4th Year.

Today’s our 4th year! Some reader told me to write about our love story because ‘my readers would love to know’, but honestly…. I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!

I mean, it’s really something very cliche and nothing very special.. (To third parties) So, please bear with me. If it’s too boring, don’t read okay! Haha.

Basically, we met in JC. He was one of my Orientation Group Leader (1 year my senior) during my first 3 months orientation. Our OG still kept in contact ever since then and met up every now and then.

His 18th birthday celebration at the airport.

Initially, we didn’t even acknowledge each other much except for occasional MSN chats. The conversation would start off with him asking me how’s life, and I dislike people asking me that because I’ve not much comments about my life. I mean… My life is just so mundane how you expect me to reply! Whenever we talk about the past, he’d say I used to be so dao and he didn’t like talking to me hahaha!

So, our OG started going out more often after his Alevels ended. (together with another of my senior who ended Alevels as well) And we started texting more often. It started off because I was supposed to organise one of the outings, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

One of the photos taken in 2007 during one of our outings. Can’t believe I used to wear like this. And look at my freakishly straight rebonded hair. Like ghost.Β  *inserts horror face emoticon.

You know every guy/girl you have a crush on, there would be something to spark off that interest… Something that makes you go woah, and the feelings start coming. For me, I remember clearly that it was when he held the door open for the girls at the Suntec Fountain. HAHA. YES THAT SIMPLE! Very gentlemen what. I guess, feelings come when you least expect it. And it doesn’t have to be grand dramatic actions, the littlest things can spark off that interest as well.

I remembered texting my friend that night telling her:”OMG I THINK HAVE A CRUSH ON MY OGL. THIS IS CRAZY!!” I mean, it’s totally crazy. I’ve known him for like a year, yet I NEVER had any good feelings towards him, and probably the last guy I ever imagined to fall for.. (But turned out otherwise) And we continued texting like almost every day, and then progressed to talking on the phone at night. I go to bed by like 12pm every night back then, and he would only call at 1am or even 2am, which I’d wake up to talk. And he would ask: “Are you sleeping?” And of course my replied would be “No.” HAHA.

It was holidays then, so we would talk from 1am all the way to 6am, then go out at 8am. I’ve no idea how we survived. (Yeah, now it’s a different story. Ask him wake up at 8am it’d be: Huh so early ah..) I can’t remember what we talked about for so long, but I kind of like it even when we stay silent on the phone, knowing that there’s someone there and that you’re not alone.

One thing that attracted me the most was that he’s very sensitive for a guy. He could detect the slightest change in emotions over the phone, and guess exactly what was bothering me. Like he understood me so well. And that was exactly what I wanted in a guy.

We only officially started dating a few days before he went into NS. They always say that relationships tend to fail when a guy goes into army, but I think we did pretty well. Probably because we started when he’s in the army, so there wasn’t any difference. Every Saturday he’d book out and meet me at the airport. (our dating place) Our honeymoon period was a year plus, and we never had any major arguments during that time. (They always say that the honeymoon period is 3mths, after which all the shit starts coming) I’m guessing it’s because time together is so precious back then that you wouldn’t want to waste it by arguing. I remember the days in NS were really horrible. I’d worry every time he goes outfield, etc.

The one and only real flower he got me. (Gave before we got together) I went to the toliet and he headed to the market to get it. Was so surprised and unexpected.

Some random gift he got me. Tiny bottles in a big glass bottle.

I love brainless and cute gifts like these. But erm, as my house gets more clattered, I’m regretting every such items I bought last time.

My letter for him for one of our monthsary. Been a long time since I last wrote him something.

Our first Vday spent together.

I very heavy meh!

4 years might not seem long, but it isn’t very short either. We’re still really sweet but we’ve small bickers over the most brainless things every now and then. And as time goes by, we stop appreciating each other, and trying to make an effort in understanding each other like how we used to. It’s inevitable but at least we’re still going strong.

I love it when he tells me he likes me with spects, without makeup, and that I look really pretty when I just wake up with pyjamas and messy hair. (In the morning when he comes over to my place and I just woke up) And the best thing is that I never worry about him cheating on me, because he’s more intereted in looking at people’s watches/cars on streets instead of girls. And when I ask him:

Me: You prefer this one (pointing to a million dollar watch) or this one (points at myself)?
Him: /points at the watch.
Me: ):
Him: Of course you laa. That one got so many already, (Not million dollar ones laa) but there’s only one you.


I used to ask my ex if soccer or me is more important, and he said “same”. -_-



I love it when he looks into my eyes and tells me:
“Your face complexion like sai leh, but I still love you.”

Happy 4th year Anniversary.

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14 Comment(s) to “4th Year.”

  • Vivian Says:

    Sweet! Plans to get marry??

  • Wendy Says:

    shoooooo shweeeeeet :D :D

  • Gen Says:

    hi fel! you and your boyf are so sweet together =)

  • Wee Shan Says:

    Awww!! So sweet~ Hehheh. I like the last sentence. Sorry! >_< HAHAHA. See you around school! =)

  • Fiona Wang Says:

    Hi, Felicia!

    What a sweet story! And the last sentence is so funny!!

    Btw, do you believe in love at first sight? I realise that love that happens, when it is not love at first sight, usually is true, sincere and
    seems to last as it has more depth. What do you think?


    Fiona Wang

    • felicianeo Says:

      Hmm I think it’s quite impossible to have ‘love’ at first sight. I mean, it’s possible to have a crush on first sight, but definitely not love. But I think this kind of relationships would have higher chances of losing the feelings. Am not saying that all ‘love at first sight’s wouldn’t last, but there’s also high possibility that the feelings wouldn’t last since it’s a moment of spur. Because if you think about it, if you take time to know the person, you’ll discover his/her personality, traits, etc. that will be major factors whether the person is the right one for you. If it happens too fast, some might not be able to stand certain traits the other party has in the midst of the relationship, which would end up in arguments and yeah, the feelings might eventually wear off. Haha.

      But then again, how a person is like as a friend compared to how the person is as a partner is different. There are some part of you that is unknown to your friends that you will reveal to your partner. So I think what keeps a relationship going is all about learning to accept the flaws. That’s just my opinion! (:

  • Fiona Wang Says:

    Actually, I also don’t believe in love at first sight. I prefer it if a man takes his time to get to know me better and then gradually falls in love with me. It is definitely more romantic, more depth to it and more lasting than love at first sight.

    Your love story is one good example of it! :)


    Fiona Wang

  • angie Says:

    You guys make a great couple!:D really enjoyed getting the opportunity to know both of you and spend time capturing your lovey moments heh
    Take care babe!<3

    • felicianeo Says:

      Thanks Angie! Really honoured to be able to capture our moments with you!! And thanks for giving us such beautiful memories! Hope there will be more to come in future. (: You take care too!!