Dec 23 2013

BOSS Nuit Pour Femme & Jour Pour Femme

The BOSS Nuit Pour Femme is the sophisticated new fragrance for women from BOSS Fragrances. The alluring and feminine scent is inspired by the most iconic symbol of feminine style – the little black dress and the confident reassurance it gives to women.

BOSS Nuit Pour Femme is the perfect complement to the little black dress, adding the essential finishing touch before she steps out of the door. The top, heart and base notes of the fragrance capture the anticipation of the night ahead. The perfumer accomplished this by using sensual florals such as violet and jasmine to create a feminine aura, whilst the white peach combined with aldehydes in the top notes add a dazzling facet. The result is a perfectly balanced scent which complements each woman, surrounding her with confidence and femininity as she prepares for the exciting night ahead.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the Oscar-winning actress, accomplished singer, celebrated lifestyle and fashion icon, is the newly signed ambassador for BOSS Nuit Pour Femme. Confident, self-assured and supremely successful, her flawless style, charisma and sophisticated femininity make her the natural embodiment of BOSS Nuit Pour Femme.

On the left we have the BOSS Jour Pour Femme, which was designed as a day fragrance which was lighter and fresher with a combination of accented accords of lime and grapefruit blossom, along with a rich bouquet of white flowers, including flowers of freesia, lily of the valley and honeysuckle celebrating the femininity and beautiful diversity of life of every woman.

If you’re looking for last-minute Christmas gifts, either of these fragrances would make a really nice impression. :)

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Dec 12 2013

As we age.

At every phase in life we undergo certain changes like our taste and preferences, hobbies and even our characters. Often, I look back at my old photos and go:“Omg why did I even post this kind of things.. Did I really think it was nice last time??” But as cliche as it sounds, indeed the only constant is change.

You might find that lately my posts are getting lesser or words are getting shorter.. I must admit that I’m now in the phase whereby I’m in a dilemma of whether to sleep more/spend more time with my family or boyf/or to switch on my computer just to blog. At this point in life, time is something so precious and opportunity cost of blogging is getting higher and higher. I’m sure every working adult would understand my pain.

And I don’t know if it’s just me or what but nowadays, I find myself getting less active on social media. Last time I used to tweet/instagram at least once a day, but now I find myself feeling less inclined to announce to the whole world what I’m eating for lunch or how I’m feeling. Every time I want to tweet about something, I’ll end up deleting it because well, I have this mentality that well… nobody is interested in what you’re thinking. And yes, that’s the exact same thought when I scroll through Twitter. I’ll mentally think of things like “Err so? Nobody’s interested you know.” Or things like “Why are you announcing to the whole world how stupid you are??” Yeah call me judgmental, but that’s what you choose to put there for people to judge. The other day I was scrolling through this person’s timeline for what felt like 10mins and I was so shocked when I realised that I was only still at the previous day’s tweets.. So I conclude that you know you’re getting older when you’re no longer as active on social media as you used to be.

But don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy blogging and penning down my thoughts in this little space I call my own. Sometimes I look back at my old posts and it’s amazing how much more I’ve learned through blogging and how much my photo taking/editing skills improved over the years.

Ending this post with a picture when I was still a little younger, a little more active on my blog/social media, a little less lazy to dress up..

& most of all, a little more carefree.

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Dec 9 2013

SK-II’s New Beauty Boutique @ Robinsons Orchard

2 Fridays ago, I attended the launch of SK-II’s latest beauty boutique at the newly opened Robinsons Orchard!

The new Robinsons Orchard is located at The Heeren!

Beauty corner for customers to try out the products!

The highlight of the day: Celebrities George Young and Desmond Tan came down to talk about their beauty and skincare pet peeves! Both of them agreed that they prefer women with lesser makeup instead of thick, heavy faces.

Eye-candies right in front of me! Can’t help but to notice how flawless looking both their skin are.

Celebrity makeup artist Venetia Stravens showcased some of the looks for this festive season.

I like how the look was kept very natural!

And finally, both celebrities competed to see who is the better SK-II beauty counselors for the day! George Young is in SK-II’s first LXP Deep Counseling corner which showcases the LXP Masterpieces – The range with the highest concentrated Pitera and precious ingredients!

Desmond Tan talking about the SK-II MEN range.

Had the opportunity to take a pic with them!! :) :)

The limited edition festive design this year!

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re still thinking of the perfect gift for your loved ones, you can consider choosing from the many festive sets that SK-II has!
After all, the best gift of all is crystal clear skin. :)

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Dec 5 2013

Spice Sutra Restaurant & Cafe.

For the past few months, my colleagues and I have been having this habit of treating ourselves for a good meal after our payday. And last month, we visited this place called Spice Sutra Restaurant & Cafe that sells North Indian Cuisine!

I’m not really a fan of Indian cuisine, or rather, I’ve never really tried it before except Roti Prata…. (I’m a super picky eater) But I decided to just give this a try and the experience turned out pretty good!

Tandoori Chicken (Half for $11.90).
Tender fresh chicken meat marinated in cream and rare spices, then grilled in a traditional clay oven. The chicken were really tender and well marinated!

Mushroom Pokaras ($6.90).
Deep fried mushrooms dipped into gram flour with spices. Very interesting dish and I would recommend this too. All of us enjoyed this dish!

Butter Nann ($3.50) & Garlic Nann ($3.90).
Their Nann was really good and texture was just right. I actually enjoyed this more than Roti Prata!

Butter Chicken ($15.90).
Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken meat cooked with puree of tomatoes, cream and mild spices. I think this was the highlight of the meal. I don’t really enjoy curry but this is really good! Mildly spicy with a tinge of sweetness. Goes well with the Nann as well!

We ordered rice as well to share but I couldn’t remember what type of rice was it.. They do have a few different selections from $6.90-8.90. Also ordered Fish Curry ($14.90) which I didn’t take pictures of!

The owners were friendly and the place wasn’t crowded on a weekday night. Would definitely bring my family/boyf to try out this place another time!

Spice Sutra Restaurant & Cafe
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-03 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424

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