Jan 7 2014

Last day of 2013.

The last day of 2013 was spent with a bunch of people I hold dear to my heart.

Met T for lunch after work at Watami! Was pretty surprised they were having weekday lunch set even during eve of holidays.

Headed to Ger’s house for our countdown celebration with a few of my other cousins. Went for grocery shopping together in preparation for our steamboat!

Child labour.

The good thing about having steamboat is that you just have to dump everything inside the pot to cook. The bad thing is that preparing the ingredients is more tedious than it looks.

Gary calls this an Atomic bomb, which we’ve to painstakingly peel.

I feel like a rabbit/hamster whenever I eat a bunch of vegs.

We took the easy way out and used this for the soup base! After boiling the lettuce plus prawn heads and mushrooms it turned out pretty tasty!

Pris made cupcakes for us!

Last photo of 2013!

We had a sleepover that day with 6 people squeezing in 1 queen size bed + 2 mattresses. The last time we had a sleepover with the same group was probably 10 years ago at my house. Stayed up will 4am and we were still eating our leftover steamboat at 2am haha.

Still getting used to typing ’2014′ when I save my files at work.

Probably my only resolution for this year. I mean, no point making so much goals and plans which you end up forgetting along the way right?

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Jan 4 2014

My first post of the year!

My New Year has been good so far. Hope all of you out there are doing great too!! Here’s a quick OTD post to fill up this space while I’m trying my best to rush out a few entries!! Now I know why bloggers who are working do not have much time to blog. :(

Outfit of the Day:
Azure Lasercut Top from The Tinsel Rack
Ballerina Flare Skorts in Nude from The Velvet Dolls

I’ve been wearing that top to death and it’s like my favourite top at the moment!! Love the lasercut details at the bottom which adds instant details to a plain outfit.

So sorry that my first post of the year is such a quick and short one… I’m so busy I hardly touch my house’s laptop anymore. Okay gotta run now byebye till the next post!!

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Dec 31 2013

Food: Itacho Sushi + Four Fingers + Paradise Dynasty!

3 Fridays ago I took leave to go Christmas shopping with my mum, aunt and cousins! It’s sort of like a yearly tradition every year. The whole day was practically spent eating, shopping, eating and more eating…

We visited Itacho Sushi for lunch. My first time dining there cos I don’t usually like to queue for my food and I don’t know why the queues are always SO LONG??

While waiting for our turn to go in!

There were set meals available from $9.90 which was pretty affordable. I had the Chicken Don ($9.90)

I think this is the Unagi Don? ($12)


There were a few special deals going on at 20-50% discount which was pretty worth it! (The rest of the sushi were like $4.80 per piece?!) My aunt recommended this Salmon with Soy Sauce which was a little too raw for my liking.. But it’s only like $0.40 a piece??

More sushi.

Grilled eel which was pretty good! Think this was on discount too.

Roasted Egg with Seaweed & Crab ($3.80) & Roasted Egg with Spicy Salmon ($3.40)

In my opinion, the food was over-hyped. If the place was empty I wouldn’t mind eating it again but no way would I queue again to go in.

Itacho Sushi
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

After shopping a little, we found ourselves having tea break at Four Fingers. Our first times trying out the place as well and we were actually looking forward to it after all that hype! I’ve never stepped foot in there before because it’s like forever crowded.

They’ve 2 types of sauces: Original & Spicy. You can ask for either one or a mix. We got the drumstick set instead of the drumlets because it looks bigger. Taste wise was not bad but it gets a little salty after finishing the second piece.

The fries come with Seaweed or Kimchi seasoning! But flavour wise I actually prefer Mcdonalds’ Shaker Fries. Their fries texture and flavour wasn’t very good in my opinion.

Overall, the meal was pretty disappointing after all that hype. Well, this is something you should try just once in your life and maybe that’s it. And hey, it isn’t very cheap ok!

Four Fingers
ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

Our dinner was at Paradise Dynasty, which was best-known for their colourful Xiao Long Baos. Thank goodness we didn’t have to queue to get into this because we were there before the dinner crowd came in.

Normal Xiao Long Bao.

Crab Meat Xiao Long Bao. We weren’t really interested in the weird colourful flavours so we ended up getting something on the safer side.

Some sour and spicy noodles.

So tired and bloated after all the walking and eating.

We saw 2 guys who were dressed in Spiderman costumes. My brother and cousin wanted to take a pic with them but I’ve no idea why they ended up doing a group hug. Such a hilarious sight.

T who came down to find me after work!!

So nice to be spending a full day with all my relatives! Had a really eventful weekend that week which I hope I’ve time to blog about it soon!! :)

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Dec 25 2013

Be Merry, Be Joyful, Be Bright.

Christmas used to be my favourite season of all cos I loved the pretty decors, Christmas carols, etc. Everything seemed to be so magical this season. But the older we grow, the less Christmas seems magical and more like any other day. This year feels particularly bad because I’ve been down with a pretty bad flu since last week and have all my plans spoilt over the weekends. :( But it’s okay! I’ll try not to let this stupid flu spoil my mood!!

Nevertheless, hope your Christmas season was much better than mine!

So have you been naughty or nice this year? Nevertheless, have a Blessed Christmas and enjoy your holiday!! :)

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