Mar 27 2014

The SK-II Challenge: Review & Results

It has been slightly more than 2 months since I’ve started on the SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV and it has become a daily staple in my skincare routine!

If you remember, before I started on the product, I actually went to do a Magic Ring test which analyses your skin based on SK-II’s 5 dimensions of crystal clear skin. Just recently, I went down to have my skin tested again because I was really curious how the new product was doing for my skin.

A ‘Before’ and ‘After’ comparison with my previous results from 2 months ago before I incorporated the Cellumination Day Surge UV in my regime:

There were significant improvements in almost every dimension which is pretty impressive!

Good sun protection is really important in helping protect our skin from various problems because the sun causes premature aging which leads to loss of skin radiance, uneven texture, loss of firmness and even premature wrinkles!! And it’s proven from the above skin challenge that good sun protection can help improve our skin’s condition. Of course results are still subject to every individual’s skin condition. However, I believe that our skin will be able to repair itself better at a younger age so do start applying sun protection if you’re still not doing so!

And here’s my current skin age:

The previous results 2 months ago said that my skin age was 19 years old! The earlier you start protecting your skin from the sun, the earlier you delay the effects of skin aging before it becomes too late.

So far I find that the SK-II Cellumination Day Surge has been working really well for me! The Cellumination Day Surge is part of the Cellumination Range, which lives up to its aim of helping our skin achieve a healthy glow from within. I’m surprised to see my skin still looking dewy even from all the stress at work. This is proven by the significant increase of the ‘Radiance Enhancement’ dimension in the test above!

Additionally, I like how the product is not too heavy unlike some sunscreens – this is a really important factor when considering a sunscreen because of Singapore’s humid climate. Anything too heavy will feel uncomfortable and may end up clogging your pores.

I love how this product protects my skin against the sun!

If you’re interested in what else SK-II has to offer, do head down to their counters to get your skin tested and to get products suited to your skin needs. Alternatively you can visit their website HERE and sign up for the SK-II Newsletter HERE for first-hand updates on new product launches/promotions!

Till next time!

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Mar 19 2014

My Favourite Body Moisturisers!

The weather’s been really hot and unforgiving lately that I find my skin really dry! To worsen the situation, I’m always in air-conditioned areas for prolonged periods of time (due to work like most people with office jobs) and that’s really drying on the skin as well. If our skin is not sufficiently protected to combat these factors, constant dryness will affect the inner layer of the skin which results in flaking, dry and chapped skin.

I’ve been making it a habit to apply moisturisers to my body (other than just my face) to help replenish the moisture loss so here’s to share some moisturisers which I would recommend!

1) Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

Probably one of the more popular brands for their skin moisturisers! I hear of my colleagues raving about this moisturiser and I also keep one of these on my desk to remind myself to constantly apply! It is an intensive conditioning cream that is formulated with shea butter and macadamia nut oil that helps moisturise and soften hands. I also like that it doesn’t leave any greasy residue after a few massages!

If you’ve realised, the Crabtree&Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy Collection is now updated with a new look and packaging!

25g is retailing at S$13 while the 100g is retailing at S$33.

2) Steamcream

Another moisturiser that I really like is Steamcream! I used to have bad scars on my legs last year (due to insect bites from a trip) and I diligently applied this on my legs every night. I find that the scars have lightened and almost gone so I guess keeping our skin moisturised helps it to rejuvenate and heal faster too! Steamcream is actually a hair, body and face moisturiser so you can use it on all parts of the body but I like to play on the safe side and only use it on my body).

Plus this comes in various pretty designs which could be recycled for other purposes after the cream is finished (e.g store hairbands, etc.)! But one thing to note that the texture of the cream is pretty thick on the skin. So I usually use this when I’m sleeping in air-conditioned room where I’ll need more protection!

3) Nip+Fab Dry Hand Fix &  Dry Leg Fix

Lastly, Nip+Fab is the newest addition to my list of favourite moisturisers! This has actually been lying around for some time but I’ve only recently picked this up for use because my Steamcream tin is stuck for some reason (Boo). But I’m so glad that I gave this a try!! I don’t know why there’s a different product for your hands and leg but I conclude that it’s because different parts of our body has different skin thickness so the ingredients used should be different too.

So anyway, I love the texture of this product!! It’s not heavy yet it feels super moisturising on the skin. Like as if it instantly melts into the skin! I’ve been having cracked heels so I’m taking extra care to moisturise it and this works really well! Like the next day I wake up with soft skin on my feet!

So this concludes my post on my current favourite moisturisers! Depending on the scenario, I’ll go for different moisturisers from the list above and I find that these work the best for me! :)

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Mar 14 2014

The Importance of Starting a Beauty Regimen…young!

I know of people who don’t apply beauty products at all because they don’t feel the need to (one of them is my boyfriend). But do you know that some steps of a beauty regimen are very important in protecting our skin? When we’re young, we often take good skin for granted only to see our skin condition deteriorate as we grow older.

I started using my first skincare product when I was in secondary school and that was just a basic cleanser. Slowly, I incorporated toner, sunblock, etc. Lately, I started using moisturisers targeted at anti-ageing. Some people might think that your 20s are too early for anti-ageing products but do you know that our skin deteriorates really quickly from age 25 onwards? It’s never too early to start on anti-ageing products and I think that your early 20s are the right time to start incorporating such products bit by bit into your beauty regimen.

So having said that, I’m going to share some of the most basic items to have in your beauty regimen!

1) Makeup Remover

How many of us are guilty of not properly removing our makeup after a long day at work? There was a point in time when I was too lazy to remove my makeup and just used a cleanser to double up as a makeup remover. Slowly, my face condition started getting worse and from then on I always make it a point to properly remove my makeup with a good makeup remover. The last thing you want is your skin clogged from all your makeup products which leads to horrible breakouts. Removing all your makeup is a very crucial step in maintaining good skin and this is one step you should never skip.

2) Cleanser/Scrub

A good cleanser is really important because it helps remove all the dirt and pollutants from your skin after a long day out. Dirt and pollutants from the environment clog our pores which again leads to acne-prone skin. The cleanser doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that works best on your skin and something that is not too drying. On top of that, I also scrub my face twice a week to provide deep cleansing to my face and ensure that it stays squeaky clean!

3) Toner

The toner might be the most understated and sometimes forgotten step of a beauty regimen. The purpose of it is to remove excess dirt which is not removed by your cleanser, as well as to prepare your skin to help absorb the next beauty product better. I tend to use cotton pads to apply my toner because I feel that the cotton pads can help remove excess dirt better than just applying it with our bare hands!

4) Moisturiser

Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to conditions which causes it to lose moisture. If our skin is dry, cellular repair takes a longer time and you might find that the texture of your skin is not at its best. That’s why we need to apply a moisturiser day and night to retain and replenish our skin’s moisture. When our skin is properly moisturised, our cells will then be able to repair itself to generate newer skin cells. The SK-II Stempower is by far the best moisturiser I’ve ever tried. Always apply your moisturiser in an upwards motion for an uplifting effect.

5) Sun Protection

As mentioned in previous posts, exposure to the sun without sun protection causes premature ageing of the skin and the effects are not felt until it becomes too late. This is probably the most important product to incorporate into your beauty regimen so I can’t stress how important it is to start using good sun protection if you don’t have one!! Here I’m still using my trusty SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV which protects my skin from harmful UV Radiation!

6) Eye Cream

This is another product that most people tend to neglect (which I’m guilty of too). The skin around our eyes are the thinnest so our eyes are the most prone to the first signs of ageing. I’ve just started using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Eye which is very light and easily absorbed and so far I’m loving it! Remember to always use your ring finger when applying eye cream because our eyes are very delicate areas. Our ring finger is the weakest finger compared to other fingers and places the least pressure on the skin.

7) Pimple Cream

This is something more for people with acne-prone skin. For those who belong to this category, try to search for a good pimple cream which works best for you. Whenever you feel a pimple erupting, spot treat the pimple with your pimple cream to help it to heal better and not leave ugly scars! I find that Etude House’s A.C Clinic Red Spot Balm works very well!

I know that it seems like alot of products, but trust me when I say that your skin will feel well-pampered at the end of the day. It’s also important to take your time and ensure that each product is fully pat down and absorbed into the skin before applying the next product. Don’t rush through the process.

If you’re someone who haven’t started on any beauty regimen, do start today! If you haven’t been treating your skin well enough, you still have time to turn your habits around!

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Mar 11 2014

CNY 2014.

Before it’s already CNY 2015, I better get down to blogging about my CNY this year!

CNY like any other year was spent with close relatives. We didn’t take as much photos as the previous years cos well… we’ve all grown up? But let’s just let the pictures do the talking!

Visited this temple somewhere in Paya Lebar area in the morning before our visiting. Was our first time there even though it’s pretty near the house. Was feeling extra touristy like we’re overseas!

I’m born in the year of the horse!!

With my little cousins who are all growing up too quickly!

OMG little Nat (the girl behind) was so naughty she kept saying Ger and I should hug and squeezed our heads so tightly together.

And this concludes Day 1.

Day 2: Our usual schedule for Day 2 would be Dim Sum in the morning followed by Mahjong at someone’s place. Visited a different eating place this year to try out something new!

Some pictures taken in front of a temple nearby.

So pretty!

New addition to the family! I’m an aunt now!

With Nattie!

The ‘kids’ table.

All decked in florals!

So yes, this concludes my CNY 2014 post. Short and sweet right! Wonder what took me so long to do this post…….. :/

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