As we age.

At every phase in life we undergo certain changes like our taste and preferences, hobbies and even our characters. Often, I look back at my old photos and go:“Omg why did I even post this kind of things.. Did I really think it was nice last time??” But as cliche as it sounds, indeed the only constant is change.

You might find that lately my posts are getting lesser or words are getting shorter.. I must admit that I’m now in the phase whereby I’m in a dilemma of whether to sleep more/spend more time with my family or boyf/or to switch on my computer just to blog. At this point in life, time is something so precious and opportunity cost of blogging is getting higher and higher. I’m sure every working adult would understand my pain.

And I don’t know if it’s just me or what but nowadays, I find myself getting less active on social media. Last time I used to tweet/instagram at least once a day, but now I find myself feeling less inclined to announce to the whole world what I’m eating for lunch or how I’m feeling. Every time I want to tweet about something, I’ll end up deleting it because well, I have this mentality that well… nobody is interested in what you’re thinking. And yes, that’s the exact same thought when I scroll through Twitter. I’ll mentally think of things like “Err so? Nobody’s interested you know.” Or things like “Why are you announcing to the whole world how stupid you are??” Yeah call me judgmental, but that’s what you choose to put there for people to judge. The other day I was scrolling through this person’s timeline for what felt like 10mins and I was so shocked when I realised that I was only still at the previous day’s tweets.. So I conclude that you know you’re getting older when you’re no longer as active on social media as you used to be.

But don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy blogging and penning down my thoughts in this little space I call my own. Sometimes I look back at my old posts and it’s amazing how much more I’ve learned through blogging and how much my photo taking/editing skills improved over the years.

Ending this post with a picture when I was still a little younger, a little more active on my blog/social media, a little less lazy to dress up..

& most of all, a little more carefree.

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  • Sakura Says:

    I understand your pain. Nowadays I am feeling so lazy to blog. I haven’t been using my laptop to blog and is always blogging at random places like on the trains, etc.