Feb 10 2014

Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so what’s more timely than now to share my makeup routine + beauty tips to get you prepared for that special day. :)

Before I start doing my makeup, I always first consider the place that I’ll be going… Like, if it’s somewhere air-conditioned or humid. That way, you can better consider what kind of makeup you want to apply.

These are basically the makeup products I’m using on a usual basis. I like to keep my makeup natural, so I tend to stick with more neutral colours like pinks and browns.

I usually skip applying foundation and just apply concealer to areas that I want to cover up. This way I can allow my skin to breathe and heal instead of layering it with too much stuff. After which I set my concealer with a pressed powder, which helps to smooth out the skin.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, my boy and I are actually planning to go on a casual day out to the beach. So I’m thinking of keeping my makeup really minimal to suit the location. So here I’m just going to apply an eye primer over my lids (which helps brighten up the eye), as well as draw my brows + line my eyes with brown eyeliner. If you’ve been using black eyeliner all along, I recommend stocking up a brown eyeliner for occasions when you want a more natural look. Brown usually appears less harsh than black on our eyes!

And ending off my look with subtle pink lips! I love this Lip Pencil! The colour’s really natural and it’s really long lasting.

This is how the look would roughly look like with the above-mentioned products. The makeup trend now is actually to keep your face really flawless looking (without looking like you’ve got a thick layer of makeup) and keeping the eyes clean and natural looking! That’s when the brown eyeliner and brightening primer comes in. I tend to skip applying blusher because I want to achieve that ‘barely any makeup’ kind of look. And I really dislike caking my face with too much makeup especially when I’ll be traveling to somewhere humid.

However, for those who are going somewhere more formal, you might want to add more depth to the eyes as well as some colour to the cheeks! Depending on the lighting conditions you might want to apply more for the colours to show up in dim lighting conditions.

And this is how it’d roughly look! More definition to the eyes + colours on the cheeks. You could also choose a darker lip colour to match the occasion as well. :)

Before I end the post, here’s some beauty tips:

Beauty Tip #1: It’s also important to prepare your skin before your makeup so that the makeup is longer lasting!

Here’s what I always use right before applying my makeup: Aloe Vera Gel + my trusty moisturiser (SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV) which contains SPF30+++. Both products help by adding moisture to the skin and helps smooth out the skin. This helps the makeup applied afterwards to glide smoothly onto the skin as well as makes it longer lasting. Additionally, sun protection is also very important to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays!

Beauty Tip #2: Apply beauty masks the night before the big day!

Before any big occasion, I like to apply a trusty beauty mask. This way, I always wake up to soft, hydrated and glowing skin! With good skin, you won’t need to spend so much time and effort concealing the flaws on the face. I’ve found the SK-II facial treatment mask works a treat.

Well, I hope this post was useful and may your Valentine’s day be a sweet happy one.

Toodles till the next!

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Feb 4 2014

Happy Lunar New Year!

This post came in 4 days late but as the saying goes: It’s better late than never!

Today marks my first day of going back to work after a 4 day long holiday. Feels kind of uneasy not working for so long that I got my Dad to send me to the office to pick up my laptop cos I kept thinking about the pile of work waiting for me to complete.

Outfit for Day 1
Top from MGG, skirt from TTR.

This year’s CNY programme was similar to the previous years, except that I didn’t give a damn about what I was going to wear till like 3 days before the actual day. I didn’t shop around much cos I was hoping that I can find something new and decent in my bursting wardrobe. Sigh.. Is this a sign that I’m growing old or is it just me??

The year of the horse marks my 24th year in this world (6 months more to be exact). One thing I’ve learnt from this CNY is that people are getting older every year and there might be a chance that you might not see them the next. Very morbid thought to be thinking over the Lunar New Year but through this I’m reminded once again that we should appreciate every single person around us. Connect with those who you’ve not been keeping in touch with and spend more time with them.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Have a Blessed and Prosperous year ahead!! :)

P.S. As you can see, I cut my hair!

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Jan 28 2014

Laneige Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

I’m sure Laneige needs no introduction because it’s a very popular Korean beauty brand and their brand ambassador is my favourite Korean actress Song Hye Kyo who’s so pretty! I remember her fondly as the pretty Korean actress in the first Korean drama I watched when I was back in Secondary school.. Those were the days. And what’s shocking is that more than 10 years later she looked as if she hasn’t aged a single bit???

Okay, enough of my fan girl mode. So when Laneige invited me for a preview of their new makeup collection, imagine how thrilled I was!

This Spring 2014, Laneige is launching its all new exciting comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks! Honestly, I’m quite unfamiliar with Laneige’s makeup line because I’ve only tried their skincare products. (Other than the Brightening Sun Powder which I love!) But Korean makeup is the craze now so I guess it should be good!! (Plus Song Hye Kyo is the ambassador and she looks so pretty in all the posters!)

Their Pure Radiant Shadow palettes that come in 7 highly-pigmented colours to choose from!

Here’s the Pure Radiant Blushes which consist of 6 blush colours.

This No. 6 Natural Shading colour is great for contouring purposes!

Be spoilt for choice with these 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours!! They’re all so nice how to choose!

We also had a mini makeover session! Here’s Laneige’s Makeup Artist & Trainer, Tina heping me touch up my horribly done makeup done in a rush at work. She was such a darling and gave me so many makeup tips.

Their mascara is really lengthening!!

Thank you Tina!!! It was so great chatting with you. :)

And a pic with Laneige’s Makeup Artist & Global Trainer, Cat who flew in from Korea! She so cute and has such a bubbly personality!

I love how Korean makeup is so subtle and natural looking. Doesn’t look like much but every stroke actually makes a lot of difference to your entire look!

A photo with Juli with the pretty chandeliers!

Laneige’s Pure Radiant Shadow (S$40), Pure Radiant Blush (S$38) and Serum Intense Lipstick (S$34) collection are already available at all Laneige boutiques and counters!

And here are my picks!
No. 1 Urban Beige for the Eye Shadow, No. 5 Glow Pink for the Blush and YR23 Orange Beam for the Lipstick!

Go check out their new makeup collection in stores now!!

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Jan 25 2014

SK-II Magic Ring Test

The other day while waiting for my boyf, I passed by SK-II’s counter at Takashimaya and I thought it’d be a good time to have my skin tested with their Magic Ring!

For those who’re not aware, the Magic Ring is a revolutionary device that can take high-definition photos of your skin and analyse your skin condition based on SK-II’s 5 dimensions of crystal clear skin – Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement.

It’s a very simple and quick process whereby a portion of your face is captured by the device, followed by masking of the selected area for analysisng (which the beauty consultant would do), and lastly you get your results!

And here’s my results!!

And my overall skin age is 19 years old, which is 4 years younger than my actual age! As I’m transiting into my mid-20s next year, it’s really important to start caring more for my skin before it becomes irreversible. The beauty consultant said that my results are higher than average but could be improved!

Here’s what she recommended my routine to be to achieve crystal clear skin:

Left to right: SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Whitening Spots Specialist, Cellumination Essence EX, Stempower, Cellumination Day Surge UV.

The sequence above is in the order of application. I know some of you out there who use both the Whitening Spots Specialist and Cellumination Essence EX might be confused on the order of usage. The recommended way would be putting on the lighter gel product first (Whitening Spots Specialist), followed by the one with heavier texture (Cellumination Essence EX). That way, both products can be effectively absorbed by the skin!

The Whitening Spots Specialist helps with the visible and hidden spots beneath our skin, while the Cellumination Essence EX helps us to achieve that glow in our skin. She also recommended using the Stempower as a night moisturiser and the Cellumination Day Surge UV as the day moisturiser. I like how the Cellumination Day Surge UV doubles up as both a moisturiser as well as provides sun care protection so I don’t have to waste time applying an extra product!

The Magic Ring Test is available at SK-II counters and I would recommend making an appointment with them if you’re thinking of heading down on weekends because I see that they’re usually very occupied on the weekends! The service is free of charge by the way and I like how they beauty consultants are all very nice and professional and do not try to hard-sell their products! For those who are interested to try out SK-II products but are concerned about whether your skin is suitable for the products, I would recommend you to head down to get your skin tested and get samples to try out before you make your decision.

For more information on SK-II, visit their website: www.sk-ii.com.sg

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