Back To School: Old School.

A continuation of my previous post about JM’s 21st Back to School themed bday party!! (Read the post HERE)

Just a photo spam post including some of the pics I didn’t feature back then.

This photo is just to show how girls will always more camera-ready than guys hahaha.

Holding our individual letters from the birthday girl.

Missing the assembly days…..

- End -

School themes are really fun because you get to dress up and act young for a day.
And yes, I miss those days when you had a proper class, form teachers, national anthem, school song, school bells… ):

Read the previous post here:

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2 Comment(s) to “Back To School: Old School.”

  • Sun Says:

    Hi, I chanced upon your blog today. I’m pleasantly surprised to read about your cousin celebrating her 21st birthday at north vista. Just last december i was at north vista with my son attending Sec 1 (for 2012) orientation and the principal proudly shared with us parents that an ex vistarian girl (now in university) celebrated her 21st birthday back to school North Vista… I’m going my son your Back to School blog item.. Is a good inspiration :)


    • felicianeo Says:

      Hi! Such coincidence and thanks for your kind words! Yep have asked my cousin and she mentioned that the principal announced it in school. (: