. We’ve all heard about colourblocking from him at the last event already haha!!

Following that, Maxime gave a live makeup demonstration:

As well as some makeup tips!

‘Always blend inwards from the outer corner of your eye. This is to avoid making your eyes look smaller. (You want to make it look bigger!)”

Plus use Lip Liner for the lipstick to redefine your lips + help lipstick to last longer too! (Guerlain has their own Lip Liner that comes in 7 shades that match the 25 Rouge Automatique shades)

Some pictures who took that day:

Rene & I!!

Pretty Xiao Xin whom I befriended that day!

Lovely Ru & Kim! <3

Trey! Thanks for inviting! (: (:

And thank you Guerlain for having me at the party!

All the bloggers!!
Omgg we had to stand there for a super long time cos everyone wanted a picture to be taken with their cams!

All of us with Trey!
& check out my poofy skirt hahaha! (Ru’s too!)

I googled for the pic!

So pretty okay. Everyone should own at least one of this! Imagine everyone else uses two hands and frantically open the cap of their lipstick + still need to twist for it to come out, while you take something nice and classy out, slide it gently with one hand and your lipstick magically appears and ready to be used!!

So check out Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique at TANGS/Takashimaya counters, or Sephora outlets! Each Rouge Automatique is priced at $50, and Lip Liners at $36!

P.S. I still have somemore pictures of the product + my reviews. But I’ll leave it to another post cos this is too lengthy!!

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