Aug 20 2015

Beauty Bound Asia

Are you someone who loves sharing your makeup looks, skincare routine or anything beauty related? You might be the online beauty talent that Beauty Bound Asia is looking for!

SK-II presents Beauty Bound Asia on YouTube – the region’s premier digital search and creator cultivation program for emerging online beauty talent. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact and learn from the world’s best beauty creators, beauty brands, and digital experts.

With exciting time-based challenges, mentorship programs and workshops curated and led by top beauty influencers in Asia and industry experts, Beauty Bound Asia is a ground-breaking initiative designed to help discover and cultivate the next generation of online beauty experts.

Beauty Bound Asia will be open to all legal residents of 11 cities where the contest is taking place including Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Sydney. As part of this program, YouTube and top YouTube stars will be supporting this initiative by offering skill-building workshops for Beauty Bound Asia finalists.

Coaches include the very popular Michelle Phan, whom I sure no need any introductions. She has also been a huge creative force for Beauty Bound; personally designing a number of the beauty creator challenges, and mentoring and judging the finalists from each city in the Tokyo program finale. The rest of the region’s top beauty creators have also extended their support as coaches, with talented beauty gurus like Sasaki Asahi (Japan), Calary Girl (Korea), Momay (Thailand), and Wengie (Australia) amongst many others.

So who is Eligible?

If you…
• Are over 21
• Are passionate about and have beauty expertise to share
• Are creative and have original ideas
• Have or want to grow your video creation skills
• A legal resident of any of these 11 cities – Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Sydney

Then you are eligible to join, no prior experience necessary! Pssst. The deadline to register is on 25th Aug!!

For more information or to register for Beauty Bound Asia:

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Jul 21 2015


So I went MIA for awhile (AGAIN), but I’ve actually been diligently docummenting my life… on another platform!

So I started using it again about a month back.. (this was what I updated then) And honestly I wasn’t sure if I’ll be active or not.. But ever since then I’ve been quite discipline in using it!

To me, blogging is really therapeutic, and with the Dayre app, it’s like an avenue for me to write all my random thoughts and upload nonsense photos which will never be on IG, and most of all, it’s convenient to write/upload photos on the go.

On Dayre, I don’t have to care about the number of likes I get or number of page views.. It feels like a little space of mine where I can be geunine with my thoughts and post unfiltered photos.

Ending the post with a recent photo.. I’ll still update this space every now and then. But if you want real-time stories on my life, you know where to find me ;)

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Jun 12 2015


Saturday was spent exploring parts of SG I’ve never imagined going to.

But because it was raining that day, we settled down at the Bistro for some afternoon snacks and some cups of tea.

And yay! The skies cleared after we were done eating. :D

My $4 floral cloth loafers from BKK which was surprisingly comfortable.

Top: The Closet Lover
Bottom: The Velvet Dolls.

Super love the cut of the high-waisted shorts from TVD! Carted this out in 2 more colours because it’s so hard to find shorts that fit me perfectly. :/ Legit reason to spend right??

The weather was really good that day. Pretty breezy and it’s so therapeutic looking at the sea!

Headed to Sembawang for dinner. Think we traveled like half of SG that day lol. Outdoor dining near the beach. (the gate to the beach area was closed by 6 or 7pm I can’t remember which) Sat outdoors to soak in the atmosphere and weather was pretty chilly that day.

And if you’re sitting outdoors, be prepared to eat with low lighting conditions lol. Anyway, the whole area had pretty little lighting (including the drive into where the restaurant was located), so this is pic is to show how I saw my food most of the time lolol.

Mel’s Steak & Egg ($32). Sirloin steak (250g) that comes with two fried eggs, baked beans and fries.

I ordered the 1%er Tenderloin ($36). 200g Tenderlin steak wrapped with bacon and comes with boiled potatoes and salad.

Pretty good place to chill with friends over some beer and wine. But if you’re someone who gets sleepy in dim lighting conditions, you should opt for the indoor sitting area where this is more light haha. Oh and you can avoid the giant flies too.

57 Jalan Mempurong, 759057

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Jun 7 2015

Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh + The Cold Pantry

Friday night dinner after work. Was craving for Bak Kut Teh so Mel suggested we go to Rangoon Road. There are actually 2 Bak Kut Teh stalls there (the other one was Founder’s Bak Kut Teh), but I chose this because he said this has a very long history.. Long history means must be good right?

Very large compound.

Lol. Ordering system reminded of the OMS sheet we had back in school for MCQ tests.

Ordered Kung Fu Tea..

Anyway, rather funny story behind this. When the tea came, I was like:”Omg I learned how to do this before but I can’t remember…” And this Mel just kept quiet and started taking out the leaves, pouring the hot water, etc. etc. Like a pro… So I thought:”Okay, seems like he know what he’s doing.” Then he poured ALL the tea leaves into that small pot. And stupid me was like too tired or something from work that mind wasn’t working.. Till we drank the tea and I was like: “Why is it so bitter ah.” Then I suddenly came to realisation. -_-

This photo is evidence that I was too focused in taking photos that I didn’t realise the mistake lolol.

Our freaking thick tea hahaha.

For Bak Kut Teh soup I usually prefer the peppery kind.. But this is like super peppery? Like I could only taste the pepper.

Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup Eating House
208 Rangoon Rd, 218453


Headed nearby for some dessert to sooth our pepper-filled throats haha. Pretty small shop so might not be suitable for big groups.

Ordered this Chocolate Root Beer Waffles ($12.50) Served with charcoal vanilla ice cream & drizzled with homemade root beer sauce. The root beer taste is not very strong, and surprisingly the soft serve ice cream doesn’t melt very fast.

The Cold Pantry
131 Rangoon Rd, 218409

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