Decided to do something unusual this year and splurged on a birthday present for myself… It was a very impromptu moment and after it was all over, I was like “Omg, I spent $xxx just like that.”

But anyway, I used to have a Fujifilm Instax camera as well, which I sold it away cos I didn’t see the use for it back then. I like to look back at old photo albums and it’s such a pity that we don’t have the habit of developing photos anymore… Somehow I find that photos in hardcopy are more meaningful?

As I was taking photos using the instant camera… It made me realise something about life. Often in life, you do not know what the end result is… Just like the photos developing, it could turn out a good shot or a bad shot (depending on alot of other factors like surrounding lighting conditions, the angle you take at, the settings you use, etc.). Nothing is certain in life. And it’s not like digital photography where you can take as many shots as you want and get a perfect one. Once the photo is snapped, there’s nothing such as the delete button. That’s why every shot is so precious, and you would always ensure you’re at your best form because you know there’s only 1 try. That applies to life too, where not everything has a second chance. And maybe the result be it good or bad doesn’t matter that much because you already know that you’ve tried your very best. Everything else you leave it up to fate.

And this is something to take away with me as I turn a year older. :)

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