Jun 12 2015


Saturday was spent exploring parts of SG I’ve never imagined going to.

But because it was raining that day, we settled down at the Bistro for some afternoon snacks and some cups of tea.

And yay! The skies cleared after we were done eating. :D

My $4 floral cloth loafers from BKK which was surprisingly comfortable.

Top: The Closet Lover
Bottom: The Velvet Dolls.

Super love the cut of the high-waisted shorts from TVD! Carted this out in 2 more colours because it’s so hard to find shorts that fit me perfectly. :/ Legit reason to spend right??

The weather was really good that day. Pretty breezy and it’s so therapeutic looking at the sea!

Headed to Sembawang for dinner. Think we traveled like half of SG that day lol. Outdoor dining near the beach. (the gate to the beach area was closed by 6 or 7pm I can’t remember which) Sat outdoors to soak in the atmosphere and weather was pretty chilly that day.

And if you’re sitting outdoors, be prepared to eat with low lighting conditions lol. Anyway, the whole area had pretty little lighting (including the drive into where the restaurant was located), so this is pic is to show how I saw my food most of the time lolol.

Mel’s Steak & Egg ($32). Sirloin steak (250g) that comes with two fried eggs, baked beans and fries.

I ordered the 1%er Tenderloin ($36). 200g Tenderlin steak wrapped with bacon and comes with boiled potatoes and salad.

Pretty good place to chill with friends over some beer and wine. But if you’re someone who gets sleepy in dim lighting conditions, you should opt for the indoor sitting area where this is more light haha. Oh and you can avoid the giant flies too.

57 Jalan Mempurong, 759057

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Jun 7 2015

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh + The Cold Pantry

Friday night dinner after work. Was craving for Bak Kut Teh so Mel suggested we go to Rangoon Road. There are actually 2 Bak Kut Teh stalls there (the other one was Founder’s Bak Kut Teh), but I chose this because he said this has a very long history.. Long history means must be good right?

Very large compound.

Lol. Ordering system reminded of the OMS sheet we had back in school for MCQ tests.

Ordered Kung Fu Tea..

Anyway, rather funny story behind this. When the tea came, I was like:”Omg I learned how to do this before but I can’t remember…” And this Mel just kept quiet and started taking out the leaves, pouring the hot water, etc. etc. Like a pro… So I thought:”Okay, seems like he know what he’s doing.” Then he poured ALL the tea leaves into that small pot. And stupid me was like too tired or something from work that mind wasn’t working.. Till we drank the tea and I was like: “Why is it so bitter ah.” Then I suddenly came to realisation. -_-

This photo is evidence that I was too focused in taking photos that I didn’t realise the mistake lolol.

Our freaking thick tea hahaha.

For Bak Kut Teh soup I usually prefer the peppery kind.. But this is like super peppery? Like I could only taste the pepper.

Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup Eating House
208 Rangoon Rd, 218453


Headed nearby for some dessert to sooth our pepper-filled throats haha. Pretty small shop so might not be suitable for big groups.

Ordered this Chocolate Root Beer Waffles ($12.50) Served with charcoal vanilla ice cream & drizzled with homemade root beer sauce. The root beer taste is not very strong, and surprisingly the soft serve ice cream doesn’t melt very fast.

The Cold Pantry
131 Rangoon Rd, 218409

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Jun 1 2015

Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival 2015 + Giveaway!

Don’t you all agree that we all need a good laugh especially after a tiring day at work? From 9 to 13 June, The Comedy Club Asia is proud to present the Singapore Comedy Fringe 2015. Held at the DBS Art Centre – Home of the Singapore Repertory Theater, this five-day event will feature a stellar line-up of some of the best regional and international comedic talents!

Taking the stage at this ground-breaking vent are some of the biggest names in stand up comedy, including Harith Iskander (MAL), Kumar (SIN), Vir Das (IND), Butch Bradley (USA), Peter Berner (ASU), Imran Yusuf (UK) plus rising stars from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Philippines.

There are 2 shows on a day (7.30pm & 9.30pm) and every show features different comedians. Everything looks so interesting I have no idea how people are going to decide?? Maybe they’ll end up catching everything haha! For more information on the different shows available, visit their official website HERE! You can also book your tickets at Sistic HERE!

I love love comedies because they are light-hearted and aiya work is too stressful, I need a good laugh! Can’t wait to catch the show myself and for all my readers out there, here’s a very special treat for you!

I’m giving out a pair of ticket to any show of your choice to 2 lucky readers! Simply leave a comment with your name and email address under this post to join the giveaway! Giveaway closes on 3rd June 2359H and winners will be contacted via email! Good luck!! :)

P.S. Do take note that all comments would be screened to protect email privacy (Only I’ll be able to view all the comments).

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May 18 2015

Last friday.

Random update of last Friday in photos!

Previous day we were happily shopping on Gobbler and our stuffs were delivered the next day!!

Stocking up my snacks supply in the office hahah. My colleagues all say I can open Mama shop liao.

They have new items on the e-store! Bought tons of nuts to try out.

And this mixed nuts is like only $0.80 for a pack?? Just buy!!

Selfie because I hardly put makeup in the office, and only because I had to head down to an event after work!

The chaos when I left the office. Carnival Sale started at 5pm. Was tempted to go shop but didn’t want to squeeze with the crowd. Was too crazy! Took me like 5mins to cross the road too because the cars just kept coming.

Met Ger and the gang for dinner after my event! We were on some really funny topic and we laughed till my stomach ached. My happy pills

Ending the post with my OOTD hahaha.

Woohoo and I can’t wait for the next weekend already when it’s only Monday zzz.

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