Dec 1 2013

Last month.

So today we say hello to December, the last month of 2013. Has it really been that fast?? I remember just blogging a post in September about how we’re in the 4th quarter and suddenly 2months have disappeared in an instant.

And within these 2 months, my brother was done with his Alevels, and my boyf was just recently done with his peak period at work. Poor boy went home at about 3-5am every day for a week and we didn’t talk on the phone for 1 entire week cos he had no time. Missed him so much :( But nevermind it’s finally over!!

Looking at my schedule, I’m practically packed every weekend with celebrations/meet-ups! And Christmas – which is my favourite season of the year – is also around the corner! I loveee Christmas decorations and Christmas carols. I think everyone loves it too if not they wouldn’t start putting up those decors in Nov for 2mths…

Santa’s a pirate this Christmas at CityLink!

Hehe so cute!

Having a splitting headache but I can’t afford to fall sick cos I’ve sooo many things to settle at work! There seems to be this flu bug going around so drink up and rest well everybody!

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Nov 26 2013

Crabtree & Evelyn Holiday Collection 2013

This November, Crabtree & Evelyn launches their holiday collection – The Secret Garden Gift Collection – this festive season! The Secret Garden Gift Collection offers a wide assortment of gifts for all ages and price points, housed in limited edition keepsake boxes and bags.

We were invited to their flagship store at Takashimaya to preview the new collection!

The Evelyn Rose Ultimate Luxuries (S$178). Consists of Evelyn Rose Shower Gel (250ml), Evelyn Rose Body Lotion (250ml), Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy (100g) & Evelyn Rose EDP (50ml)

Apart from the goodies in Crabtree & Evelyn’s signature scent blend consisting of a timeless collection of English roses with the exclusive Evelyn Rose, the beautiful case that houses these products is perfect as a keepsake box to be recycled future uses!

Rosewater Great Escapes (S$43). Consists of Rosewater Bath & Shower Gel (50ml), Rosewater Body Lotion (50ml), Rosewater Hand Therapy (25g) & Rosewater EDT (15ml).

This set comes in other scents like Lily, Iris, etc.!

Comes with these pouches which are perfect for travels!

The Summer Hill Luxury Box (S$98). Consists of Summer Hill Bath & Shower Gel (200ml), Summer Hill Body Lotion (200ml), Summer Hill Hand Therapy (100g) & Guest Towel.

The Somerset Meadow Luxury Box (S$98) which is the same as the above but in Somerset Meadow scent!

Comes in a nice gift box like this when it’s covered up!

Mini Hand Therapy Sampler in Evelyn Rose (S$30). Consists of Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy (25g x3).

I honestly think this is the best buy of all!!
The Deluxe Hand Therapy Sampler (S$78). Consists of 12 Hand Therapy (25g each).

They make perfect gifts to be given away individually!

This set comes in 2 different sets which consists of different scents for you to choose.

We were also treated to Crabtree & Evelyn’s biscuits and tea! Limited edition gingerbread man!

This beautiful container houses biscuits in individual foil bags.

The Secret Garden Gift Collection is already out in stores! :)

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Nov 20 2013

Personal space.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve last typed a personal post other than purely beauty/lifestyle related posts. I don’t know how many of you prefer looking at more photos and less text or more personal posts/updates about my life like this.

Work has been hectic due to my involvement in helping to drive the year end closing. Everyday my mind gets so tired looking at all my reports and all the data that I just look forward to going home to my bed every night. And you probably can tell from this space that my posts are getting lesser and lesser per week…Β  That’s because I’ve only weekends to blog and I still need to juggle my 24hrs x 2 days of weekend between my boyf, family and my sleep. Time is so precious now that I’ve started working and no longer have the luxury of time to do my things unlike back in school. But if you were to ask me now, I actually don’t really miss schooling life and working life doesn’t seem that bad after all. At least I get to go home and not think about work (unless I’ve problems to solve) and have my weekends for myself. And I get to earn $$$ too!

Ending off with some random pictures that remind me of my childhood:

Who remembers these 2-sided pencil cases! They were like the most ‘in’ design ever and everyone wanted one. Is it still the case now?

Super cute erasers which I used to collect and couldn’t bear to use them. I’ve a friend who said that she when she was younger, sheΒ  joked (to her older sister) that her chocolate eraser was real chocolate and to her horror, her sister put it in her mouth.

Terribly sleepy. Need my bed now.
Toodles!! X.

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Nov 16 2013

Food: Watami Singapore Special Set!

Watami is like my favourite place to dine at because it’s so value for money and the food standard/portion is really good for the price paid. Visited the place with my family for my brother’s early birthday celebration in October!

If you’re going Watami in big groups, I strongly suggest you order these special sets for sharing. But don’t just follow the pax number they state on the menu because usually the portion is too big to finish. So for example, if you’re going with 4 people, I would suggest getting the set for 2 to share. (But if you’re big eaters you might be able to finish the set for 4) We ordered a set for 2 (S$69++) to share among the 4 of us and it consists of Watami Salad (Half), Tempura Moriawase, Sashimi Moriwase, 1 Main Dish (can choose from a list of 8), 1 Hot Pot + plain Udon/Rice (Choose from 3 hot pots), 1 Side Dish (Choose from 6), and 2 drinks.

Wafu Salad.

Assorted Tempura consisting of Shrimps and Vegetables.

Assorted Sashimi.

Ishiyaki Stamina Don for our main dish. It’s some rice with pork slices and egg served in a stone pot.

Kankoku Butechige (Korean-style Army Hot Pot with pork) for our Hot Pot selection. Comes with a bowl of plain rice as well.

My favourite Wafu Pizza with pork and terriyaki chicken as the side dish.

Also ordered this grilled beef wrap on the ala-carte menu. So good!!!

If you’ve never visited Watami before, please go!! The outlets I usually go is the one at Ion Orchard/Raffles City!

Watami @ Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-06/07,
Raffles City Shopping Centre,
Singapore 179103

Watami @ ION
ION Orchard #B3-23
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

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